22 popular Japanese instagrammers about daily life and vessels

Hello, this is Taki from UTSUWABI.

Recently, many of you may be spending more time at home and thinking about slowing down and living a more personal life. Some of you may be thinking about collecting new vessels.

In this article, we would like to introduce some insuragrammers who we would like to refer to for our home time.

If you are a vessels lover, you may want to imitate their lifestyle and cooking style, which will make you feel relaxed just by looking at them.

We will introduce simple living, a particular dining table, enjoying time at home like in a cafe, and more, according to the theme.

Living a simple, personal life with vessels

Here are some Instagrammers whose simple vessels and lifestyles can be seen. These are people who decorate their dining tables in an unadorned but wonderful way.



I admire @kutonel's simple and natural furniture and plants. The gentle sunlight gently envelops her life.

In the dining table, simple and warm dishes are shown. Many of her favorite dishes seem to appear on the site, and we would like to refer to the way she combines dishes and tableware.



@brooch.m's Instagram shows a lot of natural materials.

The contrast between the white-based home and the natural accessories is very nice.

The dining table has a good balance of natural materials and tableware, and also gives a sense of unity. I would like to refer to this warm and comfortable lifestyle.



@su_a_sa_'s Instagram gives the impression of a calm and relaxed lifestyle, as if a weight has been lifted off one's shoulders. The combination of wooden and white ceramic vessels with baked goods is wonderful.

The chic and antique accessories that create a chic and quiet atmosphere at the dining table also draw my attention. Looking at them made me want to create a space where I can spend my time carefully.



The life and vessels of @mamorai86 are impressive as if they are overflowing with kindness just by looking at them.

The warmth of Japanese and Scandinavian tableware lined up in a camp or outside in full of nature is also soothing. While being captivated by her posts of the expansive scenery, you will want to take a peek at this Instagrammer for reference for your picnics at home.



The table is full of food on the round chabutai.

The colorful ingredients on the bowls are so rich and colorful that you can almost hear the laughter of the family. It feels as if you can hear the happy laughter of the family.

The use of bean plates and small plates to carefully arrange each side dish and the way they are made to accompany the food is also a wonderful point of reference. I feel that a life with utsuwa provides an opportunity for the whole family to talk and enjoy the meal together.



@emiyuto's dining table has an impressive white color scheme. The balance with the natural accessories and home is also outstanding, and makes us want to try to incorporate similar items.

The beautiful vessels used for different dishes, such as compote for homemade cakes and wooden vessels for Japanese sweets, are all things that we would like to refer to. The flowers on the table and in the background are also beautiful and remind us of the four seasons, so looking at the photos makes us want to cherish the seasons and the time we spend each day.



@misat_s's Instagram is a great way to see a natural home and time with coffee and tea. Just looking at the warm table, you can almost smell the baking aroma of coffee and bread.

The photos convey a comfortable space that is filled with kindness, and just by looking at them, you can feel a sense of warmth and peace of mind.



@4ho1105's Instagram is impressive with its warm sunlight, natural home, and tableware.

The tableware on the table is made of wood, ceramics, glass, and many other types, but it is all very simple and beautiful. The way she uses seasonal flowers, which are subtle but have a strong presence, is also something we want to copy.

Be particular about what you eat every day along with your vessels.

We would like to introduce you to some Instagrammers whose colorful dishes as well as their choice of utsuwa are very appealing. We would like to refer to these people not only for how to match Utsuwa, but also when thinking about your daily menu.



The colorful dishes lined up on @snow_bell95's Instagram. The dining table that cheers you up just by looking at it makes you want to take a look at not only the dishes but also the dishes and their arrangement.

The fact that she uses different plates every day depending on the menu, and the way her dishes are vividly presented no matter what plate she uses, are both amazing.



The warmth of Japanese food is impressive @tofuko0611. All of the Japanese one-plate dishes are colorful and have a large number of items, and looking at them makes me hungry for a breakfast like this.

The way she matches bean plates and small bowls and incorporates small accessories such as chopstick rests is also wonderful, and every time I see such items, I want to incorporate them into my own dining table.



Food coordinator @kokoronotane's dining table is based on the concept of relaxing meals and careful living. The dishes are colorful and lovely.

The way she arranges the dishes, including the bean plates on which the Japanese-style rice is served, the moon and flower petals, etc., is also ingenious, reminding us how much fun a dining table can be with the way the dishes are arranged.



