[My tableware history] From Western tableware to falling in love with Japanese tableware

Hello, this is Awamura from the Uchiru Editorial Department.

This time, I would like to introduce you to the ``History of Utsuwa'', how I came to love Japanese tableware after having loved Western tableware for over 20 years.  

Some of my personal belongings.
From enamel vessels bought in Thailand to Imari ware and Kintsugi Arabia.

How I fell in love with pottery

I started to realize that I liked pottery when I was a student.

I liked reading interior design magazines, and I looked forward to visiting interior shops in Tokyo on my days off and after class.

Along with the furniture and miscellaneous goods lined up in the showroom-like shop that I saw in magazines, I also started to notice the containers.

Overwhelming Western tableware fan

At that time, my preference for tableware was overwhelmingly Western tableware, partly because I love tea.

I also like antique special features in magazines, and I fantasized about collecting them someday.

I had a longing for it because it's something that I can't quite get my hands on.

Utensils that allow you to enjoy table coordination

After becoming a member of society, I found a course on table coordination, and attending it after work or on holidays became a part of my life.

It was interesting to practice coordination using the containers in the classroom, and I discovered the joy of choosing containers while thinking about the season, menu, tablecloth, etc. combinations.

Shift to “Japanese utensils” that allow you to feel the seasons

As I learned to choose pottery that matched the season during lessons, I started to think that ``Japanese'' pottery would be nice as well. 

Little by little, I began to increase the number of items that are easy to reach and can be used as table accents, such as small plates and chopstick rests.

Modern utensils that are easy to reuse

I have a somewhat complicated personality, like I like containers but don't want to buy more things.

So I started choosing modern pottery that can be used regardless of the season.

The Mino ware Giyaman series is an almighty tableware that can be used for both Japanese and Western cuisine.

It's convenient to have one as it goes well with both dyed and Scandinavian tableware.

One of a kind pottery in the world - I'm also drawn to works by artists

I find it too simple to have all the pottery that goes with everything, so I started to pay more attention to pottery with a little decoration.

For example, the vessels made by Kaoru Endo from Mashiko and Usukiyaki from Oita Prefecture.

I like the gap between antique-like and Japanese-style pottery, and I think Usuki ware is interesting because it has the story of reviving something that once went extinct.

I would like to continue visiting pottery stores and ceramic production areas in order to meet artists and potteries that I don't know yet.

You can view the artist's pottery here.

List of new artist's utensils

Advice when arranging containers

As is the case with fashion and interior design, tastes in utensils change depending on age and lifestyle changes.

I also felt that there was something different about the pottery I bought a long time ago, so I let go of some of them.

Here are the points to keep in mind when stocking up the pottery you bought so that you can continue using it for a long time!

Little by little from what you use

Don't get all the items at once from the beginning, start by getting the items you will definitely use.

What you really need is something you will discover as you go through life.

When in doubt, choose a small plate or just one

If you are unsure whether to buy a pottery, we recommend choosing a small one like a bean plate or just buying one.

It's a good idea to try it out and see if it matches the menu you often eat, if it goes well with the dishes you have, and how it feels in your hand, and if it feels right, try adding more.

What has changed since I started liking pottery

The biggest benefit of becoming a pottery lover is that my range of activities and interests have expanded.

I've started going to art museums and pottery markets to see pottery, and when I travel, I make a schedule to stop by pottery shops.

I have also made a number of small lifestyle changes, such as changing the containers I use to decorate with the seasons.

I hope you all find your favorite pottery and enjoy your daily table scenes even more!

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