About us

Hello, my name is Takezawa.

I am the business manager of UTSUWABI.


Thank you for finding our store.

Here I would like to introduce a few things about us.



UTSUWABI is an online store selling traditional Japanese tableware.

We started UTSUWABI to bring beautiful Japanese tableware made by artisans and potters all over Japan to people all over the world.

Let us explain the origin of the name UTSUWABI.



UTSUWA = Japanese tableware is called UTSUWA in Japan.
BI" = In Japan, beauty is called "Bi" (beauty).

We named it UTSUWABI with the hope that through beautiful Japanese tableware, people will feel Japan and enjoy Japanese food, culture and techniques.


 About the Logo

The logo mark contains the kanji for 美 (Bi) within the shape of Mokko, one of Japan's ten major crests.

The kanji 美 (Bi)  in the logo also looks like  a Japanese landscape reflected outside a window.

Reference: Kyoto GenkoanReference: Kyoto Genkoan


In Japan, there is a custom of enjoying and appreciating the scenery of the four seasons through a window, just as there is a custom of enjoying and appreciating the different texture of each piece of Japanese tableware after it is fired.

We hope that you will enjoy the expression of each piece of Japanese tableware as you enjoy the view of Japan through a window.

About our company

We have a 75-year history as a company selling Japanese tableware in Japan.

We are involved in various businesses related to Japanese tableware, including wholesale, retail, development of original products, and sales and manufacturing of traditional crafts and art works.

Our strength is our connection with artisans and potteries all over Japan. We are able to order products that are needed in the world today from all over Japan or have them developed and made.


About the Management Staff

Our delivery team carefully packs all products, checking each item one by one.
We often receive compliments from Japanese customers on the very careful packaging.

I have been involved in this business for more than 10 years, fascinated by beautiful, uniquely Japanese tableware.

As I traveled throughout Japan to purchase items, I was amazed at the amount of time and effort that goes into the making of a single piece of tableware.

I have come to feel that tableware made with such a great deal of time and effort is a usable art.

In recent years, I have seen many overseas visitors to Japan enjoying and purchasing such Japanese tableware.

We launched this online store with the hope that people around the world will enjoy the beauty and interest of Japanese tableware.

The tableware we sell are all seasonal tableware that Japanese people are using exactly now.

We hope you will find your favorite.