Mino ware - for everyday use. Variety of designs

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Mino ware is a general term for ceramics produced in a part of the Tono region of Gifu Prefecture. It is sometimes said to be characterized by its lack of features, and some people may feel that they do not know much about it in detail.

This time, we will introduce such Mino ware.
We will also tell you about our recommended lineup of vessels, so please take a look.

What is Mino Ware?

"Mino ware” is the general term for ceramics produced in the Tono region of southern Gifu Prefecture.

While there are many types of pottery with distinctive production methods and painting techniques, such as Arita ware with its eye-catching paintings, Hisaya ware with its rich colors, and Mashiko ware with its plump warmth, Mino ware does not have such a special style.

The depth of nostalgia that meets any request for vessels called Mino ware has enhanced the skills of craftsmen, and products are made that fit the modern dining table.

It is said that Gifu Prefecture is responsible for 50% of the domestic share of ceramics in modern times, so there may be Mino ware vessels in the homes of those who are not particularly conscious of Mino ware.

History and Production Area of Mino Ware

The history of Mino ware is very old, dating back more than 1,300 years.

Originally developed from “Sue ware” introduced from the Korean Peninsula, the pottery was produced in different styles, such as unglazed “Yamachawan” in the Kamakura and Muromachi periods, and “Setoguro,” “Kizeto” and “Shino” in the Azuchi-Momoyama period.

Over time, after World War I, Mino produced many ceramic artists.
Today, Mino has become a base of activities for ceramic artists who were inspired and influenced by them.

Mino ware is said to produce more than 50% of the total national production of Japanese tableware, and the area around present-day Toki City, Tajimi City, Kasahara Town, and Mizunami City, which was once called Mino Country, is known as the production center.

Standard popular Mino ware

Here are some Mino ware vessels and popular series that you may want to pick up first.

Chrysanthemum Series

Chrysanthemum series is simple and sophisticated Japanese tableware that is easy to use.

The two monotone colors, white and black, make it easy to use for a long time without getting tired of it.

21.2cm/8.3in plate

This 21.2cm/8.3in dish is an easy-to-use size for everyday use, and is a good size for a wide range of occasions, such as main dishes for one person or dishes to be shared by two or three people, such as fried food.

From nikukyu1229 (Instagram)

Its solid stability makes stable stacking a nice feature for daily use.


The natural texture of this mug makes it easy to match with any tablescape.

The carefully crafted handmade feel is sure to bring you a warm feeling.

This mug is perfect for your morning café time as well as for entertaining guests.

12.1cm/4.7in dish, black

This 12.1cm/4.7in dish is small in size, approximately 13.5-14.0 cm, and has a cute appearance.

It is just the right size for serving snacks, fruits, side dishes, and snacks.
Sweets on the black bowl stand out for their cuteness.

This dish is also made for easy stacking, so it is convenient to have several pieces in a set.

Chrysanthemum Series List

Kohiki Series

The Kohiki series of dishes elegantly accentuates the colors of food while creating a refined atmosphere at the table.

Each piece has a different expression depending on the degree of glaze applied to it.

Each time you use this series, you will learn a new aspect of the dishes and become more and more absorbed in them.

Large dish

This series of “Kohiki” dishes has a carefully crafted, handmade look that adds warmth to your table.
The edging of this dish reminds one of flower petals, giving it a lovely appearance.

The 21.2cm/8.3in size plate is easy to use for everyday dishes such as main dishes, pasta and curry dishes, and one-plate dishes, making it very convenient and useful.

From nobuchin21 (instagram)

The slightly raised edges are also designed for ease of use.

Rice bowl

This rice bowl fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to use.
The rice bowl with a subtle luster will accentuate the taste of white rice, brown rice, and even mixed rice.
With a small size of approximately 11.7cm, it will make your daily rice dishes look elegant.

Kohiki Series List

Giyaman Series

The graceful “Giyaman series” uses a glaze with a glossy shine.

Giyaman” means ‘glass,’ and was used from the Edo period to the beginning of the Meiji period.

