I went to [Mashiko Pottery Fair 2019 Spring].

Hello! This is Kaku from the Uchiru Editorial Department.

This time I went to the Mashiko Pottery Fair, so I would like to introduce the scene and the recommended artists I saw in each area.

A summary article about Mashiko Pottery City is below, so please refer to it when you go.

The owner of the pottery shop will tell you. How to enjoy ? Which authors do you recommend? Is it crowded?

Now, I would like to report immediately.

Tsukamoto Square

First, I headed to Tsukamoto Square early in the morning.
Our target is Yoshizawa kiln, which is very popular every year.

As I expected, there was a long line and I was worried about whether I would be able to get in, but after waiting in line for about 40 minutes, I was finally able to get in!

Yoshizawa Kiln is a kiln operated by a staff of about 30 people, and the pottery made with daily use in mind ranges from simple to elaborate designs.

The works of Yoshizawa kiln are not only cute, but also easy to use, such as being able to be used in the oven.

There were also many ``bird vessels'', which are particularly popular among Yoshizawa kilns.
It's also great that you can buy tableware to decorate your dining table at a very reasonable price.

You cannot enter Yoshizawa Kiln during the pottery market unless you get a numbered ticket or wait in line, so we recommend going early!

When I left Tsukamoto Plaza and was walking along Satoyama Street, I saw a crepe shop that looked delicious, so I decided to buy some!

This is a crepe shop that mainly opens at events in Tochigi Prefecture.

They are especially particular about the dough, and use a generous amount of soy milk and almond powder.Even when you eat just the dough, it is chewy, and the fresh cream inside is not too strong, so it is very delicious.


While walking while eating crepes, we arrived at the KENMOKU tent.

A cute face-fitting panel welcomes you.

I had the impression that there were shops selling not only pottery but also glass products and succulents, all with unique artists.

Kawajiri Seito.

They are active on a hill with a nice view in Mashiko Town, and are particular about using local soil and baking in a wood-fired kiln.

There were many bowls lined up that had distinctive rounded designs that made you want to pick them up.
There are also stylish spice mills, and I was drawn to the practical works.

I stopped by Aana Jana at the KENMOKU tent.

This is a restaurant that serves authentic Indian cuisine. The South Indian curry had a nice combination of sourness from the tomatoes and sweetness from the coconut, and was very delicious.

They also have freshly fried samosas and chai, so it might be a good idea to have a snack during your break. If you like Indian food, please stop by.

Mashiko Ware Cooperative Association

A short walk after leaving the KENMOKU tent is the Mashiko Ware Cooperative Area. Here we will take a look at an author named Shizuka Oikawa.

This is an artist active in Mashiko Town, who mainly creates vessels that people would want to use on a daily basis.

This artist's work was very impressive with its gentle colors and solid earthy texture. The shape is simple and easy to use, making it perfect for everyday use.


Next, in the middle of the venue? Let's take a look at Yume HIROBA. There are so many artists exhibiting that it's hard to know where to start.

The first thing that caught my eye was an author named Kazumi Mita.

It seems that this artist has had a great influence on his pottery making from the things he has learned while traveling to dozens of countries, and he creates pottery with an oriental and elegant atmosphere.

I can't help but say how beautiful it is. I was healed just by looking at these works, which have a mysterious charm.

As I was walking around Yume HIROBA, I noticed some cute tableware, so I decided to take a closer look.

This is an artist called Kinone who is active in Mashiko Town, and his colorful and gentle colors and shapes that are fun to look at are distinctive.

Uchiru also carries it.
Kinone works list page

It is perfect for everyday use and will definitely fit in with your daily life.


Now that I was full, I continued walking for a while and arrived at an area called PEACESPACE.

First, we started at the tent of an artist named Tara Sugaya near the entrance.

The colors of each pottery are truly wonderful, and I was captivated by the colorful and matte hues. There were many items lined up that you would want to display at home, from simple and easy-to-use vessels to interestingly shaped single flower vases.

Next is an artist named Kobayashi Kobayashi, who uses natural materials to create his works.

Here, there were many cutting boards and spatulas made from natural wood based on my experience as a carpenter. All of them have beautiful curves and create a great atmosphere just by placing them there.

Alley tent

Next, I went to see a tent in the alley opposite PACESPACE.

Although it is located in a quiet area, it is also an area where many unique and wonderful artists are exhibiting.

First, let's take a look at the tent of an artist named Katsumura Gama.

This artist creates many works that depict traditional patterns on matte, crisp white porcelain, which is characterized by its very soft texture.

In addition to the tea bowls and mugs that can be used in daily life, there were also many pieces on display that could be enjoyed as decorations.

Next, I looked into the tent of an artist named 3kolme Hiro.

There are many works featuring rounded designs and colors that are easy on the eyes. The plump texture and natural blue color were very impressive, making me want to pick it up.

When I was about to leave the tent in the back alley, I saw a shop that sells wonderful wooden products!

This artist creates works using vegetable dyeing on cedar, which is familiar to Japanese people. Everything from shaping to dyeing is done by hand.

By dyeing the wood with plants, you can feel the beauty and softness of the wood grain.

Kamagure no Oka

Next, let's move to Kamagure no Oka.

First, I went to Yumiko Shimoya's tent.

Yumiko Shimoya's work was based on a matte white color, and there were many vessels lined up with delicate and beautiful shinogi and beveled edges.

This is a very popular artist, so if you are looking for something, we recommend that you go early.

Uchiru also carries it, but it is currently almost sold out.
Please use this for your reference.
Yumiko Shimoya works list page

I was getting thirsty, so I bought a drink at this shop and decided to find a place to take a break.

This is a shop that has become a regular, and its extensive menu is appealing, including gelato, coffee, and fried bread with the product name ``Elephant ears.'' With a variety of menus to satisfy the desires of men and women of all ages, it's safe to visit with your family.

There are not only sweet items but also salty items, so it is recommended when you are feeling a little hungry.

Climb the stairs to reach the grassy area, which is a nice spot to take a break.

After taking a break, I went back to the pottery tour. I was interested in the author Atsushi Hirokawa, so I decided to take a look.

This artist is characterized by a simple texture and mainly creates practical vessels.
There were many utensils lined up that are irresistible to cooking enthusiasts, as they can be used not only in the oven, but also over an open flame.

We arrived in the afternoon, so there wasn't much left. I wish I had come early in the morning!

This is the end of this report on Mashiko Pottery City.


Mashiko Pottery Fair had unique artists exhibiting in 2019 as well. If you're a pottery lover, this is an event you'll want to visit at least once.

This time, we introduced recommended artists and gourmet food for those who are visiting Mashiko Pottery City for the first time.

We would be happy if you could use this as a reference when going to Mashiko Pottery Fair, and feel the texture of the pottery and the atmosphere of the artist by actually holding it in your hands.

You can also purchase the works of artists from Mashiko Pottery City that we carry in our store from the links below.

List of works by artists exhibiting at Mashiko Pottery Fair

Also, for those who have children and can't go to events, or those who went but couldn't find the pottery they wanted!

Our store is based on the concept of ``Enjoy the pottery fair while staying at home.'' We have selected ``This person!'' from pottery fairs and craft fairs all over the country. We handle and sell works by artists who think,

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