[Recommended tableware for birthday gifts] How to choose stylish tableware that will please people of all ages

Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Hello! I am a staff member of the Japanese tableware mail order site "Uchiru".
This time, we will introduce tableware recommended for birthday gifts.

Birthday wishes for close friends and people who are indebted to you.

I don't know what to gift!

I think there are some people like that.

If you are having trouble choosing a gift, we also recommend tableware that is used for everyday meals.

Practical and stylish tableware will upgrade your everyday meals.

This time, we will introduce recommended tableware for birthday celebrations and how to choose them so that your loved ones will be happy.

This article is also useful when giving presents other than birthdays, so I hope you will find it helpful.

If you would like to see products that are perfect for birthday gifts first, you can see them here.

Birthday present product list page

How to choose tableware for a birthday present

If you are unsure, this is it! A special glass as a birthday present

Iittala Kastehelmi Universal Glass 260ml Clear

This is a glass from Iittala's popular Kastelhelmi series designed in 1964.

Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Photographer Wada (lives alone)
There are 3 reasons why we recommend it!

・Special footed form
・Size that doesn't take up too much cupboard space
・Dishwasher safe

The round particles, which come in various sizes and resemble morning dew drops, look like they are encrusted with jewels.

Using a glass with a stem will make your regular drinks feel a little more special.

You can also use it as a parfait glass or fill it with cream soda.

We also recommend gifting it with your partner's favorite alcoholic beverage or juice.

Things that would be nice to have on the table

I wish I had it, but I don't have it because it's not a necessity...

For example, you can use a mug instead of a soup cup, but if you have a soup cup, your dining table will feel richer.

Even if you have one, you probably don't have a lot of it.

Similarly, teapots and cups and saucers are also good.

Things that match your hobbies and preferences

When it comes to things that people can use, we recommend ones that match their hobbies.

If you are gifting a gift to someone who loves cooking, choose a plate with a design that will make the food stand out.

For those who love animals, a plate with an animal on it would be nice.

Things that match the interior

If you have ever visited your partner's home, we recommend using tableware that matches the interior of the room.

How about a gorgeous bean plate that can also be used as an accessory tray?

Also, glasses and pitchers that can be used as flower vases are also great.

Stylish tableware with carefully designed designs can be used for a wide range of purposes, from everyday use to entertaining.

Something to remember

Quoted from Arabic official website

For birthday gifts, we also recommend commemorative items with initials or names engraved on them.

However, adding a name may take some time.
Order early to get it in time for your birthday.

Also, ear plates with the year of gifting or the year of birth written on them are also good memories.

Recommended tableware for birthday gifts

Flowers and Birds Coffee Cup/Tea Cup Porcelain Harektani Kutani Ware

A cup and saucer decorated with many flowers and cute birds.

The design of the cup handle is very unique.
The shape makes it easy to put your fingers on and hold it.

Since the saucer is deep, it can also be used as a dessert plate.
Perfect for tea time at home.

Comes with a bright blue box, so it is recommended as a gift for your loved ones.

Mt. Fuji Glass Sghr Sugahara

When you pour beer, Mt. Fuji shines golden, and when you add red wine or tomato juice, it becomes red Mt. Fuji.

A beer glass shaped like Mt. Fuji.

Thanks to the thinness of the glass, you can hardly feel its presence, so you can enjoy the taste and aroma of your drink even more deliciously.

It comes in a paulownia box, so it's perfect as a gift for older people.

White makeup shaving soup cup & wooden soup spoon 2-piece set

A gift set containing one soup cup and one wooden spoon.

Take a break with the usual soups, such as vegetable soups with lots of ingredients and corn soups.

The wooden spoon has a pleasant texture and will be fun to use every day.

With a warm appearance, this set allows you to spend a peaceful time even on busy mornings.

Pasta plate ORLO 2-piece set Uchiru Select

A gift set containing two simple pasta dishes.

The asymmetrical form and calm beige tableware will make your everyday meals look a little more luxurious.

