11 Japanese tableware platters to incorporate into your daily life

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Japanese tableware is characterized by careful handwork. This time, we will introduce the ``large plate'', which is one of the most frequently used Japanese tableware.

We will introduce you to popular Japanese tableware such as Mino ware and Hasami ware, as well as original pottery created by artists, so please take a look.

What is the appeal of Japanese tableware platters?

A large Japanese tableware plate with a rustic texture that makes use of the clay material.

A platter can be used as a main plate on an everyday table, or as a table where everyone gathers, such as at a party.

Let's take a look at these wonderful platters that are Japanese tableware, yet go well with a variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese menus.

Recommended lineup of Japanese tableware platters

Mino ware gougeme series

The kazume series allows you to feel the handiwork technique, where each strand is carefully carved to create a pattern.

With a simple design that is easy to match with any menu, this platter is easy to use and will last a long time.

Gray platter with shavings

The simple Mino ware platter is approximately 23.8cm. It is a useful size as a main plate.

The nuanced color between white and gray seems to give an elegant impression to the table. It also has a distinctive uneven feel when held in the hand.

Navy is also available in different colors.

Mino ware chrysanthemum series

The chrysanthemum series has a simple design and is easy to use for a wide range of age groups.

It has a characteristic natural texture that resembles powder, and brings a gentle atmosphere to the table. It has the flexibility to match any dining table.

Chrysanthemum 8-inch plate white

An 8-inch plate of chrysanthemums that measures approximately 24.0 cm and is perfect for the main plate. The petal-like design will add an elegant touch to your table.

Porcelain is durable and easy to handle, so you can use it for everyday cooking without hesitation.

Chrysanthemum 8-inch plate black

Even with the same design chrysanthemum plate, black gives a much more chic impression. This is also a good size as a one-plate container, so it can be enjoyed even when creating a cafe meal atmosphere.

Of course, they can be stacked, so it's convenient to have several of them available when you have guests over. It would be nice to collect different colors.

Mino yaki powder drawing series

The powder-cutting series directly conveys the craftsman's handiwork.

The design is characterized by carving out a pattern one by one with a plane, giving it a natural warmth.

Each piece has a different expression depending on the degree of glaze, so you won't want to let go of it every time you use it.

White makeup shaving platter

The approximately 22.0 cm large plate has a moderate weight, so it is stable and can be used every day. The rustic iron points create a natural accent and give you a sense of warmth.

The muted color makes it look delicious and complements any food.

Minoyaki Giyaman Series

The Giyaman series uses a glossy glaze to create a calm, astringent pottery. ``Giyaman'' is a foreign word meaning glass, and was apparently used from the Edo period to the beginning of the Meiji period.

This series has a somewhat retro and nostalgic feel.

Giyaman oval platter lacquer (brown)

The platter is large enough to accommodate plenty of food, and will serve as the main plate and centerpiece of the table.

It has just the right amount of depth, so it's an excellent item that can be used with soupy menus such as boiled dishes. It is an original pottery that is retro yet modern.

There are different colors, so if you use your favorite colors together, it will brighten up your dining table.

Hasami Ware Bloom Series

Hakusan Pottery's Bloom series has a strong presence, featuring a bright lapis lazuli pattern on clean white porcelain.

Although it is traditional Hasami ware, it also has a texture similar to Scandinavian tableware.

Hakusan Pottery Bloom Wreath Plate L

The bowl is accented with a luxurious wreath-like pattern on the border, and will add an elegant touch to your everyday dishes.

The large size platter, measuring approximately 23.5cm, is perfect for a main plate. As shown in the photo, you can enjoy it as a lunch plate by placing a hamburger or sandwich on top.

Hasami ware rosemary series

Hasami ware from Nagasaki Prefecture is a tableware that is easy to use in everyday life and was created as a pottery for the common people during the Edo period about 400 years ago.

This rosemary series is characterized by an elegant design that is delicately decorated with rosemary, a lucky herb.

Rosemary 24cm plate amber

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A 24cm size plate that can be used as the centerpiece of a table. The rosemary pattern drawn on the edge changes its appearance depending on how much glaze it collects, making it a lovely piece.

Antique-like amber color adds retro warmth to the table.

There are many different colors, so you can enjoy color combinations.

Hasamiyaki fruits series

A series depicting vibrant fruits that will give a refreshing impression to your table.
The gentle, hand-made pottery makes you feel good just looking at it.
There are lemon, cherry, and strawberry designs, so even if you arrange them in different patterns, your table will look stylish.

Plate L Cherries

The plate with cherries painted on the rim is a generous size of approximately 24.5cm.

The design adds elegance to the table, and the base color is beige, which is close to white, making it flexible enough to match with any kind of food.

We also have lemon and strawberry plates, so if you get them together, the vitamin colors will cheer you up.

Furuya Pottery Raffle Plate

Koichi Furuya of Furuya Ceramics makes elegant pottery that complements any dish. The warm and rustic appearance of the utensils brings a peaceful atmosphere to your daily table.

The rust-glazed "ruffle plate" has a distinctive chic color.

A large plate that is perfect for a main course or one-plate meal. The rhythmic pattern on the rim adds an accent to the utensils that complement your dishes.

It has an antique appearance and brings a deep flavor to the table.

Ryoko Kasahara pattern rim plate

Yoshiko Kasahara is working hard to make pottery using Mashiko soil and Mashiko's traditional glaze. It features a design that incorporates modernity to match modern styles.

The carefully hand-carved rim accented with a flower pattern will add a touch of elegance to your table.

The rim plate is carefully made by hand and has an antique appearance, and is characterized by a gradated surface that ranges from green to gray.

It plays an active role in everything from everyday scenes to table scenes for entertaining guests on special occasions.

Yoshiko Hirasawa's 7-inch plate

Yoshiko Hirasawa makes pottery in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture. It is characterized by its simple yet appealing texture.

A 7-inch plate with a neat form. A versatile container that can be used for any occasion.

A pottery with a distinctive pale green color. Although it has a calm Japanese appearance, it is a plate that goes well with Western-style dishes.

With no rims or edges, the minimalist and refined design gives off a dignified and elegant atmosphere.

Table coordination using Japanese tableware platters

Chrysanthemum platter

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Korean-style seaweed rolls are served on Mino ware and chrysanthemum platters. It looks like it will be the center of the anniversary party scene.

White makeup shaving platter

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A one-plate breakfast made using Mino ware and powdered rice bowls. Create a table with a natural atmosphere by combining it with a mat made of natural materials.

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This is an idea of ​​using eggplant and pork pasta using powdered container. A natural flavored container enhances the usual dishes deliciously.

Rosemary amber

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Hasami ware, rosemary's amber plate, stir -fried eggplant, peppers and pork stamina miso. A retro color container can be used regardless of Japanese, Western and Chinese and menus.


We have a close -up of the platter that can be used every day in Japanese tableware, and introduced the recommended lineup.

The platter at the center of the table is easy to use for a single lunch from a table scene where everyone gathers, and it is a container that is close to everyday table scenes.

If you are worried about the platter of Japanese tableware, or if you want to see more Japanese dishes, please take a look.

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