[2022 first half best selling ranking] Top 20 popular Japanese tableware in Uchiru

Hello! This is Uchiru Editorial Department.

Before you know it, 2022 will be around the corner.
While enjoying your "home time", the opportunities to go out have gradually increased over the past six months.

In particular, starting this spring, there are more solo exhibitions by artists, and pottery fairs are being held all over the country, so there are more opportunities to actually touch and see pottery!

"When I went to the pottery market for the first time in a while, I thought pottery was really nice, so I thought I'd buy some more."
"When I saw on SNS that the pottery market was being held, I decided to buy pottery as well. I'm starting to want some!"
"I couldn't actually go because it was far from the venue, but I wonder if I can buy some stylish utensils now..."

For those people, we would like to introduce the top 20 best-selling utensils that were popular in the first half of 2022 from the approximately 3,000 items that Uchiru handles!

If you line them up...

・Color that goes well with any pottery
・Slightly gorgeous design that brightens your mood
・Family Easy price

This point seems to be the secret to its popularity.
Maybe it's because we have more opportunities to get together, or maybe it's because many people are interested in pottery with gorgeous designs in spring!

Lastly, I would like to introduce the ``Hall of Fame Utsuwa'', which has been popular ever since the shop opened and has been ranked every year.

Now, let's take a look at them in order, starting with number one!

1st to 10th place

1st place 6-inch pot white porcelain chrysanthemum Mino ware

The most popular item in the first half of 2022 is a cute chrysanthemum-shaped bowl that will brighten up your dining table.

From kyonkousa (instagram)

6-inch size that is easy to use as a serving bowl for dishes such as boiled dishes and salads.
The reason why it is so popular is that it can be stacked for storage, and the porcelain is durable and easy to handle, so you will want to have one for your family and for guests.

2nd place Hana Plate Porcelain Ichichin Yellow Flower Arita Ware

Second place is a new product for 2022, a plate that looks like a flower garden and is studded with small flowers.

From sweet_room.m (instagram)

It has just the right amount of depth, making it perfect for juicy dishes such as pasta and beef stew.
It's the perfect size for a main dish for one person, so it's easy to use and has a cute appearance, so it's been popular ever since it first went on sale.

3rd place: White makeup shaving platter, ceramic Mino ware

This platter has a cute edging that resembles flower petals.

From nobuchin21 (instagram)

The perfect size for a main dish for one person, such as one plate with a few side dishes or pasta.
The color and design make it easy to match with any kind of food, so it's useful to have one as a standard utensil.

4th place Pasta plate Brown porcelain ORLO Mino ware

The pasta plate, which was the best-selling item in 2021, continues to be popular!
The rim has a unique three-dimensional feel and the calm brown color gently brings out the color of the ingredients, making it attractive.

Even pastas with few ingredients, such as Genovese and carbonara, can be made into a plate that looks great thanks to the large rim.
It is also popular because it can be used in the microwave and dishwasher, is durable, and easy to clean.

5th place: Flower tray, large zelkova, Yososawa Wood Crafts/KITO

A cute wooden tray with a round flower shape expressed in gentle curves.

It can hold one teapot and five teacups, so it is large enough to accommodate 3 to 4 guests.
As a meal for one person, it would also be great to serve rice, miso soup, and two or three small bowls or plates with side dishes.

6th place Japanese plate, chrysanthemum pattern, porcelain, dyed, Arita ware

A Japanese plate shaped like a flower with a nostalgic chrysanthemum pattern.

The traditional Japanese patterns are perfect for celebrations, so I get the impression that many people buy them in time for New Year's and Doll's Festival!

7th place: Large bowl, Fuchikurojugusa, Pottery, Mino ware

A large bowl with a clean and chic appearance that complements your dishes.

The deep bowl makes it perfect for sharing side dishes with others, as well as enjoying noodles and rice bowls.
It looks like it will be useful in a variety of situations, including making hearty meals.

8th place Natural wooden soup spoon

This is a soup spoon made from Indonesian fruit tree called Sao.

It has a smooth texture and is very pleasant to the touch, and is lightweight and easy to hold, making it perfect for everyday use.
It is also easy to use because it does not make a clicking sound even when it comes into contact with the surface of a ceramic or glass vessel.

9th place Shirasagi Bowl M Natural Sakura Shirasagi Woodworking

Charming round shape that fits well in your hand!

