[A small gift as a thank you] Recommended tableware that you will be happy to receive

Purchase staff Tsurumi (housewife, living alone)
Purchasing staff Tsurumi (housewife, living alone)
Hello! I am a staff member of the Japanese tableware mail order site "Uchiru".
This time, we would like to introduce tableware that is recommended as a small gift.
I would like to give you a small present to express my gratitude!

When you want to express your gratitude to a close friend or someone who has helped you at work, why not give tableware as a gift?

This time, we will introduce tableware that is practical and can convey your feelings of gratitude, and is recommended as a small thank you.

We will also give you some tips on how to choose a gift that won't make the recipient feel like it's a burden.

All of the tableware that is reasonably priced and can be used for everyday use can also be used for everyday meals.
Please read this as it will be helpful when purchasing more utensils!

I want to see tableware recommended for small gifts first! If so, you can view it here.

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Points to consider when giving a small gift

If you are unsure, this is it! A chopstick rest is recommended as a small gift!

When you receive this Arita porcelain bear chopstick rest set, you will definitely exclaim, "It's so cute!"

Purchase staff Tsurumi (housewife, living alone)
Purchasing staff Tsurumi (housewife, living alone)
There are 3 reasons why we recommend it!

・Cute design
・Affordable price
・Size that does not take up space in your cupboard
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An item that is sure to make your everyday meals more enjoyable.

Because it is wide, you can also place cutlery such as knives and forks.

The price is reasonable and perfect for when you want to give a little thank you.
It would also be a great gift for someone who loves hospitality.


It's best to avoid expensive items that the recipient will feel obligated to return.

When giving to a large number of people, it costs about 1,000 yen per person.

Even if it's a small amount, it should be around 2,000 to 3,000 yen, something that the recipient won't consider a burden.

Compact one

Choose something compact for a small gift.

Especially if you are handing over a meal in person, it can be difficult to take the large package home with you.
On the contrary, you may make the other person worry.

Practical items such as small plates that don't take up much storage space are great as gifts.

Based on the above points, if you are going to give tableware as a gift, we recommend the following.

Choose practical products that you would want to use yourself.

Recommended tableware gift examples

・Easy to use bean plates and small plates
・Set of slightly expensive chopstick rests that you wouldn't buy yourself
・Cup and coaster set of

Tableware recommended for small gifts

Harry Rest Hasami Ware

A hedgehog chopstick rest with a plump and cute form.

The hollow of the nose holds the chopsticks firmly, making it extremely easy to use.

You can also give them a combination of soap and brownies.

bouquet hydrangea pottery sen Hasami ware

A small plate with a lovely gold rim as an accent.

The delicate hydrangea pattern creates a lovely atmosphere.

It might be a good idea to give a floral-patterned container instead of a bouquet as a thank you gift, just like giving a bouquet.

Thank you stamp chopstick rest porcelain arbor

A simple chopstick rest with a motif that has been popular since ancient times drawn with a stamp.

The thank you pattern has 5 circles.
Does "a・ri・ga・to・u" fit in the circle?

This is great when you want to add a little humor to your thank you.

Chopsticks chopstick bag set Kagoami Tsunoda Seibei Shoten

A set of Japanese cypress chopsticks and a stylish chopstick bag.

Recommended for those who bring their lunch to work every day, or those who carry their own chopsticks.

Chopsticks have a simple design with rough edges that make them easy to grasp, and they are also lightweight.
An added bonus is that it is dishwasher safe.

It can store up to 23cm long chopsticks, so you can use it as a bag alone.

It would also be good to give as a set with a bento box or plate.

Natural wooden dessert spoon

Uchiru's long-selling wooden dessert spoon.
It is made from the Indonesian fruit called Sao.

The handle is curved so it fits comfortably in your hand and has a good texture.

There are metal spoons, but some people may not have wooden spoons.
When I tried it out, it was light and easy to use on a daily basis, so I think it would be a nice gift to receive.

You can pair it with a wooden fork, or give it as a set with a mug or dessert plate.

Flower-shaped salt plate 2-piece set Uchiru Select

A gift set containing two cute flower-shaped small plates.

The deep bean plate is extremely easy to use.
The blue and white bean plate is easy to match with tableware you already have, and can also be used as a serving plate, soy sauce plate, or sweets plate.

The pretty flower pattern goes well with Western tableware.

A compact and practical present, perfect for a small thank you.

You can also give it to the recipient along with their favorite snacks or sweets.

Brass coaster tray

A luxurious brass coaster.

Lace and cloth coasters are common, but with a high-quality coaster like this, your regular iced coffee will look even better.

This is an easy-to-use item that goes well with glass glasses as well as white ceramic free cups.
You can also use it as a small plate to put baked goods on, or as a tray to hold accessories.

If you give it with a glass, etc., it will be a tasteful present that will be appreciated.

If you are interested in tableware as a small gift...

If you want to express your gratitude or appreciation to someone who has helped you, you may be confused about what to buy.
In such cases, we recommend choosing from tableware that you use every day. 

The idea of ​​tableware as a gift is that it is expensive and special, but there are also many practical and reasonable gifts.

If you like coffee, get a Japanese-style mug, or for a colleague who brings a homemade bento, chopsticks or a bento box.
Give someone something that suits their taste and that they can easily use every day.

At that time, if you include coffee and baked goods with the set, it will make them more happy.

You can view the tableware introduced this time here.
Uchiru's gift list page

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Thank you for watching until the end!

I hope everyone can find good works.

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