[2024 Hasami Pottery Festival] Complete guide! Basic information and introduction of recommended authors

Hello! A shop that sells pottery made by artists. My name is Takezawa, and I am the owner of ``Ru''.

This time, I would like to introduce you to the Hasami Pottery Festival.

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Hasami Pottery Festival, also known as Hasami Pottery City, is a pottery festival held in Nagasaki Prefecture during Golden Week every year.

This is a popular pottery market with about 150 pottery shops and manufacturers and about 300,000 visitors, and the number of visitors seems to be increasing every year.

In addition, Arita Pottery Fair is also held nearby at the same time, so Tours to visit both pottery markets are also held.
If you have time, it might be a good idea to go there.

I would like to introduce my experiences when I went there in the past and how to enjoy them, as well as tell you about popular authors that I recommend.

Overview of Hasami Pottery Festival

2024Hasami Pottery Festival

Date: April 29th (Monday) - May 5th (Sunday) 9:00 - 17:00 (usually)
Location: Ceramics Park
HP: https://hasamitoukimatsuri.com/

Please note that many of our directly managed stores will be closed for preparations before and after the Pottery Festival.

From here, we will introduce the main venues of the Hasami Pottery Festival.

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Main venue

At this venue, you can purchase various brands of tableware at low prices.

Common has an attractive simple design and pop colors. It's easy to use and reasonably priced, so it's easy to consider getting one for your entire family.

natural69 is very popular at the main venue. The white porcelain has geometric patterns and pictures of birds, fish, etc., giving it the impression of Scandinavian tableware. Please be prepared for the cash register to be very busy.

Hakusan pottery and other items are on sale at 30% off. You can buy it cheaper at the Hakusan Toki venue, but it gets crowded anyway, so it might be a good idea to buy it there.

There is a summary of recommended potteries that you can purchase at the venue at the end of the article, so if you would like to see it first, please click on the link below.

What potteries do you recommend that can be purchased at the venue?

In addition, there are various pottery shops around the main venue, and individual potteries may also hold garage sales.
If you pass by, you might want to check it out. You may come across a surprisingly wonderful vessel.

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Address: 2255-2 Iishigō, Hasami-cho, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki

Car: Hasami 5 minutes by car from Arita Interchange.
  However, there will be traffic jams on that day, so we recommend exiting from the nearby Ureshino Interchange. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the main venue.
Parking: 15 locations. They are scattered from ① to ⑮ on the map. Details will be provided in the latter half of the access section.

Second venue

The second venue is mainly run by trading companies that handle Hasami pottery.

Compared to the main venue, it is not very large and there is no shuttle bus, so the number of visitors is relatively small compared to other venues.

Recommended for those who are having trouble deciding where to go, or those who don't like crowds but still want to go to the pottery festival. It takes about 50 minutes to walk, so we recommend traveling by car.

Ishimaru Ceramics

A company that stocks Arita ware, Imari ware, etc. mainly from Hasami ware pottery. The original Rosemary series has a stylish cafe-like atmosphere.

If you are interested in the rosemary series pottery, you can view it here.
Rosemary product list page

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Address: Orishikisego, Hasami-machi, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture
Car: Nishi-Kyushu Jidosha Hasami Arita Interchange Immediately on the right after exiting
Parking lot: Approximately 50 spaces (behind the tent at the second venue)

Hakusan Pottery Venue

Quoted from Hakusan Toki official Instagram

Hakusan Toki is famous for its Bloom series, twisted plums, and overlapping striped vessels.
It is characterized by a pattern of indigo dyed on a white background, and can be said to be a representative piece of Hasami pottery.

Bloom Series

At the venue, outlet products such as B-grade products can be purchased at half price. There are no outlets for new products.

The opening event will be held at "Benue B" located near Hakusan Toki's head office.

This year, the event will be operated by advance reservation and admission ticket system.

Until now, lines had formed before 7 a.m., and the parking lot was quickly filling up.

There were people who tried going but gave up because of the long line, and there were also people who lined up from 6am and still couldn't buy the Bloom series, so it seemed like it was a very competitive area.

This year, advance reservations are required, so if you can make a reservation in advance, you don't have to worry about that!

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Address: 1351-1 Yumada-go, Hasami-cho, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture Hakusan Toki Otaru Warehouse (B venue)
Near the Hakusan Toki headquarters showroom
Walk: 20 minutes walk from the main venue
Parking lot : In addition to right next to Venue B, there are also several within walking distance (90 spaces)

Maruhiro Venue

Quoted from Maruhiro's official Instagram

We have many pop and colorful mugs and plates such as HASAMI season, BARBAR, and block mugs, as well as simple tableware that does not interfere with the dining table.