There are four colors in the series: navy blue (eggplant blue), green (Rikyu), brown (Urushi), and black (Sumi).

12.1cm/4.7in bowl, eggplant navy blue (blue)

Measuring approximately 12.0 cm, this 12.1cm/4.7in bowl is just the right size for serving side dishes and pickles.

The rim is firmly raised to accommodate soupy side dishes.

Chopstick rest Rikyu (green)

Chopstick rest Rikyu (green) The austere coloring gives a chic look to your table.
The deep green type has an antique look to it.

Just one of these chopstick rests will give your table a proper atmosphere and make your dining experience more enjoyable.

Giyaman Series List

Wakura Series

The “Wakura” series has a cool and austere atmosphere with its greenish brown color like fallen leaves in autumn.
The porcelain is durable enough to be used in dishwashers and microwave ovens, which is also a nice feature.

Shinogi 16.6cm/6.5in Rice bowl

Perfect for when you want a full bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs or a bowl of Chinese rice.
The size of the bowl is deep enough to eat ramen or udon noodles with plenty of vegetables on top.

Shinogi Shallow Bowl Large

It is just the right size for serving fried chicken and potatoes in a big platter to share with everyone.
Eating dishes together around the platter is sure to stimulate conversation at the dining table.

Simple Mino ware

Arco Series

A modern series with a simple form that you will want to use every day.

The silvery brown color has layers of brown, green, and gray.
The black matte has a deep hue that looks bronze or black depending on the angle you look at it.

Both colors gently enhance the color of food without being too assertive.

Round plate 24.5cm/9.6in

This 24.5cm/9.6in size dish can be used as a platter for serving main dishes.
Thanks to the raised rim, it gives a stylish impression like a café plate.

Oval Plate 21.5cm/8.5in

The flat form of this oval dish gives it a clean, uncluttered impression.

It looks great with a freshly baked cinnamon roll on the side, a small bowl of mini salad, or a mug of tea.
It is a fun way to coordinate your table.

ARCO Series List

ORLO Series

The ORLO series is impressive for its warm, hand-crafted lines.

It is available in two colors: indigo blue, which evokes the deep ocean, and brown, which is rich in flavor.

The series includes a large pasta plate perfect for lunch, a small salad plate, and a long rectangular plate inspired by an envelope.
The pasta plate and salad plate in particular are often used together, so they can also be used in combination.

Pasta plate

This large pasta plate is perfect for lunch.

Thanks to the large rim, it makes a good-looking plate.
The rim is also wide enough to place a cut-up bucket on.

From kuro.meg (instagram)

It is also deep enough to place soupy main dishes on it.

Rectangular Plate

A long and thin long rectangular plate with the image of a sealed envelope.
The blue color of the plate creates an elegant atmosphere that is perfect for long dishes such as grilled fish, or even sashimi.

Even on mornings when you don't have much time, just a little onigiri rice ball and pickles will make you feel special.

ORLO Series List

cuore series

The cuore series has a light texture and moderate depth.
The warm texture of the clay gives the bowls a chic and mature look.

The simple appearance makes it a versatile series that you will want to match with any dish.

The series is also available in a variety of colors, so there are many ways to enjoy it, such as matching your favorite colors or collecting them in a variety of colors.

Plate Bowl L

The large size is perfect for a large group of people enjoying a large platter of food.
It is a perfect dish to place at the center of the dining table with a hearty serving of fried chicken, croquettes, or other dishes with vegetables.

You can also enjoy it with a generous serving of curry or pasta for one person's rice.
The rim is raised, so you can serve soupy dishes without worry.

Bowl S

The smaller bowl is just the right size for serving side dishes such as kabocha with minced pumpkin or boiled baby sardines and komatsuna.
It is also perfect as a salad bowl for one person with a fluffy serving of leafy greens.

It can also be used as a small dessert bowl for serving ice cream and other desserts, so you will find yourself using this bowl every time you have it.

cuore series List

SPICA Series

The SPICA series has an austere, modern, and slightly unique appearance.

