[Journey around pottery vol.6] A journey to buy Yachimun and feel the power of Okinawa

Uchiru has an increasing number of Yachimun appearing for the first time, mainly works by artists I met when I went to Okinawa two years ago.

There are still many artists whose works are not carried by many stores, so I think they are enjoying their work.

Click here to view Yachimun that is currently arriving one after another.

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Now that I think about it, I realize that I haven't written anything like a travelogue for that purchase, so I would like to write about my trip to Okinawa while tracing back my memories.

I went to Okinawa from June 3rd to 9th.

In fact, you can go to Okinawa in early June for about half the price of the peak time, as it is just before summer and during the rainy season. You can also go to Okinawa relatively cheaply from November to February.

Although I also wanted to go on a family trip, it was a thorough shopping trip that took me around Okinawa in a rental car for about a week.

I would like to introduce such a journey in chronological order.

Day 1 From Naha Airport to Chatan area

On the first day, you will leave Tokyo at noon and check in before evening.
When you see Okinawa from the plane, you get excited.

The ramen sore signboard makes me take a picture every time.

Unfortunately, it rained on the first day.
I think it rained about 2 days out of the week (some days were cloudy, so about half of the days were sunny, but there was no heavy rain)

I thought it would be best to choose a hotel near Yomitan Village, where there are many Okinawan potteries, but since I will be staying for three days, I don't want to compromise.

As I was researching this, I learned that there was a new hotel called La'gent Hotel Okinawa Chatan that was being built in the Chatan area near Yomitan Village, so I decided to go for it!

I drove for about an hour and checked in.

The hotel looked like this (photo taken from HP)

This is a casual hotel located near the shopping district called American Village.

That night, I visited an Okinawa soba restaurant called Hamaya.

When you come to Okinawa, you definitely want to eat Okinawa soba!
The meat was also very creamy and delicious.

Day 2 Yachimun purchasing starts

The next morning, I woke up a little early and went to the sea.

You will be impressed by the gentle waves and highly transparent sea.

Let's play Pacha Pacha (6:00AM)
And then we'll eat breakfast on an empty stomach.

Now, on this day, I traveled from place to place to meet with five artists.

Sanae Ozawa

At first, I went to a writer named Sanae Ozawa.

It was just before we moved, so I was very busy when I visited.

The work is a pop and colorful pottery like this.

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It's cute and energetic, isn't it?

soil seeds

Next, I will go to Mr. Soil Tane.

The exposed concrete building mixed with greenery looks really cool.
The place felt like an atelier.

Works in progress are lined up all over the building.

There are so many different works lined up, choose a few from them and place your order.

You can view Donotane's works from here.

Kotori Kobo

Next, I visited Kobo Kotori.

The workshop also doubles as a gallery, so it's very stylish.

Kotorino's work has a cute and crafty feel to it rather than Yachimun.

``I work with free ideas that are not bound by existing designs, and have fun creating them.''

It's wonderful!

You can view Kobo Kotori's works from here.

What did you have for lunch that day? I was so busy that I don't remember anything.

pottery komagata

After that, I went to potter Komagata's workshop.

Komagata's works are attractive with traditional materials (earth) and paintings.

But you may not have seen these overlapping dots very often.
I felt that Mr. Komagata, who was able to finish the work very neatly, must have a polite personality.

You can view the works of Ceramic Art Komagata from here.


The last place I visited that day was Seitosha.

Quote: mingei_keystone (instagram)

I was excited by this powerful painting.

This concludes the purchase for this day!

A little early dinner.
At the roadside station near the hotel, you can choose your favorite fish and have it cooked for you.
There, I ate a fish from Okinawa called bitaro that I had never seen or heard of before.

It looks like a Thai friend, and I had it sautéed with butter.

This was very delicious.

Day 3: Go shopping towards Yomitan village

The third day is sunny! On this day, I headed towards Yomitan village.

Toshin kiln

First, I visited Toshin Kiln.

It was a very large pottery, and many people worked there.

There is also a large climbing kiln, which is a sight to behold.

I also do molding and painting there, huh? Did you do this by hand? That's how much everyone finishes their work really neatly.

The works of Toshin Gama are attractive with Yachimun-like paintings and careful finishing, so I think those who are buying Yachimun for the first time can buy with confidence.

You can view Toshinka's works from here.

Nan pottery kiln

Next, we visited Nanto Kiln.

