[13 stylish pasta plates] Special feature on tableware that looks like a restaurant plate

Shipping Staff Uchino (Housewife/Mother)
Shipping Staff Uchino (Housewife/Mother)
Hello! I am a staff member of the Japanese tableware mail order site "Uchiru".
This time, we will introduce dishes that are perfect for pasta, a staple of home-cooked meals.

Carbonara with meat sauce and peperoncino!

If you have a commercially available sauce, you can easily make authentic pasta at home, and it is a dish that appears often on the dinner table.

From oinari.1504 (Instagram)

In this article, we will introduce a stylish pasta plate that will make your regular pasta look like a restaurant dish.

Also, I want to see what kind of dishes are available first! You can view it here.
Pasta plate

How to choose a pasta plate

If you are unsure, this is it! Pasta plate that looks expensive

Pasta plate brown porcelain ORLO Mino ware

This is a nice pasta plate with a thick rim and a calm brown color.

Shipping Staff Uchino (Housewife/Mother)
Shipping Staff Uchino (Housewife/Mother)
There are three recommended points.
・The wide rim gives you a well-balanced look
・The depth is solid, so you can safely use soup pasta
・Dishwasher safe, perfect for everyday use

From kuro.meg (instagram)

Just the right size for serving pasta for one person.

Even pastas with few ingredients, such as Genovese and carbonara, can be made into a plate that looks great thanks to the large rim.

It can also be used in the dishwasher and microwave, making it perfect for busy modern lifestyles.

Points to consider when choosing a pasta plate

1. The size of the plate should be approximately 21 to 24 cm and deep

Is it a little big? If you choose a size similar to that, it will look prettier than if you filled the plate with pasta.
Also, it is important to choose one that is moderately deep so that the sauce does not spread.

Things with wide rims or patterns

If you're having trouble deciding on a design, we recommend choosing something with a distinctive feature around the plate.

If there is a pattern, it will make the pasta stand out like a picture frame.

Pasta plate that looks well presented

Linker plate M black matte porcelain calme Hasami ware

It is a large plate with an antique atmosphere.

Black dishes make the colors of the ingredients stand out and have a presence that makes the dining table look vibrant.

The wide rim creates ample space, giving it an elegant look.

Size: Approx. 24.0cm
Microwave: Available
Dishwasher: Available< /p>

21cm rim deep plate line porcelain Hasami ware

The candy-colored lines surrounding the rim give this platter a retro feel.

You'll want to serve coffee shop menu items such as Neapolitan.

This tableware was created with the culinary expert Mizuki, with the idea that ``You don't have to work hard to make a beautiful tableware that will make you look delicious.''

Since it is deep, you can enjoy soup pasta or use it as a main dish.

Size: Approximately 21.5cm
Microwave: Can be used
Dishwasher: Can be used

Oval plate, gray ceramic, rosemary, Hasami ware

This oval plate has a dignified atmosphere with rosemary flowers lined up on the rim.

The lack of depth and clean form gives a well-balanced look to your dining table.

From ___yu.31__ (instagram)

If you put a baguette on the rim, it will become a restaurant-like dish.

Size: Approx. 26.5 x 19.0cm
Microwave: Available
Dishwasher: Available Possible

Cute pasta plate

Shinogi 7-inch plate, dyed rust flower joint, porcelain, Koyo kiln, Arita ware

A cute platter with a pattern that gives you a Scandinavian atmosphere.

Each piece is carefully painted using a traditional technique called "sometsuke".

From rasuku215 (Instagram)

Even simple pasta can have a gorgeous look just by adding a pattern to the rim.

Size: approx. 21cm
Microwave: OK
Dishwasher: OK p>

22cm plate gray porcelain daisy Hasami ware

This adorable platter features pale ink-colored daisies drawn on white porcelain.

The edges are gently rising, so you can put plenty of sauce on it.

The subdued color tone means that it doesn't look too cute.

Size: Approx. 22cm
Microwave: OK
Dishwasher: OK p>

Plate L lemon porcelain fruits Hasami ware

A large plate with an impressive refreshing lemon pattern.

The fresh pattern will brighten up your dining table.

You'll want to serve lemon cream pasta.

Size: Approx. 24.5cm
Microwave: Can be used
Dishwasher: Can be used

Simple pasta dish

Round plate silver green porcelain Cuore Mino ware

A stylish platter with a raised edge.

Exquisite colors with layers of green and blue enhance the food.

From ayahiro_gohan (instagram)

It is also important to leave a margin so that the color of the container can be seen.

Size: Approx. 20.5cm
Microwave: Can be used
Dishwasher: Can be used

Tutti Plate L Clear Glass Sghr Sugahara

It is a glass platter shaped like a puddle.

Although it is not heat-resistant glass, it can be used safely for everyday use, such as placing hot food on it.

The cold whitebait pasta looks very cool.

Size: Approximately 24.0cm
Microwave: Not available
Dishwasher: Not available

Pair Pasta Plate Green&Yellow Vag Porcelain POTPURRI

A set containing pasta plates in two colors: yellow and green.

A simple yet playful design.

This easy-to-use pasta plate is perfect as a gift.

Size: Approx. 24.0 x 19.0cm
Microwave: Available
Dishwasher: Available Possible

Nordic tableware pasta plate

Iittala Teema Plate 26cm Linen Porcelain

This is a large plate of Iittala's standard "Teema", which has been loved for many years for its simple form.

The secret to its popularity is its streamlined, sophisticated design and ease of use as it can be used in the oven.

You will never get tired of it and it will become a staple in your daily life.

Size: Approximately 26.0cm
Microwave: Available
Dishwasher: Available< /p>

Arabic Paratissi Plate 26cm Black Porcelain

This is an oval plate from Paratissi, an Arabian classic series.

In a simple form, pansies, cassis, grapes, and apples are lined up in an exquisite balance.

The entire dish has a pattern, so the pattern that can be glimpsed between meals will be an accent.

Size: Approx. 25.5 x 12.0-12.2cm
Microwave: Usable
Dishwasher safe : Usable

Arabic 24h Tuokio Deep Plate 24cm Porcelain

This is a 24h series platter based on the concept of "tableware that can be used 24 hours a day from morning until night."

The plate is likened to a palette, and the fun patterns that look like they were drawn with a brush are attractive.

Since it is deep enough, you can also enjoy pasta like bouillabaisse with lots of seafood.

Size: Approx. 24.0cm
Microwave: Available
Dishwasher: Available< /p>

If you are interested in pasta dishes...

We introduced a plate that is perfect for serving pasta, a staple of home-cooked meals.

Since pasta appears frequently at the dining table, it is recommended to have several pasta dishes with different atmospheres.

Please try finding your favorite pasta dish.

You can view the dishes introduced this time here.

Pasta plate

Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!

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