Summary of nature, handicrafts, and gourmet food to enjoy at [ARTS&CRAFT Shizuoka Handicraft City 2023]

Hello! My name is Takezawa, the owner of UTSUWABI, a store that sells vessels by artists.

This time, I would like to introduce the “ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handcraft Market” held every year in spring and fall.

The “ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handcraft Market” is a craft event held twice a year, in spring and in fall, at Shizuoka Gokoku Shrine in Shizuoka Prefecture.

In the fall of 2023, the event will be held on October 7 (Sat) and 8 (Sun).

This is a very long time ago, but we have also compiled an article on a past visit to the event.

[Experience Report] I went to ARTS&CRAFT Shizuoka Handicraft Market!

There are several events organized by ARTS & CRAFT, including some in Tokyo, but this one in Shizuoka is relatively large and enjoyable!

ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handicraft Market Overview

The Shizuoka Handicraft Market in 2023 will be as follows

ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handcraft Market
Dates: Spring: April 8 (Sat), 9 (Sun)
   Autumn: October 7 (Sat), 8 (Sun)
Venue: Shizuoka Gokoku-jinja Shrine, 366 Yuzuki, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City

If there is an artist you are interested in, head there first thing in the morning and have lunch before noon.
After that, you can take a leisurely stroll and do some shopping.
If you go first thing in the morning, I think you will be fully satisfied by 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

There is a lot of greenery, so you can read a book under the shade of a tree, or enjoy each of these activities in your own way.

Also, the event is rain or shine, but even if it doesn't rain on the day of the event, if it rains the day before, your shoes may get muddy, so it is better to go with shoes that you don't mind getting dirty.

ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handicraft Market

The venue, Shizuoka Gokoku Shrine, is a very beautiful place surrounded by greenery!

As you pass through the entrance, you will see artists' tents lined up on both sides of the verdant approach to the shrine.

Every year, more than 140 individual artists from all over Japan gather at this event, where visitors can actually see, touch, and buy ceramics, accessories, miscellaneous goods, clothing, and other works of art.

Visitors can relax and look at their works while being healed by the natural atmosphere.
The weather is just right, and you can enjoy shopping in a strolling mood.

When you get tired, take a rest on a bench nearby. There are ponds and forests to soothe you.

And another attraction of this event is that you can enjoy snacks and meals while surrounded by nature.

ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handmade Creation Market is a video that shows the scenery of the market. You can feel the spontaneous atmosphere.

Artists to check out at ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handicraft Market

ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handmade Creation Market was the catalyst for some of the artists that we have come to deal with, and we would like to introduce some of these recommended artists to you.
Please also refer to the article about exhibitors on the official website, as some of the artists do not exhibit every time.


Ayako Terashima

Ms. Terashima says that she tries to cherish her daily life, and her works are characterized by gentle and warm colors.
Her works are characterized by gentle and warm colors, and when you run your finger along the rim of the bowl, you can feel the shimmering of human breath, giving them a simple but warm appeal.

Kobo Terada, Akihiro Terada

Mr. Terada, who produces pottery in Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture, uses “black and white” as the base color of his work.

The color of his pottery varies depending on the firing process and the way the glaze is applied, creating vessels with a rich individuality.

Shiho Kurihara

Each blown glass piece is carefully crafted one by one. They are said to be made with the image of water, light, and stone. As you can see from the image, you can feel the nature and be healed by it.

The bubbled glass shows water flowing and sparkling in the light, giving a sense of freshness.

Furuya Pottery Works (Koichi Furuya)

Many of Furuya's works have warm colors. The soft white and matte brown
The soft white and matte brown colors of her vessels are sure to complement any genre of cuisine.

The bottom of the bowl has a gentle texture with a rough, uneven surface,
the dynamic nature of clay can be enjoyed.

Yuki Minami

This is Hiroki Minami, a woodworker.
The design that brings out the grain of the wood and the carved patterns are beautiful, bringing out the strength of the wood.

