[Oval plates that are easy to serve curry] Introducing 20 recommended selections!

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Purchasing staff Tsurumi (housewife, living alone)
Hello! I am a staff member of the Japanese tableware mail order site "Uchiru".
This time, we will introduce the charm of oval plates, which are perfect for serving curry.

What type of plate do you use when eating curry at home?

I always use round plates, but are there any other shapes that are easier to use?

When serving curry, I never paid attention to the shape of the plate! There are many people who say that.
But wouldn't it be nice if you could make the same curry look delicious?

From ayahiro_gohan (instagram)

If you're like that, you should try the "oval plate"!

From here, I will introduce the advantages of oval plates and why they are perfect for curry.

I want to see what products are available first! You can view it here.

List page for oval plates for well-balanced servings

Why curry is perfect for oval plates

You can serve curry in a well-balanced manner

An oval plate allows you to neatly separate the rice and roux when serving curry.
With the horizontally long form, the roux won't spread out in all directions, so you can create a well-balanced platter just by plating.

From loved.stella (instagram)

Gives the dining table a sophisticated look

When you go to stylish cafes or traditional Western restaurants, oval plates are often used to serve curry.
Just by serving it up, you can take the restaurant-style curry to the next level.

Have you ever noticed that your dining table is filled with round plates?
In a dining table that tends to have a lot of circles, an oval shape will be an accent and give it a slightly more sophisticated look.

Easy to store

Large plates like those used to serve curry take up a lot of space when stored together for a family.

However, the elongated shape of oval plates means that they are not deep, so they can be stored neatly in a cupboard without taking up much space.
You can use the limited storage space in your cupboard without wasting it.

Now that we have told you that oval plates are perfect for curry, we will introduce specifically recommended curry plates!

A simple and classic oval plate

Oval bowl M white pottery Kosen kiln Banko ware

Heat resistant, can be used in microwave and oven.

It's convenient and nice to be able to heat up yesterday's leftover curry in the microwave.
Put it in the oven with cheese and bread crumbs, and you'll have a crispy and melty baked curry!

Greige in different colors is also available, so you can choose it as a gift for a pair

Quoted from Kosengama official Instagram

Rim Oval Plate L Sherbet Gray Porcelain Koyo Kiln Arita Ware

A clean oval plate with a matte texture.

You will want to choose a weight and thickness that is easy to use on a daily basis so that you can use it with love for a long time.
The slightly slender shape gives the curry an elegant look.

Sherbet gray with a gentle atmosphere and olive green with a slightly nostalgic feel.
Both colors blend naturally into your living space.

Oval plate with stylish rim

Oval plate, ivory, ceramic, rosemary, Hasami ware

An oval plate with rosemary drawn on the rim.
Rosemary is a motif that has been familiar to people since ancient times as a lucky charm because of its image of purifying bad things.

From with.lattice (instagram)

The rim is like a picture frame and brings out the curry.

There are 4 different colors, so you can mix and match to suit your mood and cuisine.

Oval plate L gray porcelain cardle Mino ware

This oval plate has an elegant appearance that makes it hard to believe that it is Japanese tableware, and makes your food stand out.
Just add your usual curry to create a fluffy and gorgeous atmosphere.

It will give your table a special feel, like a dish from a restaurant.

The yellow color of turmeric rice stands out against the blue bowl, so spice curry also goes well with it.

Octagonal Oval Plate Gray Porcelain Mino Ware

The sharp octagonal shape gives it a modern and stylish impression.

The bowl is deep enough to satisfy even the hungry who want to eat a lot.
It's also perfect for eating smooth Thai curries.

It has a simple appearance that you will never get tired of and its glossy and bright colors are attractive.

3333333333oh Quoted from (Instagram)

Oval plate with nice pattern

Curry plate striped ceramic Shigaraki ware

A curry plate with a sharp striped pattern.

While it has a modern atmosphere, you can also feel the warmth of clay.

The size allows you to serve a lot of food, so you don't have to worry about curry with large ingredients.

Oval bowl, rolled arabesque, pottery, indigo blue, Hasami ware

The carefree blue arabesque pattern stands out on the beige base, making it a great impact.
The dynamic design and gentle colors will complement your curry.

Since the bowl is deep enough, you can enjoy various arrangements such as topping the roux with grilled vegetables.

The folk art-style patterns will brighten up your dining table.

Shinogi Oval Plate L LEAVES Porcelain Koyo Kiln Arita Ware

This is an oval plate that looks somewhat like Western tableware.
The combination of transparent, slightly bluish white color and dyed pattern creates a mature atmosphere.

Even if you serve it with your usual curry, it will create an elegant impression.

While using Arita's traditional techniques, the design and usability are designed to fit modern lifestyles.

Introduction to serving curry using oval plates

Here we will introduce a wonderful way to serve curry using an oval plate.

Please refer to it.

hanpencafe(Instagram ) Quoted from

Curry topped with chashu pork and egg yolk.
The carved wood on the rim is not overpowering and brings out the curry.

akky52(Instagram ) Quoted from

A cute dish with a flower petal-like border and a round rice arrangement.
The green okra looks great on the gray tableware.

Quoted from Nishitomi Ceramics Official Instagram

The contrast between the blue check pattern and the colors of the curry and toppings is very nice.
The colors are such that it kind of whets your appetite.

Quoted from Nishitomi Ceramics Official Instagram

The richly colored beef curry is served on an oval plate with a quince motif.
Even a simple curry can have a gorgeous atmosphere thanks to its accented shape and blue and yellow hues.

paramegu(Instagram ) Quoted from

Place the bowl containing the roux on the oval plate filled with rice.
With a little ingenuity, you can make a stylish curry that looks like a cafe.

If you want to serve curry on an oval plate...

This time, we introduced an oval plate that is perfect for curry.
Did you find the pottery you are interested in?

It's interesting how the impression of a regular menu can change completely just by changing the shape of the plate.
Also, there are many types of ``curry'', so

"Today's is a classic curry with carrots and potatoes, so this oval plate with cute rims!"
"I made a spicy curry with a lot of spirit, so let's use a blue oval plate today!" p>

It's fun to think of combinations like that.

Be sure to choose an oval plate for serving curry, as it is stylish and easy to store.

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