Choosing Japanese tableware for the first time

[Choosing your first pottery]

I want to try using ``slightly better vessels'' from artists and pottery makers! I want to buy it! When I thought about this, I looked into stores and online shops and saw lots of pottery lined up.

“What should I buy first?”
“Which one is easier to use?”

I had a hard time deciding! I think there are many people who say that.

For those who are new to making pottery, we would like to introduce some recommendations when buying pottery for the first time.


1. The first thing I want you to choose is the pottery

When it comes to any kind of shopping, it's especially difficult to buy something for the first time.

"What if I bought something but couldn't use it properly..."
“It’s a bit of an expensive purchase and I don’t want to make a mistake!”

You want to use the first pottery you bought a lot.
So, here are the utensils that we at the utsuwa shop recommend!

7-inch plate, white porcelain, chrysanthemum, Mino ware

This is a 7-sun (approximately 21cm) platter with a cute flower shape that has been a popular long-selling item at our store.
There are many reasons why I would recommend this pottery...

``It's easy to use and the food looks great! cute! ”
``Uchiru customers have been choosing us as their standard utensils! ”

That means.

Now, let's take a closer look at what makes it easy to use and why it's so popular!


Easy to use

1. Just the right size and exquisite depth for placing the main dish

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Rice and miso soup, a main dish and a small side dish.
Isn't this a combination that you often eat with your daily meals?

The size of about 21 cm (7 sun) is just the right size for serving main dishes.
It is useful when placing croquettes and shredded cabbage, or when placing carrots and fried eggs on a hamburger steak.

From ohana_meshi (instagram)

And the point is this depth!
The raised edges make it easy to eat juicy side dishes such as meat and potatoes, and it is also great for single-dish dishes such as fried noodles with sauce and omelette hayashi.

From nikukyu1229 (instagram)

2.Vintage colors and flower shapes that make any dish look great

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Speaking of plates, white! You may have an image of that, but it's surprisingly difficult to create a plate with a pure white and simple design...

That's because when you take a quick look, all you see is the food, so the quality of the presentation of the food is clearly reflected in how good it looks.

Also, the key to making food look delicious is the margins.
Placing food inside the petal-like edges naturally creates space, and anyone can arrange the food well.

From lsm_fuko (instagram)

In addition, the beige-tinged white color goes well with any color, making it easy to create a sense of unity between the utensils and food.
Even if you just arrange a simple menu or the side dishes you bought, it will look very delicious.


3. Durable enough to be used in the microwave and dishwasher

"The pottery is a little better than usual. Does it need special care? Is it okay to wash it as usual?"
"I wonder if it will break if I use it in the microwave..."

It would be a waste if you bought your favorite pottery but ended up not using it because you thought it would be a bit of a hassle if you couldn't use it as usual.

The great thing about this pot is that it is made of porcelain and is durable.
Since it does not absorb water, it is less likely to get dirty due to stains or mold.

For cleaning, you can wash it with a sponge using dish detergent, or you can use the dishwasher.
Since it can also be used in the microwave, it is convenient for reheating dishes that have been made for some time, or for warming up and eating dishes that have been made in the refrigerator.

We recommend containers that you can use on a daily basis that you can use without hesitation.


Chosen by many customers

As I introduced at the beginning, these are our long-selling utensils that have been chosen by Uchiru customers for many years.
Everyone who loves utensils enjoys arranging them like this.

The glamor of chirashi sushi is doubled!

From meshinyo (instagram)

If you serve chirashi sushi, it will match the flower shape of the container and create an even more gorgeous atmosphere.
You'll want to make an appearance at a slightly auspicious seat!

For dishes you want to share with everyone

From niina0123 (instagram)

Arrange the gimbap in the middle of the plate so that everyone can enjoy it!
It's great that you can enjoy not only single-serving dishes, but also dishes to share with others.

Enjoys snack time

From kazmint116 (instagram)

If you show up at snack time, the cute combination of cake and utensils is sure to get a lot of cheers.
It's the perfect size to hold a whole cake, so it's perfect for entertaining.

Our staff also enjoyed everyone's wonderful arrangements.
“It looks delicious when paired with this dish! I learned a lot.”
I often use it as a reference for plating.

It's easy to use and makes dishes look great, so the more you use it for various dishes, the more you'll discover new charms!

4. Conclusion & next preview

This time, as the first step in how to assemble utensils, we introduced in detail the ``Kikuka 7-inch plate'', which is recommended when purchasing for the first time.
You can view the product page here.

“This design of the pottery is cute~I wonder if they have other sizes?”
For those of you, here we are introducing the Kikuka series of vessels.

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Next time,

“I bought one and tried using it, but I wonder how I should buy more after this.”
“What is the most commonly used container that you should have next to your main one?”

For those who
Introducing the ``Basic set when preparing your first utensils''.

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