10 Japanese tableware square plates that you want to incorporate into your daily life to accent your dining table

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The world is full of shapes, shapes, shapes. Utsuwa also come in various shapes.
Round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, octagonal, and other shapes may be available depending on your purpose and preference.

From among these, we would like to introduce square plates this time.

A basic, easy-to-use square plate that can be paired with any dish

Square plate, beige, pottery, Issui kiln, Yachimun

The lovely square plate with its plump, swollen daisies resembling small flowers is the work of Yachimun Issui Gama.

Itchin is a technique of decorating Okinawan white makeup (white clay slimy liquid) with a dropper after molding, and is characterized by a three-dimensional pattern.

With a soft unbleached base and a subdued brown border, it is beautiful and will complement any dish.

There is also a beautiful ``turquoise'', a bright blue color that is reminiscent of the sky and sea of ​​tropical Okinawa.

Square plate, flower pattern, pottery, Edme Pottery, Yachimun

Yachimun Edme Tobo's square plate is a fun piece with a casual floral pattern that pops. It looks like it will make flowers bloom on your dining table.

The pale green dots that float softly add a gentle touch. Since the designs are hand-painted, you can enjoy each one's unique expression.

Bronze Octagonal Plate S Ceramic Regina

Regina's octagonal plate combines metal-like chic and coolness.

Because it's black and won't stain anything, it will bring out the color of all the ingredients you serve. Of course, it also goes great with brass cutlery.

Square plate small dot ceramic Mami Furukawa

Mami Furukawa's square plate features a neatly arranged ecru pattern on a white background. Because it is a flat plate with no edges, it gives you more freedom and more fun.

There is also a more casual "check" pattern with a different pattern.

Hankikukano square plate pottery Aki Murata Mashiko ware

Aki Murata's square plate allows you to enjoy the gradation of color that resembles a watercolor or ink painting. The half chrysanthemum pattern is somewhat retro and gives you a nostalgic feeling.

A square plate that looks like a picture frame and allows you to display the food you serve as a piece of art.

Rectangular plate to enjoy side by side

Corner-cut long square plate, black ceramic, Akihiro Terada

The simple and sophisticated long rectangular plate with black background is the work of Akihiro Terada.

The rectangular square plate is a container where you can enjoy arranging ingredients in horizontal rows. It looks like it would be good to put some snacks on top.

Even crispy salt-grilled fish can add a modern and stylish look.

Square plate rectangular striped pottery Issui kiln Yachimun

Yachimun Issui Gama's square plate depicts dynamic stripes with bold brushstrokes. You can enjoy expressions such as ``fading'' and ``smudging'' in a single stroke.

This plate is truly an art, with its colorful use of colors that will spark the imagination of the viewer.

We also have "triangle" with different patterns.

Hasami ware ORIME herringbone long square plate white pottery

Refreshing white Hasami ware long square plate.

It has a pattern called herringbone that resembles a fish bone. Geometric patterns like herringbone, which repeat the same rhythm over and over again, are said to calm our inner lives. From the looks of it, he seems to be in good spirits.

Brown is also available in different colors.

Square plate with fascinating ultramarine and refreshing blue

Hand-painted blue flowers, 7-inch square plate, porcelain, Hasami ware

Although it is not at all extravagant, it is a square plate with a blue floral pattern that has the simple and gentle loveliness of a wild flower.

A piece of Hasami ware where each petal is carefully painted. It would be fun to put different dishes on the left and right sides, centering on blue flowers.

Shizuku no Mori Square Flat Plate Gunjo no Mori Pottery Komuro Shizuka

Leaves, drops, and polka dots. Komuro Shizuka's square flat plates have delicate patterns drawn with fine lines that make you want to admire each piece.

Each pattern seems to come together and play a story like a concerto on the plate.

Long square plate, Hanasarasa, porcelain, Hasami ware

A long rectangular Hasami-yaki plate with an arabesque pattern on the gourd that will remind you of the stylish Japanese spirit. A chintz pattern similar to the fabric of a yukata or kimono.

The gourd is said to be an auspicious pattern that means ``prosperity'' and ``harmony'' because the ivy grows and the fruit forms like bells. This auspicious gourd has an arabesque drawn inside it, making it a piece that seems to carry double good luck.


When it comes to plates, round plates and oval plates seem to be the standard, but square plates with their sharp "corners" give a different impression than round plates. It feeds our table.

The color and pattern of the utensils can completely change the look of the dining table, but so can the shape. It may be fun to try changing the delicate impression that changes depending on its shape, depending on your daily mood.

If you are interested in square plates of Japanese tableware or would like to see more square plates, please take a look here.

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