Hanafukin - Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten's signature product

Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten is a store that handles products that focus on Japanese craftsmanship.

Among its products, its signature product is the ever-popular Hanafukin.

The official website says, “It's just a kitchen cloth...,” but to our surprise, this product is a big hit, selling 300,000 units a year.

We would like to unravel the secret behind the popularity of such a hit product.

What is the appeal of “Hanafukin”?

The best-selling “Hanafukin” won the Good Design Award Gold Prize in 2008.

The idea was born from the thought, “Why don't we make more use of Nara's specialty, mosquito net fabric, in our daily lives?

Mosquito net” is a cloth that used to be hung in bedrooms to keep mosquitoes away.

Although it is made of 100% cotton, it has a rougher texture than ordinary kitchen cloths, and the threads are harder and thicker.

The Hanafukin is made of two sheets of this mosquito net fabric, and is 58 cm in length and width.

Hanafukin has two outstanding features.

water absorbency

The larger and thicker dishcloth increases absorbency when folded. It can wipe up many dishes at once.

quick drying

When dishcloths are large and thick, they tend to be difficult to dry and unsanitary.

Hanafukin is thinner than most dishcloths, so it breathes well and dries quickly when spread out and hung. If left hanging, it will dry within an hour.

Many people are addicted to this dishcloth because of its two features: absorbency like a towel and quick-drying.

For more information on its absorbency and comfort of use, please click here to watch the video.


What are the standard products of Hana Fukin?

The standard “Hanafukin” are six kinds: Sakura, Rape Blossom, Violet, New Leaves, Hydrangea, and White Lily.

Hanafukin Sakura Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten

Sakura is a mature, calm and austere salmon pink.

Flowering Cloth, Rape blossoms Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten

rape blossoms is a soft yellow like a chick.

Flower Pouffin New Leaves Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten

New leaves is a soft yellow-green color with an elegant and calm atmosphere.

Hanafukin, hydrangea Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten

Hydrangea is a fresh pale blue.


Versatile player for a variety of applications

One of its charms is that it can be used not only as a dish towel, but also for various other purposes, such as removing moisture from vegetables, using a dashi strainer, and wrapping bento boxes.

Let us introduce some of its features.

We recommend that you use them in different colors, such as this color for wiping dishes, this color for food preparation, and this color for kitchen cloths.


as a cloth for washing dishes

First of all, it is a classic. As a dishcloth for blowing up dishes.

Since dishcloths for washing dishes are used frequently, it is nice that they are large and highly absorbent, and that they dry quickly just by spreading them out and hanging them up to dry.

It is thin when spread out, so it is easy to wipe wine glasses and other items.

For cooking

Large-size flower towels are convenient for draining vegetables. Because it is softer than kitchen paper, it can be used safely for delicate vegetables such as shiso leaves. It is also good that it can be used repeatedly.

It is also convenient to have a sheet for straining soup stock or steaming food because of its moderate coarseness.

As a towel for daily use

As described later, it becomes fluffy when the initial glue (glue) is removed.

The towels are highly absorbent and quick-drying, so they are clean and useful for daily-use hand towels. The soft texture that develops with each wash is another enjoyment.

Bento Box Tsutsumi

Hanafukin is not only used for wiping. It can also be used as a lunch box cover or a kitchen mat.

Its soft texture is not too assertive and creates a wonderful atmosphere.

for kitchen cloth

When it becomes a little used, let's use it as a kitchen cloth.

Here, too, Hanafukin's characteristics of water absorbency and quick-drying work.

It can be folded over and wiped with a new surface many times in one go.

If you run out of use...

The last one is a zokin. Unlike ordinary zokin, this one also dries quickly and is very sanitary. It is a useful all-rounder until the very end.

How to care for the Hanafukin

At first it is hard with glue, and when it dries it becomes crispy, but as you use it day after day, it becomes softer and more comfortable in your hand.


Freshly opened flower dishcloths have glue on them. When using it as a kitchen cloth, wash it in lukewarm water to remove the glue before use.

Once the glue is removed, the cloth becomes fluffy to the touch and more absorbent.


We recommend hand washing with a mild kitchen detergent. If you put it in the washing machine, put it in a net and wash it gently with liquid detergent.

Boiling & Bleaching

For stains that cannot be removed by washing, special care should be taken, such as boiling or bleaching.
Boiling disinfection/: Add a little salt and vinegar to water and boil it for about 5 minutes.
Bleach: Oxygen-based bleach can be used.


Place it in the sun to dry well. It will soften and change as it is used.

What people who use it say about it

There are a number of people who use and are addicted to the product and would like to share their experience with you.

I liked it so much that I wanted to replace all the dishcloths and dustcloths in my house with Hana Fukin!
It is indeed a popular product.
Also, it looks luxurious, and even if you have it on your table or in your kitchen, it's still a dishcloth! Duster! It doesn't look like a stylish stole or a tatami mat. It looks like a stylish stole or something folded up. No kidding, I want to wrap it around my neck (laughs).


It is nice to know that it looks good even when left on the table as it is.


Comfortable to use!

I used to use waffle waffle cloth or gauze
I used to use small cloths like waffle waffle fabric or gauze, so I had to wash them with detergent after dinner and bleach them further.
and then bleach it (otherwise it would smell like fresh air).

The Hanafukin can be rinsed quickly with water after use and then
Just rinse the Hana-Fukin quickly with water after use and hang it on the edge of the dish-washing basket, and it dries in no time!
In other words, it dries before bacteria can breed, so it doesn't smell at all!


I understand. You don't want a wet dish towel all the time, do you?


In my plum work, I wipe plums, steamed food, lacquer, pottery and glassware cleanly without fluffing, and it demonstrates its dishcloth function to the fullest.

Also, when I have a slight fever, I wrap a cooler in this dishcloth and do household chores...
When I sweat easily, I wrap it around my neck as a scarf...
Recently, when I go to bed, I wrap my neck and forehead in an ice pillow to keep my head cool and forehead cool...
The versatility of the product, with its various functions, makes it very useful.


Or use it as an ice pillow. It is true that the fabric is not too thick, so it may be just right.

Many people seem to say that once they use it, they like it and want to repeat.

There are many other types of products besides the standard ones.

We sell a lot of products other than plain ones, products made in collaboration with famous designers, and limited-time-only products.

In our store, we deal in those with a motif of Mt.

Fuji kitchen cloth Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten

This one is from Lisa Larson.

This is a cat motif.

There is also a Doraemon motif.

Other items include bird and beast caricatures, and cherry blossom viewing season.

Lightweight and not bulky, the flower dishcloth is perfect as a gift. Please use it as a small thank you or greeting!