[Village] Craft Fairs Basic Information and Recommendations [2021 Edition]

Hello! My name is Takezawa, and I am the owner of UTSUWABI, a store that sells vessels by artists.

In the previous issue, we introduced “ARTS&CRAFT Shizuoka Handicraft City,” and this time we would like to introduce “Village,” a craft fair to be held at Mishima Municipal Park Rakujyuen in Shizuoka Prefecture.

This is the east side of the same Shizuoka area, so it is easily accessible even from Tokyo.

Reference: VILLAGE official website

The 6th “Village” in 2021 will be held on Saturday, May 16 and Sunday, May 17.

Village Overview

An overview of Village in 2021 is provided below.

Dates: Saturday, May 16 and Sunday, May 17
Venue: Mishima City Park Rakujyuen
   19-3 Ichibancho, Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture

It is only a minute or two walk from the station, so it is better to take the train. It costs 300 yen to enter the venue.

Since the event is held in May, the weather is pleasant and you will be able to enjoy shopping.
However, it is also the time of year when it rains more often, so you may want to bring a folding umbrella for peace of mind.

The Village

The venue, Rakujyuen, is so lush and green that you will wonder if there is a place where you can feel such a sense of nature right next to the station, and you will feel the time pass by slowly.

On the way to the event, there is a bridge that crosses a pond, a retro merry-go-round and bean train in the park, and at the animal plaza, you can meet ponies, alpacas, and capipalas, so it may be fun to bring your children.

In addition, there are tourist attractions such as Mishima-taisha shrine and Genpei River, as well as general stores and cafes in the surrounding area, so you can enjoy a relaxing stroll around town after the event.

The venue MAP looks like this.

Quote: village club MAP

From the station front exit at the top of the MAP, go down the street.
Take a leisurely stroll among the trees and the stores that line the street.

There are many artists around the yellow area in the middle!

There are booths of artists and food and beverage booths in each area,
If you are interested in any of them, it is a good idea to take a break while visiting them.

You can also go downstairs and check out the artists in the blue and green areas.

Also, although it is easy to forget, there is a store on the orange plum alley on the right side of the map, so please stop by.

When I visited there in the past, there were also workshops for children to enjoy together, so you can enjoy more than just shopping.

Writers to check out in the Village

This year's Village will feature 103 booths of exhibitors from all over Japan.
We would like to introduce a few of the artists we recommend, so please check them out.

1 Tatsuhiko Kawai

河合竜彦.さん(@1207hawaii)がシェアした投稿 -

河合竜彦.さん(@1207hawaii)がシェアした投稿 -

The beautiful white, smooth texture is impressive. It looks elegant and stylish, and seems to go well with Western sweets. Plain white vessels tend to look cheap, but the beauty of their shape and texture gives them a unique world view.

2 Funahashi Tomoharu

The warmth of hand-carved woodworking and motifs used for vessels, such as “Sumikiri” and “Rinka”, and the hand-carved texture are attractive.
We have a variety of bowls in our repertoire, including flower designs and bowls of unusual shapes. You will want to brew a pot of delicious Japanese tea and serve it with Japanese sweets.

3 Kasumi Fujimura

藤村 佳澄さん(@kasumi_fujimura)がシェアした投稿 -

藤村 佳澄さん(@kasumi_fujimura)がシェアした投稿 -

It has a lovely antique atmosphere. The tea cups are made in bronze tones and resemble canelees, a confectionery. It looks like something out of a picture book and is wonderful.

4 Naoto Tanii

Naoto Taniiさん(@taniinaoto)がシェアした投稿 -

Naoto Taniiさん(@taniinaoto)がシェアした投稿 -

Many of the pieces are silverware-based, artistic and eye-catching. They are the kind of vessels that complement even the simplest materials. The checkered designs are also wonderful.

6 Tomohiro Taguchi

さくともさん(@decor2022)がシェアした投稿 -

Mr. Satoshi Taguchi is a potter in Hiroshima. His works, which seem to be inspired by Western vessels and patterns, have an enchanting finish.

Although not shown in the photo, some of his pieces are pierced, giving them an antique-like atmosphere and a wonderful look.

6 Hirokazu Furutani

古谷 浩一さん(@hirokazu_furutani)がシェアした投稿 -

古谷 浩一さん(@hirokazu_furutani)がシェアした投稿 -

We also recommend the cute apple bowls with their rounded design, which are often seen in Furutani's works, as well as other dishes in simple colors.
Please take a look at the tableware that will make you feel relaxed just by placing it on your dining table.

7 Chiharu Oguro

小黒ちはるさん(@chiharu_oguro)がシェアした投稿 -

小黒ちはるさん(@chiharu_oguro)がシェアした投稿 -

The hand-built form has a distinctive flavor and the cute pattern of the irregular circles is hand-painted. The combination of these two elements creates a work with a world view at once.

