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Mino ware has been produced for over 1300 years.

Ceramics originated in the Tono region in the southern part of Gifu Prefecture, and are still produced by artisans today.

This time, I would like to introduce a bowl from Mino ware that you would like to use every day.

We will be introducing not only rice bowls, but also slightly larger bowls that can be used for udon noodles, etc., so please take a look.

What are the characteristics of Mino ware bowls and bowls?


Mino ware pottery is a general term for pottery made in the Tono region of Gifu Prefecture.

Currently, Mino ware is said to account for more than 50% of the national production of Japanese tableware.

And since Mino ware has no special style of making or painting, you can find pottery with a wide variety of designs.

The Mino ware pottery made by today's Mino ware craftsmen, who preserve tradition while adding a modern twist, is flexible enough to suit both Japanese and Western styles, so it matches any table setting. Masu.

Now, I would like to introduce recommended Mino ware bowls and bowls.

Recommended lineup of Mino ware bowls and bowls

Chrysanthemum series

The Kikuka series has a simple design that is popular among a wide range of age groups. It has a characteristic natural texture that resembles powder.

The flexibility that makes it easy to match with any Japanese, Western, or Chinese menu is appealing.

Chrysanthemum rice bowl


This rice bowl is smaller than a small rice bowl, and fits perfectly into a woman's hand.

Since the pottery has a natural and soft color, it blends easily with other tableware.


The containers are stackable, so you won't have any trouble storing them even if you have several.
It is also recommended to keep it in stock as a bowl for guests.

The Kikuka series is available in two monochrome colors, white and black, so whether you use the same color or different colors (black and white), it will give your table a sense of unity.

Chrysanthemum small bowl


A small bowl that is moderately thick and perfect for everyday use.

The chamfered lines make it easy to hold in your hand, giving it a sense of stability.


A bowl that can be used not only for rice but also for serving noodles such as udon and soba.

It can be stacked like rice bowls, so it can be stored neatly.

White makeup shaving series

Konahiki shavings series that conveys the craftsman's handicraft feel by carving each strand with a plane to create a pattern.

The natural and warm Konahiki series features a simple design that you will never get tired of.

Each piece has a different expression depending on the degree of glaze applied, so you will grow fond of the individual differences and want to use it all the time.

White makeup shaving rice bowl, pottery, Mino ware


The key point of this bowl is that it has a smooth texture and is comfortable to hold in your hand.
The pottery has a glossy texture, so it also has an elegant atmosphere.

The material is moderately thick, so you can use it as an everyday rice bowl without hesitation.


Since the containers are easy to stack, they also have a practical side with storage capacity.

The calm and gentle color of the rice bowl makes not only white rice but also brown rice and mixed rice even more delicious.

White decorative shaving pot, pottery, Mino ware

The slightly reddish parts and the iron points that appear here and there make this a richly expressive mortar.

Not only can it be used as a bowl, but it is also the perfect size for noodles such as udon and pasta, as well as small bowls.
If you put avocado and tuna on warm rice and make ahi poke, you will have cafe-style rice.

It is stackable and easy to store neatly, making it perfect for those who want to have enough items for their family.

Inlay series

An inlay series that takes advantage of the simple texture of earth.

A technique called ``zogan'' involves carving out soil and filling the hollows with soil of different colors to create patterns.
The ``pine needle pattern'' is applied to the elephant cancer to create a unique presence.

Rice bowl HARU pottery inlay Mino ware

A tea bowl that directly takes advantage of the simple warmth of clay.
The wide opening makes the rice served look delicious.

The natural reddish color of the pottery will bring a gentle atmosphere to the table.

It is also known that even when the pine needles wither and fall, they still form a pair.
For this reason, items with pine needle patterns are sometimes chosen as lucky charms.

This tea bowl would also be a great gift for celebrations.

Rice bowl AKI pottery inlay Mino ware

This is a brown colored tea bowl with a chic texture that gives it a mature look.
It is characterized by a nuanced color that is a mixture of brown, black, and gray.

It has a sturdy and stable form, making it a practical container that is easy to use on a daily basis.

When you compare the natural and brown colored tea bowls, the brown one is slightly smaller in size.

It has a wide mouth and is large enough to safely eat egg-cooked rice, so it will be useful on your everyday table.

Tokusa series

Tokusa is a traditional pattern that has been popular in Japan since ancient times.
It has a clean and chic appearance and a calm atmosphere.

With its rustic texture, it blends easily into your daily life.

Earthware rice bowl white

The combination of brown lines on a white background creates a natural atmosphere.
From the thinner and thicker lines, you can feel the warmth that is unique to handmade work.

The mouth is wide, so you can place a large piece of mentaiko on top of fluffy, freshly cooked rice.
You can also enjoy it luxuriously with rice.

Earthware rice bowl, black tea

A deep grayish brown color with a cool and cool atmosphere.

It is also suitable as a serving bowl for serving juicy side dishes such as chilled tofu with plenty of seasonings.

Perfect as a gift in pairs.
The classic design makes it easy to match with other utensils, making it a utensil that anyone can use.

Domono bowl 6.5 dimensions white

Contrary to the heavy impression of earthenware, the nice thing about it is that it is light and can be held with one hand.

From ramen to udon, any noodle dish is up to you.
If you pile a lot of vegetables on Champon, it will look like a restaurant!

You can also stack them, so you can have several for your family or for guests.
If you sit around the table with matching bowls, your usual dishes will taste even more delicious.

Wakura series

The Wabi series has a greenish-brown color that resembles fallen autumn leaves, giving it a cool and cool atmosphere.

The light and shade created by the flow of the glaze and the brown burnt marks create a unique expression in a simple style.
Although it is made of porcelain, it has a clay-like texture and has a warm feel to it.

Wakura 5.5 bowls

A simple design that you will never get tired of, and an atmosphere that is not overpowering and blends naturally into your everyday dining table.
Since it is made of porcelain, it is durable enough to be used in the dishwasher and microwave.

Perfect when you want to eat a full meal of oyakodon or Chinese bowl.
Since it has a good depth, it is also great for ramen and udon noodles topped with plenty of vegetables.

Table coordination using Mino ware bowls and bowls


The pattern on the edge of the bowl is tasteful and gives a warm impression to the dining table.

Even if you combine it with several dishes, it will go well with it.


The one-tone dining table based on brown gives a natural impression.

It's a reliable presence that gently enhances any dish.


We have introduced a recommended lineup of Mino ware bowls.

Since this is a bowl that you use every day, you should consider not only the design, but also the feel when you hold it in your hand.

Also, if you are interested in purchasing Mino ware rice bowls and bowls with the same design as the bowls, please take a look at our product page.

If you collect them from the series, you will be able to take your everyday table scene to the next level.

If you are interested in Mino ware bowls and bowls, or if you would like to see more Mino ware utensils, please take a look here.

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