The matte gray has a texture that looks like twinkling stardust when light reflects off it.

The simple form complements the distinctive Shiseizuma.

24.2cm/9.5in Porcelain SPICA Mino ware

This 24.2cm/9.5in plate will become the star of your dining table.

It is the perfect size for boldly placing a main dish on top.

Noodle Bowl 24.2cm/9.5in porcelain SPICA Mino ware

The solid depth makes it perfect for noodle dishes such as ramen and soba noodles.

Even frozen udon noodles to help you out when you are short on time will look somewhat like a restaurant.

Monet Series

The Monet series has an earthy warmth and yet stylish atmosphere, so no matter what you serve on it, it will look stylish.
You will want to combine it with Japanese food as well as Western food.

The oval plate, medium bowl, and other shapes, as well as the gray and blue colors, make you want to enjoy combining them with each other.

Oval Plate M

This oval plate is just the right size for a main dish for one person.
It is ideal for use as a pasta plate or the main dish of a set meal-style lunch.

The oval plate is a good fit for serving, so your dining table will look more cohesive.

oval bowl

This oval bowl will add a soft and festive atmosphere to your usual dining table.
The frame-like rim accentuates the bowl and makes it look more stylish.

This bowl also has an elegant appearance, so it can be used for special occasions to elegantly set the table.

Monet Series List

Laurel Series

The simple form of the Laurel series is accented with a shinogi pattern.

With its casual atmosphere, it fits easily into modern life.

They are stackable, so you can use them in the same or different colors.

21.2cm/8.4in rim plate

This rim dish is deep enough to enjoy dishes with juices.
It is perfect for main dishes such as curry and omelette rice.

It will be especially useful for Western cuisine.

Bowl M

Top leafy greens with a small tomato and ham and you have a salad bowl for one.
This size is easy to use for side dishes or soup bowls.

Laurel Series List

Colorful Mino ware

They are also stackable, so you can have multiple pieces for family members or guests.

KEI Series

A lean form. Smooth, smooth, and gentle texture. The rusty glaze spreading to the rim.
The KEI series, with its bright colors and deep, subdued texture, will enhance any dish.

There are three colors and five types of vessels. It is fun to use different colors for each of the dishes in this series.

Large dish

The platter is useful as an everyday dish, and since it is made of durable and easy-to-handle porcelain, you will want to have an assortment for family and guests.

It is just the right size to serve as a main dish for one person.
You will want to use it as a morning plate, as well as for daily staples such as tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and ginger yaki.

Lipped bowl

The beautifully curved, drop-like shape of the single-sided mouth has a deep, subdued texture that makes any dish stand out.

The spout extends from the rim of the mouth, which is effective in preventing leaks of dressing or sauce, making it an easy-to-use piece.
It is useful not only for dressings and sauces, but also for storing condiments such as grated daikon.

KEI Series List

AO Series

The glossy and elegant blue color of this vessel is impressive.
The emerald green color is mixed with the emerald green on the rim, and the glaze flow can be seen on the surface of the bowl, making it a very attractive piece.

The color shading is expressive and adds a splash of color to your dining table.

13.6cm/5.4in plate

This 13.6cm/5.4in dish is perfect for use as a topping plate. It is an easy-to-use size for serving dishes or as a plate for sweets.
The deep blue color goes well with a cup of warm Japanese tea for a relaxing evening meal.

27.3cm/10.7in plate

This is a large 27.3cm/10.7in dish that you will want to match with your main dish.
When you want to share a large dish with everyone, this dish will make the occasion more colorful.

It would also look great with a simple serving of cut fruits such as watermelon.

AOI Series

The AOI series looks like fluttering flowers.
The matte texture like milk glass and ice-colored vessels are cute but not too sweet, giving them an elegant atmosphere.

