[Experience report] I went to Niwanowa 2019! ”

Hello, this is Taki from the Uchiru Editorial Department, a pottery market that you can enjoy at home.

This time, I went to "Niwanowa Art & Craft Chiba 2019" held on June 1st and 2nd, so I would like to report on the experience.

Please check the article below for an overview and summary.

Introducing the charm and ways to enjoy "Niwanowa Art & Craft Fair Chiba"!

Let me introduce it to you right away.

Venue situation

The venue is Sakura Castle Ruins Park. It took about 20 minutes on foot from Keisei Sakura Station.

The route was basically straight and easy to follow. It seemed like there were a lot of people using cars and buses.

Long lines even before the venue opened! The number of visitors is increasing year by year, showing how popular it is.

To reach the entrance, walk through a tunnel of trees full of greenery.

There are also decorations such as colorful garlands that will make you feel better.

After passing through the entrance gate, the road will split into left and right.

Going to the right is the exhibition booth, and going to the left is the eating/resting space.

First, go to the exhibition booth.

The majority of visitors were women, and many were accompanied by small children and pets.

Each booth displays and sells a wide variety of items including ceramics, glass, woodwork, metals, and accessories.

It was also a chance to meet writers that I don't normally get to talk to, and there were many people who were eager to talk, and the atmosphere was peaceful from beginning to end.

You can pick up each item and look at them carefully, and exhibitors are also happy to talk to you.

Artist booth introduction

From here, we will introduce the details of each booth.

All the booths have elaborate displays, so you can't just walk past them.

Shintaro Abe

Shintaro Abe's booth was particularly popular.

Long line as soon as it opened.

I participated on the first day, but the first numbered tickets ran out quickly, and when I handed out the second numbered tickets at 12 noon, they also ended immediately.

It was almost sold out in the afternoon.

If you would like to see it in person and get your hands on it, we recommend arriving at the venue early.

Semi-Aco Masayuki Kaga

Although it is made of wood, it has a dignified appearance. Because it is made by hand, it has a texture that feels instantly familiar to you from the first time you hold it.

The beautifully arranged woodwork will captivate your eyes.

It was also impressive to see that there were many displays that could be used in daily life, such as wooden containers with cutlery and food, and flower vases with actual flowers.

Aojin kiln Ikuo Oyama

The exhibit focused on tableware.

A number of simple-shaped vessels that take advantage of the texture of the materials.

Everything seems easy to use.

I had the impression that blue utensils were a bit difficult to use, but Aojin Gama's utensils have a basic shape that makes them easy to match with food, and I think they look great as they add elegance to the dining table.

monom Masashi Uda

Masashi Uda started making works after learning about display and design through interior design, and his works have a natural yet urban atmosphere.

There was a line here as well, and if you looked closely, you could see that many customers were holding triangular objects in their hands.

The true identity is a huge hit product called “Wall Hanging Sankaku”!

Since nails and glass tubes are included, this is an interesting piece that can be displayed in a variety of ways, such as hanging on a wall or as a vase.

Wrought iron workshop ZEST Ryoji Kakizaki

They sell iron products that can be used for interiors and exteriors, and I was captivated by their twisty and humorous designs.

I was especially surprised by the idea of ​​putting a mosquito coil in the crescent-shaped object in the upper right corner of the photo.

It would be nice to have it at the entrance. A demonstration was also held and it was crowded with many people

Chisa Imamura

I was overwhelmed by the sophisticated glass products.

Of course the tableware is wonderful, but what stopped many people in their tracks was this display.

A glass shaped like a conch shell is hanging from a tree, but it actually has a hole in the top and can be used as a flower vase.

It was very beautiful as it swayed and the glass and water reflected the light.

Akihiro Terada, Studio Terada

A completely different world to a monochrome world.

It looks simple and warm, and features a timeless design that you'll want to use every day.

I was impressed by how easy it felt in my hand the moment I held it. I felt that it was made with the user in mind. All the dishes made me excited about what kind of dishes I would decorate with them.

Tara Sugaya

Colorful tableware that instantly brightens up your dining table.

As it has a calm color, it seems to go well with Japanese food.

There are a wide variety of shapes, so you may be confused as to which one to choose.

Yuki Abe

Utensils and accessories were on display.

Mr. Abe creates pottery with an emphasis on the interesting shapes, textures, and patterns created by clay.

The unique works have a strong presence even though they are monochrome. Many women stopped in their tracks.

It is an irresistible world view for those who like modern Japanese style.

At other booths, I saw many innovative works that you wouldn't see in a normal store.

Every place had a unique view of the world that made me want to stop and look at each place as much as time allowed.

Other introduction

All the workshops and demonstrations were a great success.

Everything looked interesting, such as making building blocks and painting vinyl umbrellas to make original umbrellas.

As usual every year, there was also a ``Niwanowa Post Office'' where you could send letters from the venue.

In addition to sending letters, you can also use Yu-Pack. It's very convenient, isn't it?

Postcards and stamps by Ayano Kinoshita, who designed Niwanowa's main visual, as well as original Niwanowa badges, were also on sale, and everyone seemed very interested.

There were also plenty of food and drink booths.

In addition to food trucks scattered around the exhibition booth, there were many shops lined up in the eating and drinking space to the left of the entrance gate.

There are also restaurants with connections to Chiba, which is one of the fun points!

This year's lineup was full of individuality.

I received Kiredo's "Vegetable Gyugyutto Pita Sandwich".

The pita bread is filled with plenty of vegetables that are so colorful that they overflow from the pita bread.

It was delicious and filling, so I was very satisfied.

We were blessed with good weather on both days, and although it was very hot, it was also good that we had plenty of drinks.

This year, a grass field located a short walk away was also available as a free rest area, and many people were setting up tents and leisure sheets in the shade of the trees.

Personally recommended items

Here, I would like to introduce the top 5 things that I personally liked.

Leisure sheet

There are no benches or other places to sit at the venue, so if you want to take a break, a tent or leisure seat is essential.

The heat takes away your stamina, so it's convenient to have one during breaks and strategy meetings.

Sunburn prevention goods

As this is a daytime event, the exhibition area will be bathed in luxurious direct sunlight.

If you use a parasol, your hands will be occupied, and if you are in a crowd, you may bump into others, which is dangerous, so we recommend a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses if possible.

Insect repellent spray

Not only for small children but also for adults. The waiting time and break time before opening will be more comfortable.

Backpack or messenger bag

I thought it would be best to have a bag that leaves both hands free.

I often touch and look at many of the works, and it's convenient to have both hands free.

Clear file

It is useful for managing paper introducing the artist that you receive when you purchase the pottery, postcards for upcoming solo exhibitions, etc.

It can also be used as a memo of your favorite author.


Although it was held from 10:00 to 16:00, the craft fair was so packed with content that it felt like time flew by.

It is also attractive that you can meet a lot of artists, restaurants, etc. through the event.

June is a time when there are not many events, but if you have another chance, please come and visit us.

Also, for those who are too far away to go, our shop has the concept of ``Enjoy the pottery fair from the comfort of your own home.'' We offer ``This person!'' from pottery fairs and craft fairs all over the country. We handle and sell works by artists who think,

We also carry artists we met at Niwanowa, so please take a look if you'd like.

Uchill, a pottery market that you can enjoy at home

Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!