I went to “Hasami Pottery Festival 2019”! Report on the venue, pottery, booths, etc.

Hello. This is Moko from the Uchiru Editorial Department.

This time, I went to the Hasami Pottery Festival, a major event for Hasami ware!

The overview of the Hasami Pottery Festival is summarized below, so please take a look at it as well.

How to get around the Hasami Pottery Festival (Hasami Pottery City), how crowded is it, and which kilns are recommended? Summary summary

I arrived in Nagasaki from Tokyo the day before and got fired up to participate in the race on the first day! Since it is a paper driver, you will be able to get around without a car.

I wanted to go to "Hakusan Pottery" which was held at a different venue, but I was disappointed.

It was around 8:50 when we arrived at the main venue.

Unfortunately it's raining.

Even if it rains at the venue, you'll be mostly under the big tent, so if you have an umbrella, you'll be fine.

Raincoats are convenient, but if you have to pass through narrow passages, an umbrella is probably better.

The first place I went to was "natural69". What I saw there was a long line waiting to pay.

I was at a loss for words, thinking, "Huh? I heard there would be lines, but it's not even open yet..."

The official opening hours of the "Hasami Pottery Festival" are 9:00 to 17:00, but other shops in Kuroyama are already crowded with people. If you are looking for something, we recommend arriving before the opening time.

However, since we are participating all the way from Tokyo, we can't let this deter us.

First, look around the store. Many dishes and bowls, such as the popular "Coco Marine Series" and "Yanke Series", are 50% off.

I wanted a larger bowl for soba and ramen, so I found the "Border Border Series" bowl here.

I was happy that they clearly showed the "defective parts". There was a small dot on the item I got, but I didn't notice it unless I was told.

I started lining up at the checkout line around 9:05 and arrived 25 minutes later.

The next place that caught my eye was Ichiryu Toen. This pottery is also known for the "Shinogi series".

I saw the popular Shinogi series at other stores, but this one had the best variety in color and shape.

There were also outlet items that were a good deal if you bought two. Of course, the "Color Stripe Series" was also lined up.

Now, many stores are crowded together in a large tent, and there are people everywhere.

Even then, I found a booth where more and more people gathered.


All outlet products such as "Daisy Series", "Forage Series", and "Japone Series" are 50% off.

My friend who was with me was looking for this Daisy series, so he went straight to see it and got it. Although there were many customers, the cash register was empty and shopping went smoothly.

Another thing you can't miss is "aiyu."

The uniquely shaped mug is eye-catching.

There are two booths in the main venue, so I would like to say that you should decide which one to go to depending on how crowded it is, but the products on display are slightly different, so if you like aiyu, which one should you go to? I also want to conquer it.

"Common" has a simple shape and color that looks like Scandinavia.

The products were neatly lined up, creating a slightly different atmosphere in the crowded venue. All products are 30% off.

Isaozangama has a small plate corner where each piece costs 300 yen, and a rice bowl corner where any three pieces are 1000 yen.

It feels like a treasure hunt as the various series of vessels are mixed together.

I live alone, so I don't need many bowls, but when someone says "3 for 1000 yen," I end up looking for 3. I and my friend purchased 3 of these.

This Isaoyama Kiln puts the purchased items in a cloth bag.

The pattern is based on the pattern of the bowl, and it depends on your luck which design bag you get it in.

``eiho-porcelain'' tableware is smooth to the touch.

I was surprised at how light the square cup was. It feels like you don't have it at all.

Of course, WAZAN's popular series ``Flower Parade'' was also there.

We stayed at the main venue for about 4 hours, including lunch.

Most of the potteries and manufacturers that come to mind when you hear the word Hasami ware are open at stores, and it seemed like most of their popular series were also on sale.

In addition to famous brands, we have a wide variety of products, including products with outstanding cost performance, large teapots that you would find in a Japanese inn, and accessories.

You can enjoy it even if you are not familiar with the Hasami ware pottery or what you are looking for in particular.

There are also food stalls and corners selling bento boxes, so if you're feeling a little hungry, you won't have to worry about having lunch.

There is a second venue for the ``Hasami Pottery Festival'', but there is no shuttle bus service and the distance was difficult without a car, so I decided not to go there this time.

The shuttle bus to Arita Station that I took on the way back passed by, but it was a compact venue and there didn't seem to be many customers around 1pm.

Maruhiro, a popular brand of Hasamiyaki, is held at a separate venue about a 10-minute walk from the main venue.

Get a numbered ticket and wait for your number to be called.

This numbered ticket will be distributed from 6:30, so I actually went in front of the main venue.

The ticket number I received when I arrived at the venue around 7:10 was number 597. There are already about 600 customers...

The venue has a rest area with a tent, food stalls, and a game corner, so I didn't have to worry about waiting, but my number was called at 8:00. Around.

It's about an hour's wait. Along with the numbered ticket, you will also receive a coupon that can be used at the food stalls inside the venue.

The products are arranged on wagons inside one large tent.

The outlets and B products are at the back, so start by walking slowly.

When I arrived at the bargain wagon, some places were almost empty. That's true, since 600 people have already shopped.

Almost all A items are 10-20% off. B items are 30% off. There are many B products with barely noticeable scratches.

The popular "HASAMI series" that can be stacked neatly is also available in venue-limited colors.

We also have sample products and great value soba choko sets.

If you look closely, you can see an adorable axolotl swimming around.

There is also a wrapping corner outside the tent. It might be a good idea to use this for items purchased as souvenirs or gifts.

By the time we left the venue at around 8:40, numbers up to 1000 had been called.

If Maruhiro doesn't have the product you absolutely want, you don't have to rush to go there. Numbered tickets were still being handed out by the time I left the venue.

After returning to the hotel, I laid out the loot with my friends and had a good time. it was fun!

Finally. Participating in the Hasami Pottery Festival for the first time from far away, I realized how important it is to secure a place to stay and travel. Preliminary research is very important.

Perhaps because there was a 10-day holiday this year, when I tried to find a place to stay in February, all the twin hotels around Hasami were fully booked. I had no choice but to take two single rooms.

Also, I booked a taxi to go to Arita Station, but the first company refused because they were fully booked, and the second company gave me permission.

There are a lot of cute and affordable products, so be sure to carry shopping bags in both your right and left hands. If you can go by car, we recommend going by car.

Perhaps because of the weather, there were many scenes where I wished I had had a car, but I still had a lot of fun even without one! 

For those who couldn't go to the pottery market.

With the concept of a pottery fair that you can enjoy at home, we handle and sell the wonderful artists we meet by visiting pottery fairs and craft fairs around the country.

We carry a variety of pottery, including the Hasamiyaki brand introduced this time.

Hasami ware list page

Please take a look if you like.

Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!

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