The three colors are blue-white, light green, and dark gray. The gold of the brass cutlery looks good and elegant.
On the other hand, wooden cutlery gives the table a rustic and gentle atmosphere. You will want to enjoy the various expressions of this dish by changing the accessories to which it is matched.

individual plate

It is also an easy-to-use size for serving side dishes.
Even if you just serve side dishes you have bought, it will look nice.

The rim is slightly raised, so it can handle a little liquid.
It looks elegant even when arranged on the dining table in different colors.

AOI Series List

Mino ware with attractive Japanese patterns

Inlaid series

Using the Inlaid technique, this series of tables is elegantly finished with a “Matsuba” pattern.

It is available in two colors, natural and brown, both with a warm texture.

Rice bowl HARU

Meal bowls measuring approximately 13.0-13.3 cm in size have a wide mouth for a comfortable mouth feel and ease of use.

The natural color of the clay is characterized by a moderate reddish tinge. The flexibility to be used by people of all ages is another popular point.

Mag AKI 

This brown mug is characterized by its calm coloring, which is a mixture of brown, black, and gray.

The wide mouth design makes it easy to pour and drink from.
If you choose this mug for break time when you want to take a breather, you will be able to spend a peaceful time.

Minami kiln Series

Minami kiln, established 50 years ago in Dachi-machi, Toki-shi, Gifu Prefecture, a major production center of Mino ware, is a studio that mainly produces handmade vessels in Oribe, Shino, Kohiki, Akae, Annan-style Kuresu-e, and other styles.

Each piece is hand painted by the artist himself, including overglaze painting of Sometsuke and Akae.

Bowl 18.1cm/7.2in rustproof south

Based on Vietnamese Annam ware, this 18.1cm/7.2in bowl has a rustic look with a painting that slowly blurs.

The design is traditional, yet modern and easy to use, suited to modern life.


The subdued colors and slightly rough texture give it a warmth that only earthenware can provide.
The pattern and coloring of each piece differs from the next, allowing you to enjoy the unique handmade flavor.


Minami kiln Series List

Ai an-nan Series

The Ai an-nan series is eye-catching with its overall pattern of dyed patterns.

The motif of this series is based on Annam ware, giving it an exotic appearance.


It has a large presence and is about 24.2cm/9.5in in size.

It is perfect for serving bitter gourd stir-fry, yellowtail radish, and simmered dishes, and is also suitable for a large gathering.

soup mug

The wide handle provides excellent stability.

The large size allows you to enjoy a large amount of soup.

Ai an-nan Series List

tokusa Series

This modern Japanese-style vessel has a traditional “tokusa” pattern on the rim, which has been popular in Japan for centuries.

The clean and chic appearance of this dishware will bring out a calm atmosphere for your dishes.

Flat bowl

It is smooth and light to the touch, making it perfect for everyday use.
It is also easy to wash and serve, so you can't help but pick it up.

karatsu-mishima Series

Rustic texture, charming carving patterns, and tasteful iron dots.

Karatsu-mishima vessels are carved in lines and coated with white clay called “kesho-tsuchi”.

It has a rough texture and warm atmosphere. These vessels have a gentle atmosphere that blends easily into your daily dining table.


A user-friendly 15.2cm/6.0in size dish.

It looks great even if you just serve side dishes you have bought.

They also stack well, making them a convenient and useful item to have on hand for family members and guests.

Small plate

This small dish is useful as a plate for condiments and soy sauce, and is also good for serving pickles and other chopstick rests.
It is also perfect as a plate for confectionery, and is a great place to put gracoons or other small Japanese sweets.

Top 5 best-selling Mino Ware

No.1 White cosmetic shaved platter, ceramic, Minoyaki

No.2 21.5cm oval black mat porcelain Arco Minoyaki

No.3 Round dish 24.5cm silver brown porcelain, Arco Minoyaki

No.4 White Cosmetic Shaved Soup Cup Pottery Minoyaki

No.5 21.2cm/8.4in Dish white porcelain chrysanthemum Minoyaki 

Table Coordination with Mino Ware

From nomoto.naoko (Instagram)

Coordinates with the white Chrysanthemum series, which looks like a blooming chrysanthemum of various sizes.
The tuna kama, the main dish, is not too conspicuous and fits easily on the dining table.
The small bowls and vegetables look more colorful in white.

