10 Mino-yaki mugs and soup cups you'll want to use every day

Shipping Staff Uchino (Housewife/Mother)
Shipping Staff Uchino (Housewife/Mother)
Hello! I am a staff member of Uchiru, an online shop for Japanese tableware.
This time we will introduce Mino ware mugs.

Mino ware is a type of ceramic that is produced in the Tono region of southern Gifu Prefecture.
The history of Mino ware is very old, dating back more than 1300 years.

Currently, it is said that Mino ware accounts for more than 50% of the production of Japanese tableware in Japan, so it is possible that the vessels you use casually are Mino ware.

This time we will introduce mugs from Mino ware that you will want to use every day.

We will be introducing soup cups and other recommended mugs that will enrich your daily tea time, so please take a look.

If you would like to see the Mino ware mug first, you can see it here.

Mino ware/mug list page

What is the charm of Mino ware mugs?


Mino ware is a general term for pottery made in the Tono region, and there is no special style of making or painting. It is characterized by a wide variety of designs.

Mino ware pottery preserves tradition while adding modern twists, demonstrating the craftsman's high level of technical ability.

Mino ware mugs are flexible enough to blend in with modern dining tables and go well with both Japanese and Western styles.

Now, we will introduce recommended Mino ware mugs that will blend into your daily life.

Recommended lineup of Mino ware mugs

Chrysanthemum mug


Chrysanthemum series with a simple design.
It has a natural texture and is versatile enough to match both Japanese and Western table settings.

This mug has a chubby shape that fits easily in your hand.


With its natural design, handmade appearance, and warm texture, it is perfect as a mug to start your day or to welcome guests.

By arranging a set of mugs and 4-inch plates from the same series, you'll feel like you're in a stylish Japanese cafe.

The thick and sturdy material of the mug allows you to use it without hesitation as a vessel for everyday use.

White makeup shaving mug


A white makeup series that is easy to coordinate with other containers and perfect for everyday use.

The white makeup series gives each pot a different look depending on the degree of glaze applied.
Every time you use it, you will become more attached to it, and you will want to use it forever.
The pattern is carved out one by one with a plane, giving it a handcrafted feel and a comfortable feel when held in the hand. The smooth texture and ease of use are also key points.


The mug has a wide spout, so I felt it had a nice texture.

It's the perfect size not only for coffee and tea, but also as a morning soup cup.

Fulky shaved mug


A series of pottery made on a potter's wheel that allows you to feel the warmth of the earth.

The shaving lines accentuate the gentle and warm look of the powder coat.


This cute mug has a plump and colonic shape that makes you want to pick it up.

If you put two of them side by side, the cuteness will increase even more. It would be nice to give a pair as a gift.
It has a unique presence with a mix of retro and modern atmosphere.

Inlay mug


"Zougan" is a technique of carving out soil and filling the hollows with different colored soil to create patterns.

A mug with a pine needle pattern that mixes modernity.

This series conveys the texture of clay directly, bringing warmth to your table.

It's a large size mug that can hold a lot of drinks, so it's a great mug to use when you want to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee on a holiday morning or a cafe au lait with plenty of milk.



A natural-colored mug featuring a gentle reddish earth color.

A mug with a pine needle pattern, which is said to bring good luck, would make a great gift as a set for weddings and other celebratory occasions.



A brown-colored mug with a mixture of black, gray, etc. based on brown. With a mature and chic texture, it creates a dignified atmosphere on your table.

I thought it would be a good idea to have them in the same color or in different colors, or to use them for after-meal tea with tea bowls from the same series!

Nanagama Mug

Nanagama's mug has an attractive calm color and rustic atmosphere.

Minami-gama, which has been in business for 50 years in Dachi-cho, Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, is a workshop that mainly produces handmade pottery such as Oribe, Shino, Kobiki, Akae, and Annan-style Gosu-e.

The dripping of glaze and color of each piece is unique, making each piece unique.

The capacity is large at 250ml, so you can enjoy plenty of tea time.

Recommended lineup of Mino ware soup cups

Chrysanthemum soup cup

The soup cup from the Kikuka series, which we introduced in the mug, has a lovely natural atmosphere.

The chamfered lines are a nice accent and feel comfortable in your hand.

Perfect for making soups with lots of ingredients, such as minestrone or clam chowder.

White makeup shaving soup cup

This is a powdered soup cup with a pattern carved out one by one using a plane.

The colon and rounded shape are charming.

If you wrap your hands around it and enjoy the soup, you will be able to enjoy a busy morning.

Hand-made soup

A soup cup with a gentle appearance that blends in with your dining table.

The beige color is accented with little dots.

The bulging body fits the curve of the spoon, making it easy to scoop.

The intricately layered blue colors of the different-colored Seiko can also be used as an accent color on the dining table.

Table coordination using Mino ware mugs

〇hydrangea_m_y (instagram)

The mug has a natural look, so it's perfect for a warm snack time.
If you match it with the same white makeup shavings series vessels, the atmosphere will look even more cohesive.



We have introduced a recommended lineup of Mino ware mugs.

When it comes to frequently used mugs and soup cups, it is important to pay attention not only to the appearance of your choice, but also to the way they feel when held in your hand.

The Mino ware lineup introduced this time has both design and practicality, so if you are interested, please take a look at the product page.

In addition to the mugs, there are other vessels with the same design, so I think it would be a good idea to have them in a series to create a unified look on your table.

If you are interested in Mino ware mugs or would like to see more Mino ware containers, please take a look here.

Mino ware list page

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I hope you find your favorite pottery and enjoy your daily table scenes even more!