[2023 best selling ranking] Top 20 popular Japanese tableware in Uchiru

Hello! This is Uchiru Editorial Department.

December 2023 has arrived in the blink of an eye.

I want to buy some new containers for the new year.

For those people, we would like to introduce the top 20 best-selling utensils in 2023 out of the approximately 3,000 items that Uchiru carries!

Now, let's take a look at them in order, starting with number one!

1st to 10th place

1st Place Shirasagi Bowl M Natural Sakura Shirasagi Woodworking

Just the right soup bowl for everyday use

The most popular tableware in 2023 is a soup bowl with a bright cherry tree color and a natural atmosphere.

This is perfect for those who say, ``I want a lacquer bowl that will last a lifetime, but it's a little difficult to get into, and I don't like the idea of ​​an ordinary soup bowl.''

Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Photographer Wada (lives alone)
The round shape is charming! It is easy to match with both casual and elegant styles.

2nd place White makeup shaving large plate Ceramic Mino ware

I often use it because it is simple and rustic

Second place is a large plate with a border reminiscent of flower petals.

A 7-inch plate that is easy to use on a daily basis, such as a main dish plate, a pasta or curry plate, or a one-plate dish, is convenient and useful.

From keeeixx (instagram)
Purchase staff Tsurumi (housewife, living alone)
Purchasing staff Tsurumi (housewife, living for two)
I bought a nice pottery for the first time with easy-to-use colors and sizes. Ou! Recommended for those who like this.

3rd place 21.5cm oval black matte porcelain Arco Mino ware

Anyone can arrange it like a restaurant

This is an oval plate with a deep black color that gives it a mature look and was ranked number one in the first half of 2023.

By taking advantage of the horizontal shape, you can put fish dishes on it, or put cake and fruit on it as a snack, and the simple design goes well with any food you want to serve.

From shiho____mama (instagram)
Shipping Staff Uchino (Housewife/Mother)
Shipping staff Uchino (housewife/mother)
Not only can they be stacked, but since there is no depth, there are enough sheets for the whole family. However, you can store it neatly in a cupboard.

4th place Round plate 24.5cm Silver brown porcelain Arco Mino ware

Simple design suitable for modern life

This 8-inch plate has a layered beige and brown color that goes well with any kind of food.

The size and shape are attractive and can be used in a wide range of situations, from main dishes such as pasta to one plate with an assortment of dishes, to large plates that you want to share.

5th place Japanese plate, chrysanthemum pattern, porcelain, dyed, Arita ware

A main dish with a flower pattern that will brighten up your dining table

A flower-shaped plate with a chrysanthemum pattern that feels nostalgic.

The motif is traditional Japanese patterns, and it will add a touch of elegance not only to everyday use, but also to small celebrations.

6th place 7-inch plate white porcelain chrysanthemum Mino ware

Cute flower shape

One of the most popular pieces from Uchiru's classic and popular series "Kikuka."

Thanks to the petal-like border, anyone can use this plate to serve food well.

7th place: White decorative shavings pot, pottery, Mino ware

For both rice bowls and side dish bowls

A serving bowl that is perfect for cafe-style small bowls and side dishes such as meat and potatoes.

It's deep enough that it's perfect for soup dishes such as pot-au-feu, so it's handy to have one.

8th place White makeup shaved soup cup Ceramic Mino ware

Large size is just right

A soup cup with a capacity of about 300ml, perfect for soups with lots of ingredients.

The rounded shape has a cuteness that makes you want to wrap your hands around it.

9th place 3-inch small bowl, white porcelain, chrysanthemum, Mino ware

Just one more item

A small flower-shaped bowl with cute little legs.

It is useful when serving small side dishes such as dipping green vegetables or dressing with sesame.

10th place Oval plate, white porcelain, chrysanthemum, Mino ware

Horizontal form for a neat and organized look

An oval plate shaped like a fluffy cloud.

Since it has little depth, it gives the dining table a cohesive look.

From tsuyumi_lifestyle (instagram)

11th to 20th place

11th place White makeup scraping plate Ceramic Mino ware

A simple medium plate that is easy to use as a serving plate or snack plate.

The border, which resembles flower petals, is carved out one by one with a plane.

They can be stacked, so you can keep several for your family or for guests.

12th place 8-inch plate white porcelain chrysanthemum Mino ware

The 8-inch plate is a useful item for everyday use, as it can be used as a single plate to serve food in a cafe style, or to serve noodles such as pasta.

Thanks to its petal-like shape, it is a picture-perfect container that can be used for any purpose.

13th place: Echizen lacquered soup bowl (dishwasher safe), Vermilion, Matsuya Shikki Store

A moist and glossy lacquered soup bowl.

The biggest point is that even though it is lacquered, it can be used in a household dishwasher and dryer thanks to a unique manufacturing method.

Suitable for New Year's Day, the first meal, and other auspicious occasions.

14th place Flowering melon deep plate Porcelain Fuchi Asobi Hasami ware

A deep flower-shaped pot with traditional painting.

The fine mesh pattern and the flower pattern drawn on the side show the delicate handiwork.

15th place Octagonal grilled plate, chrysanthemum pattern, porcelain, dyed, Arita ware

An octagonal plate with a nostalgic chrysanthemum pattern.

For Japanese cuisine, adding shiso leaves and grated daikon radish to the opening of the horse mackerel is perfect.

Not only can it be used in everyday life, but it will also add a touch of beauty to small celebrations.

16th place Octagonal grilled plate, cloisonné, porcelain, dyed Arita ware

The cloisonné pattern of connected circles is an auspicious pattern that symbolizes wishes for harmony, harmony, and good fortune.

It would also be nice to match it with the 15th chrysanthemum patterned plate in a different pattern.

From nonbee_yanagi (instagram)

17th place Soup cup porcelain chrysanthemum Mino ware

A cute and mature bowl with a calming grayish blue color.

There are a variety of colors, so you can have different colors for your family or for guests.

18th place 4-inch plate white porcelain chrysanthemum Mino ware

A shallow bowl with a clean flower shape and sharp painting that gives it an elegant appearance.

Thin lines are drawn even on the high ground, showing the delicate handwork.

As a staple of Japanese cuisine, it will be useful at your daily dining table.

19th place White makeup shaved mug pottery Mino ware

An adorable mug that will make you enjoy your relaxing tea time.

The edges are slightly curved, making it easy to drink.

From hydrangea_m_y (instagram)

How about enjoying a cafe-like table coordination by pairing it with plates from the same series?

20th place Round plate 24.5cm Black matte porcelain Arco Mino ware

The platter's layered bronze and black colors give it a luxurious feel.

Place a small amount of main dish meat or pasta to create a restaurant-style dish.
It will also be useful for entertaining guests.

Hall of Fame vessel

We would like to introduce some of our ``Hall of Fame Utsuwa'' that have been popular ever since we opened our store and are in the top sales rankings every year.

You can see other products that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame here.

Hall of Fame utensils list page

There are some items that are not included in this ranking, but they are all very easy to use, and people often purchase multiple items for their families and guests.

This is a container that has been chosen by customers for a long time, so no matter which one you choose, I think it will be useful not only at home, but also as a gift.


In addition to the ones introduced here, Uchiru has many other types of utensils!
Please find your favorite.

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