Experience report I went to [Tokyo Flea Market 2019 Spring] and found out about the venue and booths that are like a treasure hunt!

Hello, this is Tsuchiya from the Uchiru Editorial Department.

The ``Tokyo Flea Market'' sponsored by Lettersha, which is held twice a year, was held again this year.
We will report on the first day of the Tokyo Flea Market held in May 2019, when the venue was changed to Oi Racecourse.

Please check the article below for an overview and summary.

Citation: Tokyo Flea Market Official Website

Doors open at 11am. However, I headed there just after 3pm.

We had planned to arrive a little earlier, but when we followed the venue on Twitter, we learned that it took about an hour to get in due to the large number of people visiting. Since I don't like crowds, I decided to head there to avoid the hottest part of the day at 2pm.

When we arrived at the venue around 3pm, there was a line of about 20 people waiting at the Oi Racecourse entrance. From there, it took about 12 minutes to line up and get in. I had heard that it took an hour to get in right after the doors opened at 11am, but I think it went relatively smoothly since they moved the time.

After entering, you will immediately see a flower shop and the Tokyo Nordic City area. It wasn't so crowded that I couldn't proceed, but it did feel a little crowded because people entering and exiting were all gathered together.

Still, you can take a closer look at the products inside the store's booth.

L-WING has old books and snacks

As you pass through the Tokyo Nordic City area, you will see a building called L-WING on your left. This includes used book shops and Tokyo Oyatsu Street.

Since it was indoors, the atmosphere was a little calmer, so you could relax and choose a book or enjoy letterpress printing.

The sweets on Tokyo Oyatsu Street are often sold out. Some people at the store said they were sold out as soon as the afternoon arrived, so I thought it would be better to go there a little earlier if that's what you're looking for.

Bathing in the wind, sun, and music

As you exit through L-WING and go outside, you will find a line of shops selling vintage clothes, miscellaneous goods, and second-hand tools.

The aisles were wide and I didn't feel crowded. Of course, there are a lot of people at popular stores, but you can pick up the products and compare them while you buy. It's an atmosphere where you can enjoy shopping by casually looking at what you want to see and thinking, ``Let's check out that store.''

There are also retro toys that will make you say nostalgic.

Many people pick up and look at each cup, each with a different nuance, wondering which one to choose.

In addition to old utensils, there were also many new pottery items for sale.

The stage is a big tree

The stage where the live performance will be held is under a large tree. The leaf that grows in the shape of a mushroom is a landmark. It was impressive that the artists were not performing on a high stage, but that the audience was at the same eye level.

The music played from here spreads throughout the venue, so it was very comfortable to be able to enjoy live music while shopping.

I thought it was wonderful to see so many people swaying their bodies to the music while shopping.

Food area often sold out in the evening

When I visited the food area around 5pm, many items were sold out.

Many shops in the World Tea Room area were already sold out, and there were many people lining up at the shops that were selling items. I got the impression that many people were looking for drinks to prevent heatstroke.

Beer was available for purchase relatively quickly.

If you want to take a break after eating the food you bought or sitting and looking at what you bought, the grass next to stand No. 4, which is the area where you usually watch the racehorses, seems to be a good place. There were many people relaxing on the leisure sheets.

Indoor again, stand No. 4

Indoor stand No. 4 has flowers, Tokyo tenugui market, Tokyo bean plate and chopstick rest market, backpack bazaar, and lamp market.

In some cases, there were no towels, bean plates, or chopstick rests on the shelves. If you're looking for small plates or chopstick rests, it's best to go in the morning.

There is an atmosphere of people looking for a purchase that satisfies them, such as comparing many small plates and spreading out tenugui towels.

The Rucksack Bazaar and Lamp Market areas are located at the back of Stand No. 4. I got the impression that there were many people in this area who carefully examined the items before purchasing.

Toilet locations you should know before you want to go

The restrooms are behind L-WING and the kids stage, and inside stand No. 4.

The L-WING toilet closest to the entrance was the women's toilet with about 50 people lined up. With this, there is a risk that if you wait until you want to go to the toilet, you won't be able to make it in time, so I felt it would be better to head to the toilet early.

On the other hand, there were no people lined up for the toilet at the back of stand No. 4. It seems that the men's restroom is reserved for women during events, but if you don't mind that, there is a good chance that you can skip the line by heading to the farthest restroom.

Things I learned by going that I should prepare for

After actually going to the Tokyo flea market, there are some things I would like to keep in mind the next time I go.

First of all, take measures against the heat. From the morning of the first day (approximately 1 hour before the doors open) to around 2:00 pm, it can get very crowded and you may have to wait, so on sunny days it's a good idea to take precautions against the heat, such as a hat and a towel to wipe your sweat. I thought. If you are concerned, don't forget to take sun protection.

The vending machines at the venue are not in operation, so you will have to wait in line to purchase drinks. It is safer to prepare water before arriving at the venue.

And prepare cash. Many stores do not accept credit cards. Additionally, there were some stores that charged a small amount due to consumption tax, etc., so I felt that if I went to the store with plenty of 1,000 yen bills and some coins, I could easily pay the bill.

The shop right after entering

The map you receive when entering is difficult to open immediately after entering due to congestion. If there's a particular store you're looking for, I felt it would be a smart idea to go to the store after preparing on the venue map that will be uploaded to the official website about 10 days before the event.

Personally, it was fun to be excited by the items I came across by chance without any preparation.

Although it was sold out, it was a good idea to go in the afternoon

Since we arrived after 3pm, many items were sold out, but I'm glad we went in the afternoon when we could enjoy shopping without getting caught up in the huge crowds.

The overall atmosphere was relaxing, so I was able to look at the dishes and think carefully about what kind of food I should put on this.

The venue at dusk was comfortable with the lingering heat of the afternoon sun and a slightly cool breeze.

On the second day, the doors opened 30 minutes earlier, at 10:30. It seems that the temperature did not rise as much as on the first day, but I heard that it was just as crowded.

Whether you go early or in the afternoon, I feel that the key to enjoying the Tokyo flea market is to leave yourself at ease.

In the end, I enjoyed myself to the fullest until the end of the day at around 7pm, and headed back home.


In addition to pottery, the Tokyo Flea Market brings together all sorts of other attractive items, such as old tools, miscellaneous goods, delicious food, vintage clothes, and buttons. The relaxed atmosphere was very nice, with many people enjoying shopping to their heart's content.

The Tokyo Flea Market is an event where you can find many wonderful items, but some people may have decided not to participate because it is crowded, their children are small, or they are far away.

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Whether you attended the Tokyo Flea Market or were unable to attend this time, please take a look.

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