When you visit, you are in a gallery.
There were a lot of wonderful pottery lined up.

Before Mr. Kuba of Minami Pottery Kiln started this work, he had the atmosphere of THE potter, the kind of person you would imagine when you think of a potter.

From the window, there are no tall buildings and you can see all the way to the sea.

While we chatted about things like ``I made this as a wedding gift,'' I took photos of the work.

It was a hot and humid day, and I remember well that the tea I received was delicious.

You can view Nan Togama's works from here.

Clay workshop pottery yarn

After this, I visited Dokobo Toito.

We also had some colorful items.

Your style has a free feel to it, which is wonderful.

You can view the works of Dokobo Toito from here.

The last stop of the day was Nomo Pottery Manufacturing.

Nomo pottery factory

I had been interested in Nomo Pottery's work for a while, but I had never been able to meet it, so I finally went to see it.

I was shown the workshop and some of the pieces being baked, and then I placed my order.

All the works were wonderful, just as I expected.

You can view Nomo Pottery Seisakusho's works from here.

After passing through Naha, the streets of Okinawa have almost no tall buildings, and the scenery is truly pleasant.

Day 4: Heading north towards the Onna village area

On this day, we will head north from the Chatan area and enter the Onna Village area.


The first place we stopped on the way was Tsuchinohi.

A gentle Tsuchinohi couple living in a home surrounded by nature.
It was perfect for me to be able to make a pottery with such a rustic atmosphere.

Pitchers and lids are cute, aren't they?

After that, I stopped by mug-san's place.


There is a workshop inside the market! It's in a place like this! I was surprised with.

You can feel the femininity in Yachimun's unique design and painting.

I thought that depending on the creator, the painting could be bold and easy-going and masculine, or it could be delicate and feminine with a touch of cuteness.

By the way, the muffin pictured in the background. It was surprisingly delicious!

On this day, I checked into a new hotel.

I visited Hotel Mahaina Wellness Resort Okinawa, and the pool was most attractive.

Let's play in the pool again.

Now that I think about it! I drank root beer for the first time that day.

What a surprise! It's like drinking a compress! The moment I drank it, I screamed, "It's a compress!"

It's a specialty of Okinawa, and people who like it seem to be hooked.

I've gotten used to it, but I couldn't drink it all.

Day 5 Refresh at Kouri Island

The view in the morning is also great! Energy injection.

I had planned this day as a backup day, but it went well, so I went sightseeing and drove back to Naha.

Now I thought about what to do and decided to go to Kouri Island.

I went there because it was said to be one of the most scenic spots on the main island, and this is the view you can see from this bridge.

Quote: Okinawa Tourism Channel
Source: Okinawa Tourism Channel

It was my first time seeing the emerald green sea.

On this day too, we had a good time at the sea.
There's a thunderstorm forecast, so I'll wrap it up in about an hour.

Then, go to Naha and check in at the next hotel.
There are only a few days left for my trip to Okinawa.

Day 6: To the Nanjo area

Heading to the Nanjo area for the first time.

First, I visited Kobo Kubaya in Tsuboya, Naha.

Kobo Kubaya

The gallery is full of colorful and fun-looking pottery.

It seems that they also draw pictures, and there were many large artistic pictures.
I was wondering if I should buy one.

After leaving Kubaya-san, which was very cool and had a nice atmosphere, we headed to Deko-To Seisakusho.

From here you will enter the Nanjo area.

The sea also has a different look from other areas of Okinawa.
It feels like a foreign country (though Okinawa itself feels quite foreign)

Convex Convex Manufacturing

The works of Dekotsu Seisakusho are made of smooth porcelain and have cute paintings.

After that, I went to Tobo Minduma, also in the Nanjo area.

Tobo Minduma

There aren't many photos here, but I was able to see everything from items that can be used everyday to items that have an impact.

This blue ceramic plate is very impressive.

Day 7 - Hamburger at A&W on the last day

On the last day, just go back to the airport and go home.
So, finally, I didn't experience A&W! So I ate a hamburger at the airport.

By this time, I had become addicted to compress-flavored root beer, and my drink of course was root beer.

Okinawa for a week! That's what I thought, but I think I didn't have as much time as I expected when I went around buying things.

I'm thinking of going to Okinawa to buy (play) some other time!

You can see the works of artists who visited Okinawa and purchased them here, so please take a look if you would like.

Yachimun list page

Thank you for reading until the end.
I hope you can find good works!

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