You can have it in your favorite colors, or it would be cute if you matched it with colorful colors. It is designed to be stacked neatly, making it easy to clean up.

The venue has a unique system where you get a numbered ticket before entering, and if the number on the numbered ticket is within the number called, you can enter.

Quote from Maruhiro's official Instagram

Also, you can check what number is currently being called from Instagram, so you can visit other venues while waiting or take a break at a nearby coffee shop.

Quote from Maruhiro's official Instagram

Equipped with simple toilets and rest areas, the venue is family-friendly.

Quote: Hasamiyaki Promotion Association

Address: KOUBA 704 Yumada-go, Hasami-machi, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture 859-3702
HIROPPA 682 Yumada-go, Hasami-machi, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture 859-3702
Walk : 10 minutes walk from the main venue
Parking lot:
Parking lot 1 in front of HIROPPA: 22 spaces (2 priority cars)
Parking lot 2 next to HIROPPA: 55 spaces (2 EV charging stations)
*Fees apply only on 4/29, 4/30, and 5/1 500 yen per day

About access

Train + shuttle bus

The nearest train station is not Hasami, but Arita Station.
From there, you will take a free shuttle bus to the venue.

Therefore, if you are far away, we recommend staying the night before.
It's quite a distance from JR Arita Station, and even if you go on the same day, there will already be a line by the time the shuttle bus runs, so it's best to stay at a nearby hotel.

Quote: Hasamiyaki Promotion Association

Free shuttle bus operating hours

Time: 8:40-16:30 Runs every 15 minutes (15 minutes required)

<From main venue>
Time: 9:45-17:30, runs every 15 minutes (15 minutes)


If you go by car, aim to go early in the morning.
I would like to be at the venue before 8am.

Also, if you use a regular navigation system, instead of getting off at "Hasami Arita IC", we recommend getting off at "Ureshino IC" and using the lower road.

The area around "Hasami Arita IC" is where Arita Pottery Market is located, so traffic jams occur. Therefore, let's get off at Ureshino IC and head to the venue.

Where is the parking lot?

Quote: Hasami Ware Promotion Association

There are 15 parking lots (approximately 2,500 spaces) mainly around the ceramic park where the main venue is located. (①-⑮ on the above map)

Parking fee is 500 yen. We recommend parking as soon as you find a space, as it fills up early.

Also, if you are traveling to another venue by car, you will need to find a parking lot again, so it would be better to use a shuttle bus or walk from venue to venue.

Popular potteries that can be purchased at the main venue

We would like to introduce the popular pottery and manufacturers exhibiting at this venue.

There are many pottery makers who hold garage sales locally.

The local address of the pottery with garage sale information is also listed. If you're interested in a place, it's a good idea to go there and check it out.


Quote from AIYU official Instagram

AIYU offers products such as the ORIME series, which has a modern stamp pattern with a textile motif, the bird series, which has cute bird stamps, and the kiritoru series, which has a product design typical of Hasami ware.

The ORIME series has herringbone patterns and pique patterns, and is a rare series that has a strong ceramic feel even though it is Hasami ware. It is very popular at our store and is recommended.

ORIME series List page


Quoted from Kyosen official Instagram

This was officially announced.
It seems that there will be sales on the Kyosen premises this year as well.

Kyosen's utensils are all about making your heart flutter. There are lemon plates, butterfly motif vessels, and lace-covered vessels.

All the motifs are feminine, and all of the vessels are fun to use. Please see the product lineup from here.

The venue is a 10-minute drive from Hasami-Arita Interchange and Ureshino Interchange.
It is a 20 minute walk from Hakusan Toki B venue.

Address: 550 Otaru-go, Hasami-machi, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture
Date: April 29th (Sat) - May 5th (Fri)
Time: 9:00-17:00

Kyosen list page


natural69 is also popular at this venue. Only some of the series are on sale at the main venue, but the entire series is on sale at the main warehouse.

If you are looking for natural69 products, I think it would be a good idea to visit the main warehouse. The parking lot turns quickly.

Swatch Series: There are many vessels with cute patterns that are typical of Hasami ware, such as the Cocomarine series and the Yake series.

It is about 3 kilometers away from the main venue, so it may be difficult to walk.
It would be better to use a car or take a shuttle bus.

Quote: natural69 < /figcaption>

Muraki venue (natural69 head office warehouse)
Date and time: April 29th (Sat) - May 5th (Fri)
Time: 9:00-17:00
Address: Higashisonogi, Nagasaki prefecture Gunmura Kigo 2311
Parking: 60 spaces


NISHIYAMA's vessels include the Forage series, which has a cute all-over flower pattern, and the Daisy series, which has a large flower pattern that resembles Western tableware.

