Atelier Kiuto's pottery encountered in a stylish town [Journey around pottery vol.7]

A travelogue by Uchiru editorial staff visiting pottery makers and artists across the country.
This time, we will be heading to Ebisu in Tokyo, a city that is known for its high taste.

”There is something playful in the simple design”

I visited Mr. Koide of the atelier Qiuto, which makes such vessels.
When I met Mr. Koide and actually saw and touched his works, I realized a lot of new charms.

Arrival at Hiroo Station

I arrived at Hiroo station just in the afternoon.
Atelier Kiuto is located halfway between Hiroo Station and Ebisu Station, and it takes less than 10 minutes to walk from either station, so I decided to walk from Hiroo Station on my way out.

As expected, this is a celebrity town lined with luxury residential areas. The sidewalks are wide and the streets are well-maintained with trees.
It feels good to walk.

There are some stylish shops along the way...

You'll find yourself tempted to take a detour to the fascinating shops, such as antique and miscellaneous goods stores.

Finally arrived at Atelier Kiuto

We arrived at Atelier Kiut, which is located in a quiet residential area.

The first floor is a sales office for works, and the second and third floors are an atelier with a potter's wheel and kiln.
The house was originally Koide's grandparents' house, but it has been renovated and is now being used.

Stylish containers are lined up at the sales office on the first floor.

All of them have an edge to their colors, shapes, and decorations, making them simple yet unique.
I couldn't help but think, ``It's wonderful! ” I exclaimed.

What's more, when you hold it, it feels strangely comfortable in your hand.

The reason for this will be revealed later in an interview with Koide.

This is Koide-san (real name Makiko Koide).
I immediately spoke to you.

Mr. Koide was introduced to pottery through the influence of his grandfather, who loved pottery.
At first, he started learning pottery as a hobby.

I started making pottery in earnest about 20 years ago.
We create pottery that blends into everyday life with a focus on ``ease of use'' and ``stunning appearance.''

However, when he first started making pottery, he did not have the current style.

When I was creating as a hobby, I mainly created one-of-a-kind figurines because I thought "creating is fun!"

That gradually changed as he practiced with his master, and changed to a style that ``prioritizes the needs of the user.''

The current style of making pottery that is easy to use on a daily basis and blends into everyday life has evolved.

It takes a long time to create a new work, and the process of prototyping → improvement → prototype → improvement is repeated many times, but the most difficult part is adjusting the size to get it just right. .

Mr. Koide is a family of three, including her husband, an architect, and her son.

When they make a prototype, they put the prototype container out on the dining table to see how it actually feels.
At that time, her husband gave her some accurate advice.

The test will only pass if the two points of "ease of use" and "does the food look delicious" are both compatible. I felt that this is how containers that fit in your hand were created.

We were also shown a memo pad with ideas and details of the work written on it.

Since I have a lot to write in, I thought it would be a large sketchbook, but it's a smaller notebook that fits easily in my hand.
I can definitely take it out and write it down when I have an idea, and I can also look back on it right away.

What do you enjoy most about making pottery? When I asked her, ``When I was making the pattern for the plate,'' she replied.

Mr. Koide showed us how he was actually digging the patterns, and in no time at all, the beautiful patterns were created in the hands of Mr. Koide.

Mr. Koide is expanding his range of challenges in addition to the vessels he already makes.

Recently, flower pots and other items have been made for flower shops.
In the future, I would like to make it available for purchase by the general public at the atelier.

Also, it seems that what he would like to try from now on is clay pots.
I'm really looking forward to both.

What are the tips for creating wonderful works? When I asked him, ``I want to lead a proper daily life,'' was the answer I received.

Because it is a tool that we use in our daily lives, we need to take care of it ourselves.
I kind of agree with you.

By the way, my hobbies are surfing, hot springs, and eating.
I also like watching movies and art works.

I feel that Mr. Koide's warm personality is reflected in his wonderful works.

