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Japan has had pottery that has been rooted in each region since ancient times.
Many people can't help but become fascinated by the materials that are harvested from the region, the techniques that have been passed down, and the different looks and feel that vary depending on the region of origin.

Rough earth texture.
Colors that evoke the blessings of nature.
Fresh and shiny texture.

This time, we would like to introduce mugs that are unique to Japanese tableware and take advantage of their respective characteristics.

Hasami ware

Hasami ware, which has been around since the Edo period, is a type of ceramic ware made in Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture, which is located next to Arita Town, Saga Prefecture, which is the production area for Arita ware. Hasami ware, which has a traditional yet modern feel, fits well with modern lifestyles.

Also, many mugs are stain resistant and durable, making them useful for everyday use or for office use.

Rosemary mug denim pottery Hasami ware


A mug with a beautiful carved pattern featuring one of the herbs, rosemary.

The refreshing image of rosemary and the denim blue color give it a sophisticated impression.
It is easy to remove dirt and can be used in the microwave, so it will be very useful in everyday life and in the office.

Daisy Mug Navy Porcelain Hasami Ware


An artistic daisy mug with a stunning bright blue color.

It's a generous size, so you can use it not only for drinks, but also for granola or soup when you're feeling a little hungry.

It is also recommended to use it with a matching gray color.

Mug strawberry porcelain fruits Hasami ware

Just looking at this mug with a large strawberry on it will cheer you up.
The outline is recessed like an emboss and has a slightly rough texture.

In addition, the colors are not single but have shades, which increases the reality of the fruit.

The base color is beige, which is close to white, so it has a calming design and is suitable for adults.

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Mino ware

Mino ware is known as a production area in the eastern part of Gifu Prefecture, and is a representative pottery of Japan with a long history. Mino ware has produced pottery that was needed in each era, and its techniques and styles are truly diverse.

This is the perfect place to find your own personalized mug that gives you a taste of Japan.

Sogimaru Mug Potter's Pottery Mino Ware


This mug features a heartwarming shape that resembles a daruma that brings good fortune. The glaze is applied almost as if it were makeup on the texture of the clay, giving it a gentle yet tasteful appearance.

You will want to spend your regular tea time carefully and carefully.

Mug porcelain chrysanthemum Mino ware


Smart shape and soft elegance. This mug is made of slightly thick fabric with a motif of plump chrysanthemum petals.
There are many types of utensils from the same series, so it would be fun to use them together.

Mug Natural Pottery Matsuba Elephant Mino Ware

A simple mug with a pine needle pattern created using a technique called zogan.

The pine needle pattern on the surface of the rustic pottery is both nostalgic and somewhat modern.
The warm atmosphere of earthenware means you can use it for a long time without getting tired of it.

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Yachimun is the Okinawan word for pottery. Yachimun is made using natural materials from Okinawa, so you can feel the rich energy.

Many of them are plump and slightly thick, and are also characterized by their unique, carefree painting. Yachimun is perfect for when you want to relax at home. As the weather gets hotter, many people will be reminded of Okinawa and may see more opportunities to appear.

Coffee cup 3 color dots pottery mug Yachimun

Although it has a laid-back Okinawan look, it has an appearance that somehow reminds you of vintage Scandinavian tableware.

Pop patterns in calm colors.
The sweet and cute spoonful is irresistible.

Mug dot pottery Sanae Ozawa Yachimun


This mug is perfect for when you want to enjoy your time to the fullest.

The cute dot pattern and rounded, gentle silhouette will give you a relaxing time.
The pattern on the alternating edges of the mouth is also a highlight.

3-legged cafe au lait bowl, Persian pottery, Nanto Kiln, Seiichi Kuba, Yachimun

There are three tiny legs at the bottom of the cafe au lait bowl...!

Although it looks like an unusual form, it is said to have been made as a three-legged device since ancient times in Western Asia, mainly China.
The bright, eye-catching pottery will add fun to your everyday dining table.

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Shigaraki ware

Shigaraki ware is a type of pottery made in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture.
A wide variety of ceramics are made, from large pieces like raccoon dogs to small pottery that can be used at the dining table.

The more you use it, the more you will fall in love with it, as it has a comfortable texture that fits in your hand and a rich expression.

Mug striped pottery Shigaraki ware

The stripes that extend from the bottom to the mouth are impressive.
You can feel the warmth of the soil from the spots scattered on the surface.

Since it has a large diameter, it is also good to put minestrone with lots of ingredients.

Tetsusan Mug Pottery Furuya Seisho

It has an attractive, calm and gentle expression that makes you feel like you can enjoy a relaxing tea time.
The uneven surface of the carving fits comfortably in your hand and allows you to feel the temperature of the drink softly.

With a timeless design, this container can be used for a long time.

Mug black ceramic Shigaraki ware

A cool mug with a chic color that will tighten up your table coordination.

The surface is sparkling due to the crystallization of the glaze, and depending on the light, it can appear black or dark gray, giving it a variety of expressions.

The slightly smaller size makes it easy to grab and drink with one hand, making it a great companion for reading time.

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Mashiko ware

The pottery made using clay from Mashiko has a simple and gentle taste. The rough texture of the soil feels good in your hands.

In addition to everyday use such as tea time at home where you can take a break from your busy schedule, it is also great for entertaining.

Mug pottery Kaori Hasumi Mashiko ware


This mug has a design that reminds you of a quaint landscape, but also has an innocent atmosphere.
The large size is perfect for spending lots of fun time.

Powder drawing line carving mug pottery Kawasaki Moe

A cute mug that looks like a tree trunk.

The lines carved in a row are not too aligned, creating a soft atmosphere.
The slightly bluish or yellowish glaze on the inside gives each piece a different look.

Cloud coffee cup ceramic Kanae Aizawa

The sight of birds flying leisurely between the puffy clouds looks soothing.

The plump, rounded cup is moist and smooth, and fits comfortably in your hand.
The calming colors make it easy to match with other dishes and dishes, making it a great addition to your everyday dining table.

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Tobe ware

Tobe ware, produced mainly in Tobe Town, Ehime Prefecture, is a type of pottery made using pottery stone taken from the nearby mountains.

Porcelain made from pottery stone has an image of being thin and dignified, but Tobe ware is characterized by a slightly thicker porcelain that gives a sense of warmth.

Swallow mug 1 bird blue pottery pottery kiln Tobe ware

A mug with a pleasantly flying swallow that makes you feel warm and at ease.

The soft white background is coated with a faint blue glaze, making it look like the sky. It looks like cute Scandinavian tableware and will add a touch of beauty to your dining table.

Dyeed coffee cup, Marubun pottery, Tosai kiln, Tobe ware

The circular pattern, which seems to be inspired by textiles, gives it a somewhat Scandinavian-like appearance.

The sharp and sharp handle adds a little spice to the cute atmosphere.
Each piece has a unique and unique expression, and you can feel the warmth that can only be achieved by handcrafting.

Mug Blue Konoha Semi-Porcelain Mori Tobo Tobe Ware

A mug with motifs of leaves and fruits.

The color has a slight gray or blue tinge and is smooth to the touch.
Dyeing is done through washi paper, giving it a unique and soft look.

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Mugs are something we spend a lot of time with. If you choose according to your mood and location, you will be able to enjoy your daily tea time to the fullest. Choose something that feels comfortable for you or your loved ones!

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