[Mugs made by artists] 20 recommended selections! Utensils that feel handmade

Each of the mugs created by the artist has its own unique flavor, and each one has a warmth that can only be achieved by handcrafting.

Something simple, some expressing traditional patterns, and some with designs that make you feel happy...this time we will introduce mugs made by such artists.

Simple mug

A simple mug that you will never get tired of and that you can use all the time.
You can enjoy the texture of the material and the unique shape of handmade items.

Mug ash ruri glaze pottery Aojin kiln Ikuo Oyama

The unique texture of the ash ruri glaze gives this mug a tasteful look.

It's lightweight and has a large handle that makes it easy to pick up, so you'll want to keep it by your side at all times.

Mug two-tone matte pottery Omei pottery Koishiwara ware

This easy-to-use, basic-shaped mug is from Omei Pottery.
The matte texture of the earth and the comfort of the regular pattern of the tobikanna are attractive.

The two-tone color also has a gentle impression thanks to the light white makeup clay applied throughout.
It seems like it will give you a soothing feeling both when pouring a drink and when enjoying it.

Cafe Mug Sherbet Gray Porcelain Koyo Kiln Arita Ware

A fluffy, soft gray with a sturdy shape.
As the name suggests, it also has a crystal-like texture reminiscent of "sherbet."

A mug that gives you a feeling of freshness and warmth, and the ease of use that is unique to porcelain.

Traditional patterned mug

Japanese traditional patterns have been used since ancient times to wish for the happiness of the owner. When creating the patterns on the vessels, each piece uses its own unique technique.

A relaxing moment with someone you want to spend a happy time with. Why not have fun with a traditional patterned mug?

Dyeed coffee cup, Marubun pottery, Tosai kiln, Tobe ware

The calming gray background and the circular pattern that looks like a textile motif gives it a somewhat Scandinavian-like appearance.

The sharp and sharp handle adds a little spice to the cute atmosphere.
I can also feel the playfulness of Tosaigama.

Mug, 1 piece, Kurado pottery, Koishiwara ware

A simple design with a flying plane pattern all around.
The texture of the soil that shows through under the white glaze gives it a very tasteful look.

The size allows you to brew plenty of tea or coffee and enjoy a leisurely tea time.
Perfect for desk work where you sit for long periods of time or as a companion when watching movies.

Soup cup, flower arabesque, porcelain, Kobo Zen Shotaro Yokota

A soup cup with an impressive arabesque pattern painted in pale gosu.

You will be captivated by the beautiful shading of the colors, which resembles a watercolor painting.
The texture of the stone that appears here and there on the smooth surface of the vessel gives you a sense of Mr. Yokota's commitment to mixing products from clay.

A mug with a soothing texture and carved pattern

A mug with a carved pattern allows you to fully feel the gentle texture of the earth, and it will soothe your soul.
Why not enjoy a relaxing tea time with not only the taste, aroma, and appearance of the mug, but also the feel of it?

Cosmos Cup Pottery Kierisha

The texture of the cosmos flower and the cup overlap, giving it a nostalgic appearance.

Since the cup is a little larger, it's also great for holding cutlery or storing small items other than when drinking drinks. Cosmos are cute and perfect as a gift.

Cup pottery Yoko Maeda

A fantastic carving pattern that tells a story in its simple form. It depicts birds flying in the sky after the rain, and features motifs such as rainbows and clouds.

The gold border around the mouth is the accent of this story. This mug is fun to touch and fun to look at.

Mug black ceramic Mihoko Kosaba

The woodblock-like patterns are said to be inspired by nuts and shells. Black color has a heavy and cool image, but Kosaba's ``black'' has a gentle and nostalgic impression. The different colors of white also have a texture that allows you to enjoy the carving patterns.

Natural clothing with natural motifs. This mug is stylish but not overly decorated, giving it a natural feel.

Inka Mug Blue Ceramic Kenichi Muso

Inka is a technique that uses molds to create patterns.

The uneven, hand-made markings look like flowers blooming one after another in the deep blue.

With different colors, the expression changes dramatically.

A unique mug that lifts your mood

Bold patterns and exciting motifs.
Energetic geometric patterns will refresh your mood.

In addition to having a fun tea time, it is also recommended when you want to change your mood.

Mug Cat Pottery Soil Seed Yachimun

A cute mug that will make you smile the moment you see it. The cat on the handle is about the size of a large biscuit, so you can hold it more stably than you might think.

I'm sure I'll smile many times when I prepare drinks, use them, and store them on the shelf. The rough texture of the cup allows you to enjoy the texture of the earth.

Acorn cup pottery Yamamaru kiln Koishiwara ware

This acorn-shaped mug with a lid will make you say "so cute!"

When you remove the lid, it feels small enough to fit comfortably in a woman's hand.
A mug that makes you smile just by placing it on the dining table will make your daily meals more enjoyable.

Check Mug Ceramic Mami Furukawa

The unusual plaid mug is large and has a loose check pattern. The toned-down colors create a calming mood.

This mug is easy to match with your table coordination.

Mug Cross Semi-Porcelain Togetsu Kiln Masahiro Kubo

Togetsugama's works are particular about the glaze, texture of the base material, and color. Another great thing about it is that it's semi-porcelain, so it's easy to handle.

The mug, which combines glossy amber and matte gray, has a unique texture and color contrast.

There are also other patterns, so you can match them as well◎

Mug with delicate cuteness

The cuteness that shows the delicate attention to detail also combines elegance. Enjoy the attention to detail with your drink.

Itchin Swallow Mug Ceramic Mio Higashamine

A pattern of gracefully fluttering swallows and plants surrounding the container.
A technique called ``Itchin'' is used, which involves drawing patterns as if decorating with cream.

The refreshing indigo blue leaves of the trees are also a highlight.

Cup & saucer Shizuku Unofu white pottery Luriame Kobo

A cup and saucer with an elegant atmosphere that resembles antique tableware.

It has a distinctive constricted line, and when you hold it, it fits perfectly and comfortably on your middle finger.
It has a special appearance like an object, and will take your tea time to the next level.

Hinageshi Mug Semi-Porcelain Yonemansako

The pretty sunflowers will make you feel at ease.
The moist surface of the vessel and the shading of the pattern give it a somewhat nostalgic feel.

The gentle colors reminiscent of a picture book will bring peace of mind to your busy daily life.

RUG/mug unit navy pottery Hasami ware sen

The round and warm shape has patterns that seem to float softly. The calming navy adds a mature look.

This is a heartwarming mug that you will want to hold in both hands and relax with on a relaxing night.

Hanatori Mug Pottery Kierisha

The mugs by Kierisha, who create works with a rustic, fairy-tale-like atmosphere, have cute flower-shaped handles that will captivate your heart.

I want a simple white mug, but I also want it to be cute! This is a sophisticated mug perfect for those people.


We have selected and introduced the characteristics of each mug.

In addition to the items introduced here, there are also pottery items that are filled with the artist's passion and will make you want to cherish them forever. Please choose according to your mood and occasion.

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