12 Yachimun mugs with dynamic charm

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In Okinawa, pottery is called "Yachimun." Yachimun is fired using Okinawan water, soil, and firewood, and coral and sugarcane ash are also used for the glaze.

The paintings are characterized by dynamic brushstrokes and range from simple ones that give you a feeling of the warmth of the earth to colorful designs. One of its charms is its plump thickness, and within its beauty there is also a sense of relief.

How about a mug that makes you feel the open tropical breeze while you are at home?

This time I would like to introduce Uchiru's recommended Yachimun mug.

A traditional painting series that has been loved since ancient times and has a beautiful world view

Mug Arabesque Gosame Pottery Ceramics Komagata Komagata Souhi Yachimun


This mug is made by Komagata, a pottery artist with beautiful brush strokes.

Among the Yachimun patterns in Okinawa, this arabesque pattern is said to be the most common.

The pattern is said to be auspicious as it represents eternity, longevity, and the prosperity of descendants, as it is a plant with strong vitality and uninterrupted growth of ivy.

Coffee cup Deigo pottery mug Yachimun

It is mug's work that has a traditional and Okinawan pattern, but also has the lovely texture of Scandinavian vintage tableware.

A mug depicting Deigo, which is Okinawa's prefectural flower and one of the three major flowers of Ryukyu, along with hibiscus and bougainvillea.

The flower language of Deigo is "love", "life force", and "vitality". This flower blooms during the urizun season (early summer) and often appears in Okinawan island songs.

Coffee cup Getto pottery mug Yachimun

This coffee cup is decorated with Getto, which has been popular as a medicinal herb in Okinawa since ancient times.

This is also Mug's work, and gives you the feel of a vintage Scandinavian cup with a Yachimun feel.

The moon peach produces rare flowers that are cute and pretty like hanging lanterns. The language of flowers is "refreshing love." As the word suggests, moon peach leaves have a refreshing scent.

Mug ash glaze line pattern pottery Nanto Kiln Seiichi Kuba Yachimun


This is a work by Nan Togama that gives you a sense of security and makes you feel the warmth of the clay.

A mug with a line pattern that looks like earthenware. I feel a sense of romance that brings me back to ancient times. The linear patterns look like the veins of a plant leaf, and the more you look at it, the more you discover new things.

Unique Yachimun series with uniqueness added to Yachimun

Mug diagonal border candy semi-porcelain convex convex manufacturing Yogimichiko Yachimun

The mug, which has a warm amber border that looks like a glossy amber color, is the work of Dekotsu Seisakusho.

The roughly thick lines are also casual and adorable, and the way the lines flow diagonally instead of straight gives it a really stylish feel.

There is also a calm and chic gray border in different colors.

If the amber border is warm, this gray has a slightly cool and sophisticated look.

The size of the slightly larger handle and its curve are exquisite compared to the generously sized cup.

Mug Cat Pottery Soil Seed Yachimun


This mug is full of adorable playfulness that will make you smile.

Every time you touch the handle, you can feel the creator's pure love for each motif.

These are motifs that will make your tea time even more enjoyable and invite you to a relaxing and relaxing time. Although it has a great impact, the motif is soft and gentle, so children will love it.

In addition to the cat that smiles and stares at you, there are also owls, cats and fish, stars, moons, and banyans in Donotane's mugs.


Mikazuki Mug Pottery Workshop Kotori Yachimun


A mug from Kobo Kotou with a lovely crescent moon drawn on it that looks like an illustration from a picture book or story.

While enjoying tea, you can draw a story on the crescent moon floating in the night sky in your cup.

Sky, sea, and earth. A romantic piece with a matte blue color that is easy on the eyes.

There are also ``colorful'' designs with different designs and calm colors.


Cup & saucer Persian pottery Nantogama Seiichi Kuba Yachimun


This is an eye-catching work by Minami Togama, whose bright Persian blue color catches your eye.

A cup and saucer that seems to express the beautiful and majestic sea of ​​Okinawa with its very existence.

The color is eye-catching just by displaying it, so it would be nice to have fun storing it on display.

Adorable polka dots, dot series

Mug Dot Augsuyaame Pottery Ceramics Komagata Komagata Souhi Yachimun


Dots seem to be a modern and cute pattern, but Yachimun's dots are a traditional pattern called dotting.

While retaining its traditional dignity, Komagata's pottery pieces also have the loveliness of miscellaneous goods.

The glossy candy brown dots and the matte brown bottom of this mug go well together and make you feel at ease.

Coffee cup series dot pottery mug Yachimun

Mug's coffee cup has a gray base and three types of calm blue, green, and brown dots are randomly arranged in a row, giving it a cool yet adorable feel.

There is also a tea cup type with the same design.

Coffee cup 3 color dots pottery mug Yachimun

This is also Mug's unusual dot, which looks like drops of each of the three colors falling from the spout.

This is a fun coffee cup with a calm color and large droplets that make it pop.

There is also a tea cup type with the same design.

Mug dot pottery Sanae Ozawa Yachimun


This mug by Sanae Ozawa has a cute rounded shape.

It is designed like a relaxing cafe that will make you feel at home.

There are also "drops" with different designs.


Tea time to take a breather. Just watching your favorite drink being poured into your favorite mug is a rich moment that calms and fills your heart.

Coffee, tea, cafe au lait, roasted green tea latte, chai... the time to carefully enjoy your favorite drink in your favorite mug is like a sweet gift.

It's great for a leisurely meditation time by yourself, a casual conversation with a close friend, or a pair with your favorite person.

How about a Yachimun mug to accompany your colorful tea time? We may be able to bring you the essence of the vitality of the tropical land and the blessings of nature.

If you would like to see more of Yachimun's utsuwa, please take a look here.

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