Cherry wood gradually turns candy-colored and gains luster as it is used. The stains and scratches that appear over time become part of the charm of Minami's work, and you can nurture it into your own unique and treasured piece.

Takaji Ishikawa

Ryuji Ishikawa's works are characterized by monotone and silver coloring.

The designs are quite simple, but the vessels are beautiful, delicate, and masculine. There is often a long line to purchase his works, and numbered tickets are often distributed, so if you are interested, please come as soon as possible.

Yuko Miura

Ms. Miura's works are made in her studio in the mountains of northern Okayama Prefecture.
All of his works are made of blown glass and are elegant and beautiful.

Not only tableware but also vases are beautiful and lovely.

Yuki Tanaka

Yuki Tanaka creates a wide range of works from vessels to accessories.

The unique color variation of metal and the uneven texture of hammered marks are all characteristic of her work. Each piece is carefully crafted with delicacy, dignity, and strength hidden in its simple form, giving it a unique presence.

Miyako Matsumoto

The deep texture of silvered color is captivating in Miyako Matsumoto's work. What looks like metal is actually porcelain. By baking silver or copper onto porcelain, she creates a unique metal-like texture.

Her brooches and other pieces are popular, and the more months pass by, the more one can savor the changes that occur over time.

Food available at ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handmade Market

At ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handmade Market, you will find delicious gourmet foods in the midst of the great outdoors.

You can enjoy a wide range of foods from sweets to rice dishes, all of which are not available in other places.


IFNi coffee, exhibiting from Shizuoka Prefecture, roasts its own coffee from completely organic beans using roasting methods suited to each bean.

The coffee from the store, which has been featured in various magazines, will be available at the event. The coffee dripped from freshly roasted coffee beans is a perfect cup of coffee.

Shinshu wood-fired oven bread Nora-ya

Exhibit from Nagano Prefecture. Natural yeast bread baked one by one in a stone oven. They are popular because they are simple and never get old.

The logo is also cute and unintentionally eye-catching. It is pleasant to eat at the site, or you may take some home and enjoy it slowly.

tequila diner

Exhibitors from Shizuoka Prefecture. You can enjoy junk food with a big visual impact.

Enjoy a different kind of handmade hamburger in the midst of nature. You can enjoy freshly made burgers on the spot.


Exhibitors from Shizuoka Prefecture. Organic ingredients with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, gibier meat, and seasonings and spices with no additives are used, making the food gentle to the mind and body. The colors are also stylish.

Seven Grain Bakery

Exhibitor from Osaka Prefecture. Nanagrain Bakery's signature product is the soy milk doughnut.
It is a pleasure to be able to enjoy their donuts, which have a reputation for making even bread lovers groan, at the event.
I would like to enjoy them with a cup of coffee.

Of course, there are many other delicious breads besides donuts.

Access to ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handicraft Market


If you are driving, the first thing to note is that there is no parking at the venue. Therefore, you will need to park in a nearby parking area and walk to the venue.

By train
The nearest station is “Yuzuki” station on the Shizutetsu Line, which is about a 3-minute walk to the venue. Other options include walking from “JR Higashi Shizuoka Station” (about 8 minutes) or taking a cab from “JR Shizuoka Station” (about 10 minutes).


ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handcraft Fair is a great place to enjoy a craft fair surrounded by nature. Even if you don't have anything to buy, you can spend a pleasant day just strolling around surrounded by nature.

If you have children and can't make it to the event, or if you have been to the event but couldn't find the pottery you wanted, we are here to help you!

Our store is “Enjoy pottery fairs from the comfort of your own home. Our shop sells and sells the artists we think are the best from pottery fairs and craft fairs all over the country. We are selling works by artists we have selected from pottery fairs and craft fairs across the country.

Please take a look if you like.



(UTSUWABI Takezawa)