From nobuchin21 (Instagram)

Place a bucket on the wide rim.

The rim creates a blank space on the dish, giving it a very stylish impression.
You can serve not only pasta but also stewed dishes like this.

Next is another table coordination using Giyaman series vessels.

The chic plates in subdued colors used for the main dishes and side dishes complement the colors of the ingredients and make the food look even more delicious.

Toki City Mino Ceramic Ware Festival "Mino ware pottery market"

The Toki City Mino Ceramic Festival is one of the three major pottery festivals in Japan.

It is held every year around Golden Week in May for about three days in Toki City in the Tono region of Gifu Prefecture.

This popular pottery market has more than 300 stalls, offering a wide variety of porcelain products. Many people from inside and outside of the prefecture visit the market, as the prices are usually lower than usual.

It is a chance to actually hold the pottery in your hands and find your favorite ceramics.

To learn more about the Toki City Mino Ceramic Festival, please read this summary article.

[Toki Minoyaki Festival 2024] Complete guide! Basic information and artist introduction

Tourist Information in Mino

If you see Mino ware vessels, wouldn't you want to visit Mino in person?
Since the area is large, it is full of volume for sightseeing.

It is recommended that you take your time while sightseeing in a relaxed manner while squeezing in areas.

Click here to read an article in which the Uchiru editorial office actually visited Mino.

A day where you can feel the commitment to Mino ware, which evolves while preserving 100 years of tradition [Journey around utensils vol.4]


Oribe Street

Located about a 10-minute walk from Tajimi Station, the Honmachi area still retains merchant houses and warehouses built between the Meiji and Showa eras.
Stores and galleries that make use of these old buildings line the streets of “Oribe street.

You can enjoy shopping and dining while enjoying the retro atmosphere.

Oribe Hills

Adapted from Oribe Hills official website

Oribe Hills is a retail booth in a commercial complex of pottery and porcelain wholesale trading companies on a large site.
A wide range of products, from vessels to interior decorations, are lined up.

Adapted from Oribe Hills official website

There are also pottery making and cooking classes, so children can have fun as well.

Take a break at a cafe

If you are tired of visiting vessels, you may want to take a break at a café.
Here are some places that are perfect for such a break.

cafe zakka hinatabocco

Taken from the official Instagram of cafe zakka hinataboccoo

This café was renovated from a former warehouse of ceramics and porcelain.
The natural atmosphere of the restaurant will allow you to enjoy your meal or café in a relaxed mood.

Be sure to enjoy dishes made with seasonal ingredients.

Address: 2-38 Miyamae-cho, Tajimi-shi, Gifu 507-0025
Phone: 0572-22-2270
Closed: Every Wednesday and 2nd Tuesday
Business hours: Lunch 11:00 - Cafe 14:00

Jikan ryoko

Taken from Jikan ryoko official instagram

Jikan ryoko offers home-roasted coffee and homemade bread.
You can enjoy a cup of coffee in the store or take out bread, which is perfect for a short break during a stroll.

Address: 5-142 Ikeda-cho, Tajimi-shi, 507-0048
Closed: Closed on the 2nd and 4th Sunday and Monday (No bread on Sunday and Tuesday) *Bread is sold on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Business hours: 11:00-17:00(L.O. 15:45)


We introduced the features, history, and recommended lineup of Mino ware by taking a close-up look at Mino ware.

Since Mino ware is a generic name, there are various ways to enjoy it, such as finding your favorite pottery among them or collecting Mino ware vessels.

If you are interested in Mino ware and would like to see more Mino ware vessels, please take a look at this page.

Mino ware Series List

You can also read more about Mino ware recommendations in this article.

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In addition to the Japanese tableware introduced here, UTSUWABI also sells a variety of other tableware, so if you like, please visit UTSUWABI.


May you find your favorite vessels and enjoy your everyday tablescape even more.