At events, the unique patterns using circles and lines and the pastel grayish-blue colors are eye-catching.

8 Ryuji Ishikawa

ryuji ishikawaさん(@iskwryuji)がシェアした投稿 -

ryuji ishikawaさん(@iskwryuji)がシェアした投稿 -

The design is quite simple, but the vessels are beautiful, delicate, and masculine. There is often a line to purchase the vessels, and numbered tickets are often distributed, so if you are interested, please come as soon as possible.

9 Miyako Matsumoto

nicoさん(@nicokigi)がシェアした投稿 -

The work of Miyako Matsumoto is characterized by the warm texture of silver paint.
Although it looks like metal, it is actually porcelain. Since silver and copper are baked into the porcelain to give it a metallic look, you can enjoy the aging process of the work, which brings out its flavor as the years go by.
Just one of Miyako Matsumoto's brooches will add a stylish touch to your outfit.

10 Kazuhiro Ashizawa

Kazuhiro Ashizawa produces slipware with unique designs and colors that you will never forget once you see them.
Slipware is often characterized by naturally hand-painted patterns, but I don't think you can find slipware with such orderly patterns anywhere else.

11 nocogou

nocogou ノコゴウさん(@nocogou)がシェアした投稿 -

nocogou ノコゴウさん(@nocogou)がシェアした投稿 -

nocogou here creates designs of various shapes found in daily life and uses them as fabrics to produce many fabric products such as handkerchiefs and pouches.

The cute designs are heartwarming. This handkerchief is cute as a lunch box wrapping.

12 SUNn・Sun

The delicate and fashionable design of SUNn・Sun's work is eye-catching.
It has a classy atmosphere that can be worn not only for everyday use but also for small events.
It looks great with simple clothes.

5 jyuraku-sha

Citation: Jurakusha HP
Citation: Jurakusha HP


jyuraku-sha produces miscellaneous goods that are designed and planned by Masahiko Yano, a dyeing artisan.
The designs are unique and very cute.

Our gift wrapping paper is made by jyuraku-sha.

Food at the Village

When it comes to a handmade market, gourmet food is an indispensable part of the event.
Let's enjoy delicious gourmet food in the midst of nature again!

Yugao Fujima Yuka

Yuka Fujima makes seasonal dishes in Itabashi, Tokyo.
The tea ceremony will be held at the Ume Goten, a cultural asset of Rakujyuen, where you can enjoy a delicious tea called “Tsukihanami” (moon flower viewing) with tea utensils made by the participating artists. Those who attend the tea ceremony can also purchase “Tsukihanami” tea utensils.

Natural ice shaved ice Fuwariyama Fuwari

ふわり山ふわりさん(@fuwariyama)がシェアした投稿 -

The fluffy ice piled high on a plate with plenty of syrup is sumptuous.
The ice used for this shaved ice comes from “Shougetsu Ice House” in Nikko.
Enjoy this shaved ice as a sweet treat that is different from the shaved ice at festivals.


At INFi Roasting & Co., the staff will pour freshly roasted beans on the spot.
It is a luxury to be able to drink coffee from a famous store that has been featured in various magazines at the event.

Access to the Village

By train
The venue, Mishima Municipal Park Rakujyuen, is a 1-minute walk from the South Exit of Mishima Station.

From the direction of Tokyo,
⦁Take the Odakyu Line or express train from Shinjuku Station, transfer to the Tokaido Line at Odawara Station, and get off at Mishima. (About 2 hours and 30 minutes. Fare: 1,550 yen)
⦁Take the Shinkansen “Kodama” from Shinagawa Station to Mishima Station. (About 47 minutes. (47 min., 4,000 yen)

From Shizuoka area
From Shizuoka Station, take the Tokaido Line “Normal” and get off at Mishima (about 60 minutes). (From Shizuoka Station, take the Tokaido Line Normal Train to Mishima (60 min., 970 yen). (about 60 minutes, 970 yen).
(Fare: 970 yen).

By car
If you are going by car, there is no parking at the venue, so you will need to use coin-operated parking nearby.
It is likely to be crowded on the day of the event, so please allow plenty of time to get there!



Village” will be held in the warmth of early summer. It is close to the station, so it will be easy to get there.
The charm of this year's “Village” is not only shopping, but also enjoying a relaxing outing in the pleasant weather.

For those who find it difficult to go to events, or those who have been to an event but could not find the vessels they wanted!

Our store is based on the concept of “enjoying a pottery market from the comfort of your own home. We sell and sell the artists we think are the best from pottery fairs and craft fairs all over the country. We are selling works by artists we have selected from pottery fairs and craft fairs across the country.

Please take a look if you like.


(Takezawa, owner of UTSUWABI)