The Daisy series comes in navy and gray, and both have bold floral patterns that catch the eye. It seems that the sale is being held both at the main venue and at the store on the premises of the Nishiyama head office factory.

Daisy series List page

Sakai pottery

Quoted from Nishikai Pottery official Instagram

Nishikai Pottery has many popular brands such as HASAMI PORCELAIN and Common. This pottery embodies the desire to become a bridge between people and things.

HASAMI PORCERAN is characterized by its clean and clean design, which omits any decorative elements, and its calm earth tones. The organic and sharp texture of the material will complement any food.

Common is a series that pursues design, functionality, and price, and proposes products for everyday use. It's easy to buy at a reasonable price, and the pop of color is stylish and energizing. The design is simple, easy to use, and easy to clean.


Quoted from Wasama's official Instagram

This is also typical of Hasami ware, with white porcelain with gosu dyeing, pop colors, and line patterns.

One of the most popular is the Flower Parade, a plate with cute floral patterns.
This one is blue with a white base, but there are also inverted versions with a blue base and white, and gray base with white. It has the atmosphere of Scandinavian tableware, and having one of them will brighten up your dining table.

Flower parade List page

Kuzangama Kiln

This is also related to flowers.
It has many unique designs and is a favorite item that you will want to use every day.
This is a famous bowl that can often be seen in tableware stores.
This is a bowl with a dahlia motif. The chopstick rest is so cute, so why not try it with it?

Information on sales of pottery outside the Hasami Pottery Festival venue


As the name suggests, there is a wonderful gallery shop in the shape of a large white roof called "OYANE" that was opened about 1.5 kilometers from the main venue.

This store mainly sells Nishikai pottery. It's also exciting to choose tableware in a minimalist atmosphere.

In conjunction with the pottery festival, you can buy it at a low price during the festival, so if you can go, I highly recommend you go. There are a lot of tableware lined up, so you're sure to find the tableware you like.


5 minutes walk from Ceramics Park.
There is an area with cafes, restaurants, and general stores that retains the atmosphere of an old pottery factory.

The combination of nostalgic buildings and stylish shops will captivate you.

Quoted from Nishinohara official Instagram

During the pottery festival season, pottery is also cheaper.

We sell products such as essence, Clasco, and HASAMI PORCELAIN series.

Quoted from Nishinohara official Instagram

There is also bouldering, so it might be a good idea to bring your kids if they get tired of waiting.
There are also a few restaurants and cafes here, so you can take a break.

Yakimono Park

The pottery park is a wonderful place not only for the main venue but also for sightseeing.
12 kilns representing the world are recreated.

If you're tired from touring the utensils, you might want to take a little break here.
The toilet is also shaped like a kiln.

There are highlights everywhere, such as the walls of vessels and the floor of vessels.

If you're tired from the pottery festival, it might be fun to take a leisurely walk.

Points to consider

Going on the first day is the best recommendation, but the first day is the busiest. Paying at the cash register is also a pain.

Quote: Hasami Ware Promotion Association

Among them, Main venue and Hakusan pottery venue are popular venues that have many lines every year.
If you stay at one venue for too long, the roads will get crowded, so we recommend going in the morning when you're feeling energetic.

In addition, some potters determine the number of items to be arranged every day instead of all the popular products on the first day, so you can challenge them on another day.

The first day is Maruhiro venue and the main venue, and on the second day, it seems that you can buy something better to combine in various combinations, such as Hakusan Pottery venue and Nishinogi.

The venue has a tent and can avoid sunlight and rain, but hats, backpacks, sunscreen are essential. In addition, since the passage is narrow, it is safer to have both hands.

In addition, during this period, there are no tour taxi, shared taxi, and rental bicycles. please note.

In addition, nearby, Arita Pottery City is also held, so it seems good to go there.

Articles on Arita Pottery City are summarized below. If you like this, please.

How to enjoy, writer, access, etc. p>


A pottery festival that many people visit every year.
Please try to prepare in advance so that there are venues in some places, you will not be able to meet the purpose vessel because you are tired of walking.
I think that if I get the following 5 points, I will enjoy the pottery festival.

1. Going in a easy -to -move style (hat and sneakers are absolute)
2. Create a plan by narrowing down the venue you want to go. There are many cash registers that cannot use credit cards, so bring more cash.
4. 5. You can only take what you buy.
5. As the walking increases, be careful of physical strength


People who can't go because they are distant events, they went but couldn't come across the vessel they wanted!

Our shop is based on the concept of "you can enjoy pottery market while staying at home." ] We handle and sell the writer who thought.

We also handle the pottery and brands introduced this time.

Hasami -yaki Product List Sage

Please take a look.