Since it has a good depth, it is perfect for stews, soups, and stewed dishes.

The color makes any food stand out, so just put salads and fruits on it and it will look stylish.

22cm plate navy porcelain daisy Hasami ware

A large plate with a blue daisy drawn on white porcelain.

The combination of blue and white goes well with not only Japanese tableware such as dyed tableware, but also Western tableware.

It's gorgeous and easy to match with the dishes you have, so it's sure to be a hit at celebrations.

It can be used not only for pasta and curry, but also for entertaining, such as large plates for sharing.

There are different colors, including gray, so we recommend combining them as a gift.

Pot lemon porcelain fruits Hasami ware

A pot with a bright yellow lemon pattern on a white background.

Tea utensils with unique designs are also recommended for celebrations.

Simple products are good, but items with a slightly more adventurous design are surprisingly pleasing.

Comes with a tea strainer and has a wide mouth, making it easy to clean and very practical.

It's so cute that you'll want to display it on your cupboard and look at it.

It would also be a good idea to give it as a set with a mug etc.

Goblet 10oz Lotus Kimura Glass Store

A goblet with a thin and sophisticated form.

Putting your regular soft drink in a stemmed glass will give it a more relaxed atmosphere.

High-quality tableware is perfect as a birthday present.

Due to its large capacity, it is also wonderful to serve coffee jelly with ice cream and make it into a dessert glass.

When not in use, we recommend simply decorating it with flowers.

It's also a good idea to gift sets according to the number of recipients.

frame cutlery rest set of 3 ceramic sen Hasami ware

A set of cutlery rests that look like photo frames.

Even if you have a chopstick rest, it's something you don't buy often.

Table accessories that can be used for entertaining and accent your everyday dining table are perfect for celebrations.

The chic box is also fashionable.

We also recommend giving them along with dishes, glasses, cutlery, etc.

Small, luxurious, and practical items make thoughtful gifts that won't burden the recipient.

How to give a birthday present

Market price of birthday gifts

There is no particular limit on the amount of birthday presents.
It would be a good idea to make a difference depending on your relationship with the other person.
The general guidelines are as follows.

For friends: 3,000 yen to 10,000 yen
Work colleagues/clients: 3,000 yen yen - 10,000 yen
Brothers/sisters: 5,000 yen - 10,000 yen

When should I give it to you? A smart way to pass

If possible, it is best to give a birthday present on the day of the birthday or within 3 days before or after the birthday.

If the recipient is busy or lives far away, it is not a violation of etiquette to deliver the item.

Since you can't hand it over at that time, being particular about the wrapping and message will convey your feelings even more.

If the gift will be delayed for more than 3 days, it would be a good idea to just send a congratulatory message via email or phone on the day of the gift, and have it delivered or hand-delivered at a later date.

Also, you should be careful about giving surprise gifts because you are close to them.
If the recipient doesn't like surprises, it's best to avoid forcing them to give surprises.

Things to keep in mind when sending birthday gifts

・Be careful of the number of items!

Things that are associated with suffering, death, etc. are taboo.

When gifting a set of tableware, avoid unlucky numbers such as 4 and 9.

・Be careful when giving tea!

Some people do not like tea because it is often used in funeral ceremonies.

If you want to give tea as a gift, why not choose black tea or herbal tea instead of Japanese tea?

It has long been said that it is bad luck to give tableware as a gift for celebrations.
However, if you are giving it to an elderly person, be careful as some may be concerned about it.

If you are interested in tableware as a birthday present...

This time, we introduced recommended tableware and points to consider when choosing one as a birthday present.

The key point of tableware that is perfect as a birthday present is that it is both practical and special.

If you are close to someone, you know their hobbies and preferences, so it may be easier to choose something that will make them happy.

Give tableware that they can use in their daily lives, giving consideration to the wrapping and the timing of the gift.

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Thank you for watching until the end!

I hope everyone can find good works.

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