[Experience Report] I went to ARTS&CRAFT Shizuoka Handicraft Market!

I went to ARTS&CRAFT SHIZUOKA Shizuoka Handicraft Market . I would like to share with you my travelogue. Shizuoka Handicraft Fair is a craft fair held twice a year in April and October at Shizuoka Prefecture Gokoku Shrine. As I had heard, it was a very nice venue surrounded by greenery!
This is a corner where you can check out Shizuoka Prefecture map as well as event and store information.
The warmly patterned stones give it a nice flavor.
I was so happy to be able to talk with artists from the Tokai, Hokuriku, and Kinki regions, who I don't often get to meet at the handicraft market in Zoshigaya, Tokyo! The atmosphere was a bit similar to the Matsumoto craft fair venue, giving the impression that you could relax and watch without feeling pressured.
We talked about various things and took pictures. I would like to introduce just a few of them. Yuki Tanaka (Aichi, metalworker)
It was a very nice space with brass accessories and old tools.
Moss Colored Studio Ryoma Tanaka (Tokyo, ceramics)
I fell in love with the eye-catching pattern. It seems that the entire base material is first coated with glaze and then shaved to create this wonderful pattern.
Koichi Furuya (Shiga Ceramics) I am a writer from Shigaraki. I saw Utsuwa in another place before, He was a very interesting writer. I'm glad I was able to talk to you this time.
And luckily this time, We also handle it at Uchiru. Mie Maeda and Toshiyuki Haramura (2020 Ceramic Works) was also exhibiting, It was fun to talk to both of you after a long time~♪
I also got to see a lot of Haramura-san's new works. I hope to introduce you to Uchiru in the future! I'm looking forward to it.
From now on, I would like to share my favorite things I encountered at the handicraft market, and the theme of food, which has become a regular part of my travel diary. Let's start with "Favorites". Hiroyuki Ozaki (Gifu, woodworking), Akiko Miura (Gifu, ceramics)
Sugar pot is a collaborative work between the two. The chubby shape is irresistible. An earthen vessel with a glaze made from straw ash that gives you a real sense of warmth. Mr. Ozaki's wooden lid and spoon fit perfectly with Mr. Miura's bowl. We welcome you to our home and make you feel at home. Look at it and stroke it. Open the lid and take a look. It might be a bit of a suspicious sight lol This square plate is also attractive!
Finished with natural beeswax and linseed oil, Mr. Ozaki's wooden items allow you to enjoy the texture and texture of wood.
The two of them create warm things in and with nature. I'm really looking forward to their future activities! And chopstick rests by glass artist Kazuteru Moriya. When Hikari points at it, it sparkles and is beautiful.
I also took a look at Moriya-san's website. The person himself said something like, ``Take a quick look.'' I was speaking humbly and lightly. The iced coffee and Mr. Moritani's glasses are very appealing. Mr. Moritani is planning to exhibit at Craft Fair Matsumoto. This season has arrived again this year. The survival of this historic craft fair was in doubt due to issues such as nuisance parking, but I'm glad it was held again this year! Everyone, please go out by public transportation. I think it's fun to see the scenery that you can't see by car. From here, I will deliver my "Shizuoka Gohan" diary. Kappa Dokiya is located near Shin-Shizuoka Station. The naming is great.
Bowl of rice topped with sashimi!
Bowl of rice and fried fish!
The various utensils were also wonderful. Ladder from there. At Umibouzu, which is very close to Shizuoka Station.
A big pot at the entrance!
Shizuoka Oden, no, Shizoka Oden.
Of course, the oden, skewers, and Fujinomiya yakisoba were delicious. I was shocked by the deliciousness of tofu and wakame.
I love Shizuoka.