Introducing the inside of the atelier

After listening to his talk, I was given a tour of his atelier.

What kind of machine is this? ? When I thought about it, I was told that this is a machine that stretches the soil.

This is the potter's wheel.
There are large windows nearby, so it's bright and comfortable, so you can work comfortably.

The tools used to make patterns on plates and cups were also nearby.

This is a list of colors that can be expressed with glaze.
The color changes depending on the ingredients added, so it seems that a lot of trial and error has been done.

I was captivated by the many wonderful color variations.
Mr. Koide says that glazes are an area he would like to learn more about.

This is the kiln for firing the work.
I was surprised to find such a large kiln with a potter's wheel in the middle of Ebisu.

In fact, in addition to making his own works, Mr. Koide also holds pottery classes in his atelier.
I thought it would be difficult to balance both making my own work and taking a pottery class, but I heard that the pottery class has been very stimulating for me.

Because of the location of Ebisu, some of our students come from a variety of backgrounds, including designers and kimono shops.
Mr. Koide himself seems to be very inspired by the conversations in the classroom.

I felt that the environment was unique to the atelier in Ebisu.

Go to "440 Broadway Taco Shop" to eat tacos

On the way back, I decided to return from Ebisu Station.
I asked Mr. Koide about a recommended taco shop, so I'm going to head there

While walking, I found a bakery cafe.
Mr. Koide also seems to use it occasionally.

There was also a very fashionable flower shop.

As I passed by, thinking how wonderful it would be to match it with the flowerpots made by Mr. Koide, I saw wildflowers lined up that you wouldn't see at a normal flower shop.

I think people will be happy if I give them such stylish flowers.
If I lived nearby, I would definitely become a regular.

After walking for about 10 minutes, I arrived at 440 Broadway Taco Shop.

When you enter the store, you'll be excited by the atmosphere, which feels like an authentic Mexican experience.
The time is already close to 3pm.
I was the only one in the store, which felt like I was overseas.

Tacos with lots of toppings were brought to me when I was hungry.

By the way, what I ordered this time was the most standard type of taco.

The taste is guaranteed by Mr. Koide! The spicy taco meat matches the mellow cheese and sourness of the tomato for a very authentic dish!

I ended up snacking on it in no time.
It was very authentic and delicious.

Wandering around Ebisu in search of dessert

Now that I'm full, I head for Ebisu Station while looking for dessert and taking another walk.

There was also a stylish select shop with clothes for men.

I feel that it is typical of Ebisu that these high-class shops are integrated into the town.

I visited "Mamezono", a Kintsuba specialty store that I was looking for. There are more than 10 delicious-looking kintsuba in the show window.

When you think of kintsuba, you think of azuki beans, but there are also unusual flavors such as chocolate and strawberry flavors!
You'll want to conquer all types.

Usually, you can eat it with tea in the eat-in space inside the store, but unfortunately, due to the new coronavirus infection prevention measures, you can only take it home.

I chose sweet potato flavor.

End at Ebisu Shrine

Finally, I stopped by Ebisu Shrine.

It is said to be beneficial for family safety, good health, and abundant harvest.

Ebisu Shrine is close to the station, but the surrounding area is strangely quiet and surrounded by nature, giving it the feel of a bit of an oasis in the city.

I left Ebisu with gratitude for a fulfilling trip and prayers for good health.

Enjoyment after returning home

I had the kintsuba I bought at Mamezono with my coffee.

The Kintsuba was elegantly sweet and full of the hearty goodness of sweet potatoes.

Today we started at Mr. Koide's wonderful atelier and enjoyed the city of Hiroo-Ebisu to the fullest.

I was excited just looking at Mr. Koide's pottery, which has a playful yet simple design.

After that, the town of Ebisu had so many wonderful shops that I cannot introduce them in this article.
It was a fulfilling day full of taste both in the pottery and in the city.

You can view Koide's utensils introduced this time here.

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May you enjoy your daily meals with your favorite utensils.