[Shigaraki ware mugs and soup cups] 7 selections of utensils that are suitable for daily life

Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Hello! I am a staff member of the Japanese tableware mail order site "Uchiru".
This time we will introduce Shigaraki ware mugs and soup cups.
Is Shigaraki ware made of that tanuki?

If you think so, you've hit the jackpot!

Shigaraki ware is a type of pottery made in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture.

A wide variety of ceramics are made, from large pieces like raccoon dogs to small pottery that can be used at the dining table.

I want to take a look first at what kind of mugs and soup cups there are in Shigaraki ware! You can also view it here.

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Recommended Shigaraki ware mugs & soup cups

The more you use Shigaraki ware, the more you will fall in love with it, due to its comfortable texture and rich expression.

We have collected items that will make your cafe time and meals at home more enjoyable.

Shigaraki ware mug to accompany your home cafe

Have a drink to wake up for breakfast or take a breather during snack time.

Mugs are often picked up in daily life, such as as a reward at the end of the day.

Because we spend so much time together, I want to find something special that is unique to me.

Shigaraki ware becomes more flavorful the more you use it, making it perfect for mugs that you want to use for a long time.

Rust glaze Shinogi mug

This mug retains the chubby impression of Shigaraki ware, but also has a modern feel.

The balance between the warm texture of the material and the sleek form is exquisite.

The thick, slightly curved mouth has a gentle texture. Your favorite hot drink will taste even better.

The texture is somewhat reminiscent of an antique, and it fits well with Western-style table coordination.

Vertical iron wire egg mug

The mug, which takes advantage of the simplicity that is characteristic of Shigaraki ware, has a cute shape and a colon that makes you want to wrap it in your hands.

The loosely drawn vertical line pattern gives a warm and soothing feel.

What makes you want to pick it up is the rustic feel of the powder coat, which retains the roughness of soil. The earthy taste peeking out here and there is also very expressive, making this a timeless mug.

The soft color makes coffee, green tea, and any other drink stand out, making it a gentle addition to your daily life.

Candy glaze shinogi mug barrel type

A cute mug with a shape that looks like it might contain honey.

The slightly concave shape around the mouth seems to keep the drink warm.

How about a cafe au lait made by whipping up plenty of milk with a milk creamer and adding honey?

You'll want to pour yourself an incredibly sweet reward drink.

Mug black

A cool mug with a chic color that will tighten up your table coordination.

The surface is sparkling due to the crystallization of the glaze, and depending on the light, it can appear black or dark gray, giving it a variety of expressions.

The handle is small enough to fit one index finger.

The slightly smaller size makes it easy to grab and drink with one hand, making it a great companion for reading time.

Shigaraki soup cup perfect for warm soup

When you drink warm soup, don't you want to wrap your hands around the cup?

When you gently wrap your hands around a Shigaraki ware soup cup, you can feel the warmth of the earthenware filled with the blessings of nature.

Tetsusan soup cup with handle

This soup mug has a plump, enveloping shape that looks good for potage-style soups.

This delicious and gentle white soup mug is perfect for drinking warm soups such as pumpkin, corn potage, turnip cream soup, etc. on cold mornings.

The natural atmosphere with just the right amount of luster goes well with wood-based tableware.

Soup cup broken powder

This is a soup cup with a pure white color and a clean, simple shape that makes it feel good.

While retaining the simplicity of flour milling, the smooth texture gives it a slightly sophisticated look.

It has a "cracking pattern" on it, which gives it a subtle and unique charm.

Tomato soup, pork soup, or rice bowls...it's spacious enough to fit anything from Japanese to Western style.

Coupled with its sturdy and stable feel, it will be easy to use in daily life.

Please enjoy adding various things.

Soup cup turquoise

A soup cup with a bright blue gradation that catches the eye.

Shigaraki ware often has a rustic texture such as wabi-sabi, but depending on the type of glaze, it can have a sophisticated impression.

It has a slightly matte and smooth surface that feels so comfortable to the touch that you'll want to pet it.

You can add potato potage or stew to enjoy the color contrast, or use it as an accent color for beef stew or curry.

It also looks good with spicy dishes like soup curry.

It's a generous size, so you can enjoy soup with lots of ingredients.

For cafe time or breakfast soup...a ​​model for everyday use

When you look at the wide lineup of Shigaraki ware, from the wabi-sabi atmosphere to the modern forms and sophisticated colors, you will start to wonder how to match it with other pottery.

Let me show you how everyone is coordinating their tables!

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Snack time with a two-tone modern mug.

The sweetness of the girly tablecloth is neutralized by the chic mug, creating a well-balanced table coordination.

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Put plenty of cafe au lait into a mug that looks like a tree stump.

Paired with a wooden tray, it will add a lot of warmth.

I feel a sense of playfulness in the polka dot bowl that matches the ribbon sweets.

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There was also a way to use it like this! It was an eye-opener.

Place plenty of ice cream in a soup mug, top with whipped cream and your favorite toppings, and you'll have a great Japanese-style parfait.

``You can also get cold food,'' Kokinashika says, proudly displaying his soup mug.

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Konahiki's simple texture makes you want to pick it up when you eat Japanese sweets.

The red color of the strawberries looks delicious.

Mugs with muted colors will blend seamlessly into your daily life, regardless of the pottery or food you pair them with.

What is the charm of Shigaraki ware?

Shigaraki ware has been designated as a traditional craft due to its exquisite beauty created by the flame color (scarlet) and charredness produced during the firing process.

It has a thick and chubby appearance and a tasteful expression, and when you add soup or coffee, it creates a warm atmosphere.

Pour a warm drink and take a break.

The gentle and rustic atmosphere will make you want to take a relaxing break.

As you use it in various everyday situations, you will appreciate its deep charm.


We introduced Shigaraki ware mugs and soup cups that have a variety of expressions, not just "wabi and sabi."

It's relaxing to use it, and it's relaxing to look at it.

Please enjoy the profound charm of Shigaraki ware while making full use of it, such as serving warm soup on a cold morning or having a relaxing snack time.

I want to know more about Shigaraki ware! If so, please read this article as well.

What kind of pottery is ? Introducing popular works, potteries, local shops, etc.

At Uchiru, we sell not only the Japanese tableware soup cups introduced this time, but also a variety of other utensils.

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I hope you find your favorite pottery and enjoy your daily table scenes even more!