[2022 Utensils I'm glad I bought] Uchiru staff's best buy

2022 is only a few days away.
In this article, our store staff who loves pottery will introduce the products that we are glad we bought this year.

The staff at Uchiru love pottery.
When you work surrounded by a lot of pottery, you find yourself wanting more and more of them.

It's like being curious about the clothes recommended by a stylish friend...

"There are many products out there, but which one is the best to use?"

Are you also curious about the favorites of pottery lovers?

So, out of all the products I bought and thought, "This is it!", I asked them about the recommended pottery that I found to be even better after using it!

Please use this as a reference when shopping.

Hachi kai Konparu Koji Aoki

Durable enough to be used safely for children

I've always been interested in Aoki's pots because of their bright colors and exquisite forms.

We took the plunge and prepared a kai for children and a slightly larger pao for adults.

I thought it might be too early for children because of its delicate appearance, but it's surprisingly ok!

It's light enough to fit in small hands, and has a matte texture that won't slip, so you can carry your food with confidence.

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The good thing about this product is that it won't stain even darkly colored dishes such as curry or meat sauce.

If you wipe it off, the dirt will come off easily.


Not only did the children like the beautiful colors, but the dishes looked great, which increased the motivation of the cooks, so there are many good things about these utensils.

You can view Aoki's pottery here.
Koji Aoki list page

Oval rim plate Shunichiro Yanase

It's convenient to be able to use the dishwasher

Before working at Uchiru, the artist's utensils were delicate and could not be placed in the dishwasher or microwave! I had a strong image of him, so I thought it would be difficult to get involved.

All you have to do is wash your hands, but there is a difference in the frequency of use between usable and non-usable items!

I decided to purchase Yanase's pottery not only because I fell in love with its lovely design, but also because it was durable enough to be dishwasher safe.

In actual use, it can be used as a main dish for one person, or as a side dish for two people, making it a staple on the dining table.

I like the fact that it fits my lifestyle of using a dishwasher.

You can see Mr. Yanase's pottery here.
Shunichiro Yanase list page

Rice pot 3 cups Kamoka Dogu Shop

0% failure rate, 100 times more delicious with less effort

Until I tried using it, I had the impression that it would be "very difficult", but as long as you pay attention to the amount of water and the time to heat it, it's easy and delicious to make in less than an hour.


``If it tastes this good, I don't mind going through the trouble of using a gas stove!''
I used it almost every day, and before I knew it, I hardly ever used the rice cooker anymore.

Not only is the rice delicious, but I also love how cute it looks and makes you want to put it on your dining table.

Grill plate half Banko ware

Not only is it easy to use, but it also looks cute

“You can just grill vegetables with this and it will be delicious!”

I bought it because the staff member who bought the grill plate recommended it to me, and I had been interested in it for a while.

As recommended, the far infrared power of Banko ware makes the ingredients plump and juicy.


It's great to be able to enjoy the immersive feeling of freshly made food as it can be served immediately as a plate.

Of course it is easy to use, but the main point is that the plump handle and rounded shape are just so cute.

If you are interested in Uchiru staff's best buy...

This time, we introduced Uchiru staff's best buys for 2022.

Are there any products you are interested in or items you already own?

I would be happy if you could use it as a reference for your shopping.

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In addition to the ones introduced here, Uchiru has many other types of utensils!
Please find your favorite.

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