The bright and vibrant ingredients on @pinos_kitchen's dining table are so nourishing in their appearance.

The table is based on natural colors, with floral patterns, dots, and animals, so I take a closer look at it as a reference for incorporating patterns and cute vessels into a natural look.



@ururun_u.u's Instagram, with its impressive deep-colored vessels, is also lined with colorful dishes.

I find it especially helpful when I am struggling with how to incorporate dark-colored dishes, thinking that they might be too cool. The way you arranged the one-plate meal and the use of bean plates are so well balanced that I am tempted to make another dish.



Lined up on @aya_aya1128's Instagram are bento boxes and daily meals. Looking at her colorful bento boxes, which are sure to cheer you up, and her rice arranged in a way that links them together, you will realize that you are eating the same food even if you are eating in different places.

Since many simple yet presentable vessels are used, even those who are just starting to enjoy vessels will find it easy to adopt and find a coordinating style that will be helpful.



The theme of @okosotonoho's Instagram is “Magowa Yasashi,” which is an acronym for “body-friendly” ingredients. The theme of her menu is “Magowa Yasai,” which is an acronym for “healthy ingredients.

She mainly uses wooden bowls and accessories, such as soup bowls made of bamboo. The elegant dining table has many points of reference. Japanese food is elegantly packed in a bento box made by “Kochosai Kosuga,” a long-established bamboo craft manufacturer, which makes you feel full just by looking at it.



@azuredish's Instagram is filled with a variety of dishes. In her posts, she describes her colorful menu in detail, making it easy to visualize how to make the dishes and what they taste like, and making you want to try making them yourself.

Lined up on wooden trays are mainly tea bowls and round soup bowls, as well as small bowls and bean plates on which side dishes are served. A dining table with many dishes tends to just spread out, but I am always amazed at the difference in height and the coloring of the dishes.



The Instagram of @mikan0325 shows a cheerful table with dishes lined up on trays and one-plate meals for several people.

The dining table centered around Japanese tableware gives a warm and cozy impression. There are many combinations of bread and Western food with Japanese tableware, and you can even see menus for children, so the coordination of Japanese tableware that you want to incorporate into your daily dining table is especially helpful.



A warm dining table is lined up on @meguhanasora's Instagram. Especially, there are many photos of her dinner, and her hearty menu makes us drool just looking at it.

The balance of her choice of dishes is exquisite, with octogonal plates and Mina Perhonen plates paired with a hearty menu, or painted plates paired with dishes with simple colors, expanding the range of ways to enjoy her dishes, wondering if such combinations are possible.

Let's feel like you are in a cafe at home!

We would like to introduce you to some Instagrammers who have impressive dining tables for a moment of relaxation. We would like to imitate the way they create a relaxing time as if you were in a café.



The Instagram of @necozalenky_life has a chic and mature atmosphere. The neat, deep-colored photos give the impression of an established worldview, which is why the dishes and ingredients are elegantly highlighted.

Many combinations of warm, natural accessories and inorganic silver cutlery and glassware also appear, and the balance between the Japanese tableware-centered dishes and the Instagram worldview is unintentionally enchanting.



On @asu_chin's Instagram, she posts sweets from her café-like home pastry time and from the store. The crisp black and white photos show off the browned and glossy sweets.

Even in the simple coordination, the use of antique vessels and natural accessories give a sense of warmth.



@ke_kotiin's Instagram is impressive with its gentle natural light and clean home. The menu is simple and well put together, which makes the tableware and ingredients stand out.

The dining table, which changes expression depending on the post, is filled with many points of reference for minimalist living and living alone.



Life with coffee and tea is the main focus of @mina.wt's Instagram posts. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and freshly baked bread can be felt from the photos.

The use of white dishes, glass pots, and natural accessories gives the impression of a stylish yet warm dining table that makes you feel relaxed. The combination of Western sweets and Japanese tea, or Japanese sweets and coffee, is also a sight to behold.


In this issue, we have introduced some Instagrammers whose lives and cooking are wonderful and whom you should follow if you love vessels.

Now that we spend more and more time at home, we would be happy if you could experience the charm of vessels as a trigger to make your time at home a little more enjoyable.
We also hope that you will find your own unique way of living and cooking through our vessels.

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