[Blue plates that make curry stand out] Introducing 8 recommended dishes!

Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Hello! I am a staff member of the Japanese tableware mail order site "Uchiru".
This time, I will introduce blue plates that make curry look even more delicious.
From with.lattice (instagram)

When you hear about blue plates...

Isn't blue the color that makes you lose your appetite?

There may be some people who have been avoiding it until now.

Actually, blue plates and curry go very well together.
Even curry, which tends to be a bit plain, can be transformed into a gorgeous atmosphere by simply serving it in a blue bowl.

Also, blue makes primary colors such as red, yellow, and green stand out, so it goes particularly well with turmeric rice and summer vegetable curry topped with grilled vegetables such as zucchini and paprika.

In fact, even in India, the home of curry, there is a traditional craft called "Blue Pottery", which has been popular for a long time.

"Since I made spice curry, I want to use a container that looks even better!"
"I have never used a blue container before, so I want to try it!"

Here are 8 recommended utensils that you should try out.

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Simple blue plate

Plate bowl L dark gray porcelain Cuore Mino ware

A clean and stylish form with a calm blue-gray color.

The surface is flat, but the edges are raised, so you don't have to worry about applying a lot of roux.
It's easy to stack, so it's a good idea to have one for your family or for guests.

pom_pom_kitchen(Instagram ) from

9-inch plate AO porcelain Mino ware

The combination of glossy texture and blue color makes this an elegant and impressive platter.
Thanks to the moderate height of the platform, it is easy to hold and has an excellent sense of stability.

If you add pickles and grilled vegetables together, the color will stand out even more.

Pasta plate Indigo blue porcelain ORLO Mino ware

This vessel has an impressive design with an organic rim line and a glossy indigo blue color.
The sea cucumber glaze has a mottled pattern reflected in the indigo color that creates a unique depth, and the color is reminiscent of the deep sea.

You can take advantage of the wide rim and place fried vegetables as toppings by leaning them against the rim.

From ekmaiko (instagram)

It goes great with curry as well as ethnic dishes.

Plate 25cm Turquoise pottery Shigaraki ware

The turquoise color that fades towards the edges gives this platter a refreshing atmosphere that looks like the ocean.

The plate has a flat surface, making it perfect for serving keema curry.
Topping with herbs such as cilantro will give it a more refreshing impression.

Blue oval plate

Oval plate denim pottery rosemary Hasami ware

This oval plate has a rosemary pattern lined up on the rim that adds a touch of glamor.
The muted color makes it easy to match with any food, giving it a chic and mature atmosphere.

When serving curry, the rice and roux can be neatly separated, so anyone can create a well-balanced and stylish presentation.

Yasumi oval plate blue porcelain Mino ware

The sharp octagonal shape is somewhat modern and stylish.
An oval plate with beautiful glossy colors.

The smooth surface of the utensil makes it easy to remove roux and hardened rice stains, making cleanup very easy.
The nice thing about it is that it doesn't absorb water, so it won't stain easily.

Blue painted plate

Long square plate, white porcelain, flower parade, Hasami ware

Actually, blue painted plates are one of the plates that make curry look delicious.
This is a cute tableware with a calming color of white porcelain and indigo, but with lively decoration.

Exotic flowers are perfect for ethnic dishes.
You can try adding some pickles as a garnish to create a truly gorgeous curry.

Oval bowl, breeze arabesque, pottery, blue indigo, Hasami ware

The carefree blue arabesque pattern stands out on the beige base, making it a great impact.
When served, a glimpse of the pattern peeks out from between the pieces, highlighting the curry.

The elongated form does not take up much space in the cupboard and can be stored neatly.
They can be stacked, so you can keep several for your family or for guests.

Introduction to curry presentation using blue plates

Here we will introduce a wonderful curry presentation using blue plates.

Please refer to it.

From sorezorenogohan (instagram)

The combination of the yellow of turmeric rice and the deep blue goes perfectly together.
The addition of the yellow-green of Italian parsley creates a more refreshing atmosphere.

From with.lattice (instagram)

The red, yellow, and green of the grilled vegetables toppings look great against the blue.
It has a good depth, so you can rest assured that you can use a lot of smooth roux.

From watashi745yo (instagram)

Since it's a generously sized container, you can leave the curry toppings up to you!
The calming colors of the dishes bring together colorful dishes.

If you want to serve curry on a blue plate...

This time, we introduced a blue plate that is perfect for curry.
Did you find the pottery you are interested in?

If you want to make your usual curry more delicious and give it a different look, please try choosing blue plates to serve your curry.

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Written by UTSUWABI