Wood is not only resistant to getting hot, but also resistant to cooling down, making it the perfect material for soup bowls.
When you wrap your hands around a bowl of freshly made miso soup, you can feel the warmth gradually coming through.

10th place Japanese plate, cloisonné, porcelain, dyed Arita ware

The cloisonné pattern of connected circles is an auspicious pattern that symbolizes wishes for harmony, harmony, and good fortune.
Not only can it be used in everyday life, but it will also add a touch of beauty to small celebrations.

It also goes well with fried rice spread out like you would at a Chinese restaurant.

11th to 20th place

11th place Ash Shiraki lacquered wooden square tray Matsuya Lacquerware store

It is the perfect size for enjoying tea and sweets, and is easy to use as a tray when carrying food.

Since it is finished with a matte and transparent paint, it is difficult for dirt to adhere to it and scratches are less noticeable, so it is easy to handle, which is a popular point.

12th place Ash Shiraki lacquered wooden long square tray Matsuya Lacquerware store

The long square tray, which is slightly larger than the regular square tray, is the perfect size for a one-person set meal of one soup and three dishes.

Just arranging the dishes on the tray will give it a neat look, making your usual dishes look like they've been taken up a notch.

13th place Striped plate gray pottery Mino ware

The warm and exquisite gray color is perfect for any type of cuisine, whether Japanese or Western.

You might think of long square plates as grilled fish, but they are actually great for serving Western-style side dishes and snacks.
There tends to be a lot of round dishes, but adding one will create rhythm at the dining table.

14th place Pasta plate Indigo blue porcelain ORLO Mino ware

Indigo blue, a different color from the beige pasta plate that came in 5th place.
The mottled pattern reflected in the indigo color creates a unique depth.

If you place a small piece of French bread on the rim, your usual dining table will instantly transform into a restaurant setting.

15th Place: Large Plate, Mustard, Porcelain, Kei, Mino Ware

It is a round, moon-like plate.
The deep, calm yellow texture makes any dish stand out.

It's the perfect size as a main dish for one person, and is perfect for everyday staples such as pork cutlet and ginger grilled meat.

16th place Echizen lacquered soup bowl (dishwasher safe) couple set Matsuya Shikki Store

This is a lacquered soup bowl with two pieces: black and vermilion.

The reason for its popularity is that although it is lacquered, it can be used in a household dishwasher and dryer.
While it is elegant enough to be used at a celebratory occasion, it is also easy to use on a daily basis.

Since it is a 2-piece set, many people choose it as a gift.

17th place Bowl S Silver White Porcelain Cuore Mino Ware

A medium bowl with a clean and stylish form.
The milky white color, which looks like a mixture of white and gray, and the rust-like glaze on the edges give it a vintage feel.

It's a versatile and useful container that can be used for everything from side dishes like minced pumpkin to salads, soups, and desserts.

18th place: Puffy shaved mug, potter's wheel powder, pottery, Mino ware

A mug with a gentle and gentle expression that will make you feel at ease.

The shaved pattern on the body is an exquisite accent, and the warm simplicity creates a gentle time.
The chubby form makes you want to place your hand on it, and just looking at it is soothing.

19th place Ov Plate 21.5cm oval black matte porcelain Mino ware

An oval plate with a simple and modern atmosphere.

Drop some fresh cream onto a chiffon cake and it will make snack time even more exciting!
It will give any dish a stylish atmosphere, just like it would be served at a cafe.

20th Place: Large Wakura Porcelain Mino Ware

A large bowl full of fried chicken and potatoes, just the right size for sharing.

The greenish-brown color, like fallen leaves in autumn, gives it a very cool and cool atmosphere.
The key points are the simple design that you will never get tired of and the colors that are not too overpowering and will naturally blend in with your everyday dining table.

Hall of Fame vessel

We would like to introduce some of our ``Hall of Fame Utsuwa'' that have been popular ever since we opened our store and are in the top sales rankings every year.

You can see other products that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame here.

Hall of Fame pottery list page

All of them are easy to use, and people often purchase multiple copies for their families and guests.

This is a container that has been chosen by customers for a long time, so no matter which one you choose, I think it will be useful not only at home, but also as a gift.


In addition to the ones introduced here, Uchiru has many other types of utensils!
Please find your favorite.

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