[These 4 stylish rice jars] Points and recommendations when choosing a rice jar

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What kind of rice bin do you use?

Many people may be using ordinary plastic items or storing their items in bags.

It's something you use every day, so it would be nice to have something stylish and easy to use.

If you have a stylish rice bin, you can also place it in your kitchen as a storage space.

In this article, we will introduce the points to consider when choosing a stylish rice bin, as well as four carefully selected recommended rice bins.

As a bonus at the end, we will introduce some tips on how to eat rice deliciously and the tools you need to eat it deliciously. If you are interested, please refer to it.

Points for choosing a stylish rice pot

Point 1:Simple and easy-to-use “design”

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You will use it every day, so choose a design that is simple and timeless.

It may not seem to have any frills at first glance, but in reality, it shows that every detail has been considered for ease of use and design.

Take a quick look and intuitively choose what you think is beautiful.

Point 2: “Preservability” that protects from moisture

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Moisture and temperature are important to keep rice delicious.

If the rice is stored in a hot and humid place or in a place with too much ventilation, it will oxidize and become unpalatable.

In the worst case scenario, insects may spawn...

The important thing here is the "preservability" of the rice bin.

Even if a product has a stylish design, it is not suitable for everyday use if it does not keep well.

It is important to check whether the material is made of paulownia wood, which regulates humidity, and whether it can be tightly sealed.

Point 3: Focus on “material”

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When it comes to rice bins, plastic is the most common. You can see the amount of rice left at a glance, it can be washed, so you can rest assured about hygiene, and it's reasonably priced, so it has many benefits.

However, if you are particular about the material, you can choose a stylish rice pot.

Particularly recommended materials are paulownia, enamel, and glass.

Please refer to this when choosing a stylish rice bin.

Now, based on three points, we will introduce four types of recommended rice bins.

4 recommended rice bowls

Rice box 10kg, paulownia, arbor with one square measure

Rice box 10kg, paulownia, arbor with one square measure figcaption>

The beautiful rice bins in the arbor show that they were carefully made.

It's something you use every day, so it's also recommended for people who want to use something they really like for a long time!

Rice is sensitive to hot and humid environments in the upcoming season, but paulownia is a perfect material for summer because it regulates humidity.

It is said that it is best to store rice in the refrigerator, but paulownia rice bins, which were used in the days when there were no refrigerators, can be safely stored in a cool, dark place.

When the rice is running low, just remove the lid, transfer it to another container, wipe the inside lightly, and add the new rice and the rice you transferred earlier.

One of its charms is that it is simple to make and easy to clean.

The ingredients contained in "Paulownia" also have antiseptic and insect repellent effects, making this rice bin ideal for storing rice.

If you adopt a stylish and carefully made rice bin, you may be able to live a slightly richer life than you do now.

Enamel round stocker 21cm Noda enamel

Enamel round stocker 21cm Noda enamel
< /figure>

Noda enamel round stocker with beautiful pure white color and streamlined design.

It is attractive because it is rust-resistant and durable.

It has both good design and functionality, so you can use it for a long time.

Below the lid is a highly airtight polyethylene inner lid, perfect for storing rice.

It will keep the rice fresh.

The lid is flat, making it easy to stack and store.

Anchor Hocking|Straight jar

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Glass jar from American tableware manufacturer Anchor Hocking.

This is a popular product that has been in production for over 30 years.

A simple design with an attractive slightly rounded form.

It's durable and washable, so it's highly functional.

It's very stylish, so you'll want to put it in your kitchen as display storage.


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The last item is a rice container (food container) from the American tableware manufacturer CAMBRO.

Although it is not made of paulownia, enamel, or glass, which are the recommended materials, the price is reasonable, so it is recommended for those who want to buy a stylish rice bin right away.

It can also be stacked, so you can store it without any problems.

The simple and cute American design is transparent, so you can see how much rice is left at a glance.

Tips for eating delicious rice

1. AHow long can rice be stored?

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Do you know how long rice can be stored?

It is said that the freshness of rice tends to decrease once it is polished.

Rice is also susceptible to the effects of temperature and humidity. The period when you can enjoy delicious food changes depending on the season.

・Cool seasons such as spring and autumn ⇒ About 1 month

・During the humid rainy season or hot summer ⇒ Within 2-3 weeks

・Cold winter period ⇒ Approximately 2 months

Many of you may find it shorter than you expected.

Especially in the summer, the period when you can eat delicious rice is short, so it is important to buy as much as you can eat within the period.

However, just because this period has passed does not mean that you can no longer eat rice.

Please use this period as a guide to eat deliciously.

2. Points to remember when storing rice

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Temperature is best between 10 and 15 degrees

When rice is exposed to high temperatures, it dries out and oxidizes, making it no longer delicious to eat.

There is also an insect called the weevil that lays eggs inside rice grains, and it is said that they begin to hatch when the temperature exceeds 20 degrees Celsius.

Weevils are hardly active below 15 degrees Celsius, so keep the environment cool between 10 degrees and 15 degrees Celsius to prevent the insects from spawning.

Storage should be in a cool, dark place with good ventilation

Moisture is also not good for rice. Please do not place it in a place where it may get wet, such as around water.

Also, don't touch the measuring cup with wet hands. When handling rice, be careful not to get it wet.

3. Tools for eating rice deliciously

Kamoka Dogu Store Rice Pot 3 Cups Black Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten

Kasoka Tool Store Rice Pot 3 Cups Black Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten a>

Once you have stored your rice deliciously in a special rice pot, we recommend that you use a clay pot, which is a tool that will help you eat rice even more deliciously.

Even though the rice is the same, the taste of rice cooked in a rice cooker and rice cooked in a clay pot is completely different.

You can store the ``rice pot'' in the refrigerator, or you can reheat it in the microwave.

You can always enjoy delicious rice cooked in a clay pot.

Kamoka Dogu Store Rice rice scoop Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten

Kasoka Uchill Shop Rice Rice Rice Cradle Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten < /figcaption>

For scooping rice cooked in an earthenware pot, we recommend a natural wood rice paddle.

No chemical treatment or chemical paints are used, so you can use it with confidence.

If you have carefully selected rice bowls, earthenware pots, and rice scoops, you will be able to enjoy the whole process of cooking rice a lot more.


We have introduced the key points to consider when choosing a stylish rice bin, as well as four recommended rice bins.

How was it? This stylish rice bin is made with attention to design, shelf life, and materials.

It would be sad if the rice we eat every day becomes oxidized or attracts insects...

If you use a carefully selected rice pot, your rice will be more delicious and your cooking will be more enjoyable. Please use this article as a reference to find a stylish rice bin.

At Uchiru, we carry several of the rice bins introduced this time.

If you have found a rice bin that interests you, please take a look.

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Thank you for reading until the end.

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