It will be held in 2019 as well! Introducing how to enjoy Kansai's leading craft fair, "Gathering of Lanterns," as well as information on the surrounding area.

Hello! My name is Takezawa, and I am the owner of Uchiru, a shop that sells pottery made by artists.

"Gathering with Lanterns" is a craft fair that started in 2009 and will be celebrating its 11th time in 2019.
This pottery market is so popular that craft fans gather not only from the Kansai area but also from all over the country.

Source: Official website of the Gathering of Lights

At the "Gathering with the Lanterns," you can experience high-quality handicrafts.
At the 2018 "Gathering with Lanterns," approximately 100 teams were selected from 545 applications, which was a high rate.

Crafts of various genres such as carefully selected ceramics, glass, woodwork, metal, dyed and woven fabrics are lined up.
There are also restaurants that are particular about the ingredients and taste, so you can enjoy the food as well.

Overview of the Gathering of Lanterns

Source: Official website of the Gathering of Lights

■Date and time Saturday, November 9, 2019 - Sunday, November 10, 2019 10:00-16:00
*Cancelled in case of rain or stormy weather
■ Location Daisen Park Large Lawn Square (Nakamozu Yugumocho, Sakai Ward, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture)
■ Admission Free
■ Home Page

What is “Gathering of Lanterns”

Source: Official website of the Gathering of Lights

We live in an era where things are produced in large quantities by machines.
Even in such an era, there are people who make a living by doing handicrafts and lighting the light of small "thoughts" in people's lives. A gathering of such people is a ``Gathering of Toshibito.''
By coming into contact with carefully crafted items at the ``Gathering with the Lanterns'', your sense of value towards things will change, and your life will become a little richer.
Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, where the venue is located, is a city with deep greenery and a tea ceremony that historically fostered Japanese crafts.
This is a craft fair where you can experience carefully made crafts and food in a park rich in nature.

Quote: Lightshibito Gathering Official Website

“Gathering of the lanterns”

A 5-minute walk from Mozu Station is Daisen Park, the venue for the "Gathering of Lanterns."
When I got off the station around 10am, there were already a lot of people there. I walk to the venue.
There is an ancient tomb next to the park, and it is a place full of greenery.

Quote: Sakai City Homepage

When you arrive at the venue, there is a large sign at the entrance that says "Gathering of Lanterns"

Quote: __gt3__(instagram)

When you see the blue sky and the sight of many tents pitched, your mood will instantly improve!

There were a lot of people even when I went to the venue at 10 o'clock, so
If you're interested in an author or a restaurant, I recommend going early.

Official goods for "A Gathering of Lights" are on sale right after entering the entrance.

Source: Official website of the Gathering of Lights

The tenugui made by Nakani, who is known for Nijiyura, was very cute.
In addition to tenugui, original pon badges were also on sale.

About 100 sets of crafts will be lined up at the venue.
All of the works were so wonderful that I ended up walking around the venue several times.

Quote: momokan62(instagram)

Many glass works have beautiful forms, and just looking at them makes me feel happy.

Quote: nao.006(instagram)

The works are full of the artist's individuality and are worth seeing.

Quote: nao.006 (instagram)

In addition to pottery, various crafts such as plants and miscellaneous accessories are sold.

There are also restaurants that are particular about the ingredients and taste, so eating is one of the things you can look forward to.

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We will introduce some particularly recommended writers and restaurants.

Recommended authors for gatherings with the lamplighters


Motoharu Sano

Citation: toharu (instagram)

A writer active in Kyoto.

Quote: toharu (instagram)

The gentle colors and form are attractive.
It goes well with any meal and is a great addition to our daily lives.

Tetsuya Otani

Quote: otntty (instagram)

An artist who mainly creates white porcelain vessels and white clay pots.

Quote: otntty (instagram)

Although it is a simple pottery, the rounded shape and warm white color make this piece a work of art.

Shunichiro Yanase

Artists who are also available at Uchiru.
Slipwear with a cute pattern that catches the eye.

Quote: sakigama_sy(instagram)

The warm color is also attractive and goes well with any kind of cuisine.

