[Best selling ranking for the first half of 2023] Top 20 popular Japanese tableware in Uchiru

Hello! This is Uchiru Editorial Department.

2023 will soon be the halfway point.
This spring, pottery markets are in full swing all over the country, and many people may have welcomed new pottery.

"I want to buy some more containers"

For those people, we would like to introduce the top 20 best-selling utensils that were popular in the first half of 2023 from the approximately 3,000 items that Uchiru handles!


In addition, the popular pottery that is ranked every time is not included in the ranking, but is introduced here as ``Hall of Fame pottery.''

Hall of Fame pottery list page


Now, let's take a look at them in order, starting with number one!

1st to 10th place

1st place 21.5cm oval black matte porcelain Arco Mino ware

Anyone can arrange it like a restaurant

The most popular tableware for the first half of 2023 is an oval plate with a deep black color that gives it a mature look.

By taking advantage of the horizontal shape, you can put fish dishes on it, or put cake and fruit on it as a snack, and the simple design goes well with any food you want to serve.

From ayahiro_gohan (instagram)
Shipping Staff Uchino (Housewife/Mother)
Shipping staff Uchino (housewife/mother)
Not only can they be stacked, but since there is no depth, there are enough sheets for the whole family. However, you can store it neatly in a cupboard.

2nd place Japanese plate, chrysanthemum pattern, porcelain, dyed, Arita ware

A main dish with a flower pattern that will brighten up your dining table

Second place is a flower-shaped plate with a nostalgic chrysanthemum pattern.

The motif is traditional Japanese patterns, and it will add a touch of elegance not only to everyday use, but also to small celebrations.

From peace_minminzemi (instagram)

One of its popular points is that it can be used in the microwave and dishwasher, making it easy to use on a daily basis.

Purchase staff Tsurumi (housewife, living alone)
Purchasing staff Tsurumi (housewife, living alone)
The auspicious pattern can be used for celebrations, but it can also be used for everyday use I love the exquisite balance between it and not being too flashy.

3rd place Round plate 24.5cm Silver brown porcelain Arco Mino ware

Simple design suitable for modern life

This 8-inch plate has a layered beige and brown color that goes well with any kind of food.

The size and form are attractive and can be used in a wide range of situations, from main dishes such as pasta to one plate with an assortment of dishes, to large plates that you want to share.

From shiho____mama (instagram)
Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Photographer Wada (lives alone)
The bottom is flat, so you can even place a small bowl on a plate! You can easily enjoy the cafe meal feeling at home.

4th place 21.5cm oval silver brown porcelain Arco Mino ware

A staple at snack time

An oval plate with a soft beige color that gives it a natural feel.

It has a cuter impression than the second place black oval plate, and goes well with cakes and baked goods.
It would be nice to use them in different colors.

5th place Cup Hanaten pattern Porcelain Yoshida ware

Tea cups that can be used as a set to entertain guests

Fifth place is a cup with a lovely rounded shape

It would also look great with matching patterned earthenware pots and plates.

The secret to its popularity is that it is easy to find items for your family or for guests.

6th place Asa pot small wakura porcelain Mino ware

A cool and cool atmosphere typical of Japanese tableware

This small bowl has a greenish-brown color that resembles fallen autumn leaves and will naturally blend into your everyday dining table.

It is useful when serving juicy side dishes such as pickled greens and vinegared dishes.

7th place: Puffy shaved mug, potter's wheel powder, pottery, Mino ware

A mug with a chubby form that is soothing to the gentle and gentle expression of the powder coat.

The capacity is about 250ml, which is neither too small nor too large, so you can enjoy everything from breakfast soup to tea time.

8th place Ribbon chopstick rest white ceramic Tsujimotoji

Michi Tsujimoto's chopstick rest that you'll want to collect

A chopstick rest with a tightly tied ribbon that will tickle the hearts of those who love cute things.

The delicate form of knots and rings makes it difficult to believe that it is ceramic.

Behind the cuteness, you can feel the politeness and high level of technique.

9th place Small bowl, red porcelain, Fuchi Asobi, Hasami ware

One of the must-have Japanese tableware

A small bowl with a twisty design that is full of dynamism.

The red line has a gorgeous look and is great for celebrations.

10th place: Small bowl of rest, gray porcelain, Mino ware

Sharp form is stylish

A neat, octagonal small bowl.

The design is easy to match with any genre, such as simmered hijiki for Japanese cuisine, or olives and pickles for Western cuisine.

11th to 20th place

11th place Flower Coaster Sakura Woodwork Workshop Gen Kazunori Takatsuka

A cute coaster with a beautiful hand-carved pattern.

A Japanese-style teacup, a mug I found at an antique shop, a glass with beautiful glasswork...

It will accommodate any taste of the cup.

12th place Kikyo small bowl yellow porcelain Fuchiasobi Hasami ware

The clean flower shape and bright yellow color make an outstanding impact.

Green, red, brown, white, all kinds of colors look great, so if you think it would be difficult to match them, this is the pottery for you to try.

13th place Round plate 24.5cm Black matte porcelain Arco Mino ware

A large plate with a simple and modern atmosphere.
The raised edges give it a clean look.

This tableware is easy to match with any type of cuisine and is in line with modern dietary habits.

14th place 5-inch plate Suna Karatsu Mishima pottery Mino ware

An exquisite small plate with charming carved patterns and tasteful iron points.

The gentle color of pale gray goes well with any dish and envelops it.

15th place Salad bowl Turkish blue pottery Mino ware

This is a lovely salad bowl with a bright turquoise color that immediately catches your eye.

The size makes it easy to use for breakfast, such as yogurt with plenty of fruit.

From ___yu.31 (Instagram)

It makes vegetables look fresher and more delicious.

16th place: Small bean plate, green apple, porcelain, Hasami ware

A palm-sized plate with a cute apple pattern.

The rim will stand up a little, so bring it to the soy sauce plate.
It is also useful when placing pickles, condiments, and small sweets on top of chopsticks.

18th place Bowl Blue M Porcelain Laurel Mino Ware

A cute and mature bowl with a calming grayish blue color.

There are a variety of colors, so you can have different colors for your family or for guests.

19th place: Shallow pot, Porcelain, Fuchi Asobi, Hasami ware

A shallow bowl with a clean flower shape and sharp painting that gives it an elegant appearance.

Thin lines are drawn even on the high ground, showing the delicate handwork.

As a staple of Japanese cuisine, it will be useful at your daily dining table.

20th place Thousand-dan bowl Wakura porcelain Mino ware

This medium bowl has a greenish brown color that resembles fallen leaves in autumn, giving it a cool and cool atmosphere.

It is perfect for side dishes for one person such as boiled pumpkin, Western-style side dishes such as marinated tomatoes, and vanilla ice cream with brown sugar syrup, making it easy to use.

Hall of Fame vessel

We would like to introduce some of our ``Hall of Fame Utsuwa'' that have been popular ever since we opened our store and are in the top sales rankings every year.

You can see other products that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame here.

Hall of Fame utensils list page

All of them are easy to use, and people often purchase multiple copies for their families and guests.

This is a container that has been chosen by customers for a long time, so no matter which one you choose, I think it will be useful not only at home, but also as a gift.


In addition to the ones introduced here, Uchiru has many other types of utensils!
Please find your favorite.

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