Takayoshi Hirasawa

Quote: hirasawatakayoshi (instagram)

These are plates that will make your food look more delicious.
Mr. Hirasawa seems to value balance and practicality when creating his works.

Quote: hirasawatakayoshi (instagram)

A gentle tableware that can enhance the food without distracting from it.

Risa Okubo

Quote: okuborisa (instagram)

An artist who not only makes pottery but also accessories.
This is a sophisticated container with a mature color.

Quote: okuborisa (instagram)

The accessories are also simple but full of originality.


Makoto Kakizaki

Quote: kakizakiglass (instagram)

A simple and warm glass container.

Quote: kakizakiglass (instagram)

Put fruits and vegetables on top, or decorate with flowers and plants.
You can enjoy various ways to use it.

Sayaka Kanazu

Artists who are also available at Uchiru.

Quote: sayaka_k_51 (instagram)

This is an attractive container with a beautiful and delicate pattern.
You can see that each piece is carefully made.


Manabu Katada

Quote: torowanokatada (instagram)

A warm wooden container.

Quote: torowanokatada(instagram)

Because the depth and roundness are carved one by one,
You can feel the unique texture of handmade items, which is different from those that are mass-produced by machines.

Mitsuru Maeda

Artists who are also available at Uchiru.
They make not only pottery but also furniture, which is very nice.

Quote: maedamitsuru (instagram)

It's a simple and not overpowering pottery that you'll want to use forever.

【Woven bag】


Citation: matka_38 (instagram)

A woven bag made from fibers made from the stems of the choma plant.
The color, texture, and shape are all very fashionable.

Quote: matka_38(instagram)

In addition to bags, we also have accessories.
It's simple and elegant, so you can wear it stylishly no matter how old you are.

Recommended restaurants

Next, we will introduce some recommended restaurants.

Time will pass quickly if you look at it carefully, so we recommend taking a break in the park while eating delicious food.

Forest ohagi

Quote: morinoohagi (instagram)

Ohagi shop with shops in Toyonaka and Kitashinchi, Osaka.
It was a very popular shop, with lines forming even during the Tohito Gathering, and it was sold out by mid-morning.

Quote: morinoohagi(instagram)

A deeply delicious ohagi that brings out the flavor of the ingredients.

Seven grain bakery

Quote: 759bakery (instagram)

A stylish bakery cafe located in Neyagawa City, Osaka Prefecture.
We participate in various events across the country and are gaining popularity at each event.

Quote: 759bakery (instagram)

The bakery is so popular that there is always a line even when gathering with Toshibito.
``Soy milk donuts'' with a gentle taste are the most popular.


Citation: Official website of the Gathering of Lights

A cafe restaurant located in the forest of Mt. Ikoma, Nara.

Quote: maho_roba (instagram)

You can eat brightly colored bento boxes containing a variety of ingredients.
A healthy meal made with pesticide-free vegetables.

Seasons and winds

Quote: mametsubaki_inari (instagram)

An inari specialty store located in Minoh, Osaka.

Quote: mametsubaki_inari (instagram)

You can enjoy delicious and mildly sweet Oinarisan made with seasonal ingredients.


Source: Official website of the Gathering of Lights

Venue: Daisen Park event square

5 minutes walk from Mozu Station on the JR Hanwa Line.
*There is no parking lot for visitors, so please come by public transportation.


The "Gathering of Lanterns" is held every November.
During the pleasant season, you can experience wonderful crafts in a park rich in nature.

Popular artists and restaurants sell out quickly, so be sure to check the official website and Instagram in advance to find people and restaurants you're interested in.

We recommend going out early in the morning, eating lunch at the park, and spending a day exploring the area.
It will be held again this year, so if you are interested, please go and check it out.

For those who can't go to events because they have children, or those who went but couldn't find the pottery they wanted!

Our store is based on the concept of ``Enjoy the pottery fair while staying at home.'' We have selected ``This person!'' from pottery fairs and craft fairs all over the country. We handle and sell works by artists who think,

Some of the artists introduced this time are available at Uchiru.
If you think it's difficult to actually go and buy something, please check it out.

Please take a look if you like.

Uchill, a pottery market that you can enjoy at home

(Uchiru shop owner Takezawa)