sauce plates (Mamezara) - art in the palm of your hand - how to use and recommendations

Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Hello! This is UTSUWABI.
This time, we would like to introduce you to the charm of "Sauce Plate", which our staff also loves!

Sauce Plate has become a hot topic on TV and Instagram, and a book has been published that focuses solely on it.

Although they are small plates that fit in the palm of your hand, many of them are characterized by elaborate designs such as unique shapes, detailed paintings, and beautiful colors.

Add seasonings, add a small amount of side dishes, or put bite-sized sweets on top.

The reason for its popularity is that it is easy to use, has a wide variety of designs, and above all, is reasonably priced.

To begin with, a sauce plate is a plate that is about 9cm/3.5in in size. (Instagram)

They have long been used as a supporting role at the dining table, such as arranging pickled vegetables or adding condiments for soba and udon noodles, but now there are also table coordinations in which sauce plates play a leading role, and can take the appearance of dishes to the next level. It's very popular.

I want to see what kind of sauce plate there is first! If so, you can view it here.

Sauce Plate/Small Dish list page

Recommended sauce plates and soy sauce plates

There are many different types of small plates, including those with paintings and those shaped like flowers.
We will introduce some of them by category.

Standard sauce plate

Kikyoubuchi 3-inch plate, Fuchi rust, prospect line, blue porcelain, Hasami ware

A small plate with a simple but cute atmosphere.
The blue lines drawn with a fine brush stand out well on the transparent white porcelain.

Purchase staff Tsurumi (housewife, living alone)
Purchasing staff Tsurumi (housewife, living for two)
With a mature expression, she adds elegance to the dining table. I'll give it to you.


Plate green porcelain kei Mino ware

A small plate with a cute plum blossom shape.
The deep green color makes your dishes stand out.

Shipping Staff Uchino (Housewife/Mother)
Shipping Staff Uchino (Housewife/Mother)
The palm size is perfect for holding mame daifuku, manju, etc. It goes perfectly with Japanese sweets.

Mame plate, stamp, plum, porcelain arbor

Azumaya's sauce plate has an auspicious design with a small pattern drawn in the shape of a plum.

A simple and elegant plate that can be used for everyday use or special occasions.

Purchase staff Tsurumi (housewife, living alone)
Purchasing Staff Tsurumi (Housewife/Living for Two)
It's also nice to use them in the series.

Mame plate, porcelain, Hasami ware

Each sauce plate is carefully painted using a traditional technique called "sometsuke".

The pattern is cute and I like that it has a Japanese atmosphere but doesn't look too bitter.

Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Photographer Wada (lives alone)
You'll want to add some condiments and serve it next to the udon noodles!

Small plate, Suna Karatsu Mishima pottery, Mino ware

A perfect balance between the charming carved pattern and the tasteful iron points.

The light gray color seems to go well with any dish.

Purchase staff Tsurumi (housewife, living alone)
Purchasing staff Tsurumi (housewife, living for two)
The rustic texture of the pottery blends easily into your daily life.

Cute sauce plate with patterns and shapes

Cat bean plate, set of 4, porcelain, Harektani, Kutani ware

A sauce plate with a charming cat on it will brighten up your dining table.

We also recommend using it as a small plate for children.

Shipping Staff Uchino (Housewife/Mother)
Shipping Staff Uchino (Housewife/Mother)
It comes in a cute box with the Harektani logo, so you can give it as a gift. It would be a great gift to give on that day.

Small round plate, ballerina passe, polka dot, porcelain, Mori Tobo Tobe ware

Mini plates from Mori Tobo, which are popular for their cute designs.

The characteristic feature of Tobe ware is the dyeing of Gosu (indigo blue) on a white background, which gives it a refreshing and subtle impression and goes well with any kind of food.

Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Mori Tobo's miniature plates come in a variety of designs and are fun to choose from.

Marukiku hand salt plate, cobalt matte, porcelain, Arita ware

A cute sauce plate with a chrysanthemum motif.

The cobalt and white petals line up alternately, making it look like a parasol.

Purchase staff Tsurumi (housewife, living alone)
Purchasing staff Tsurumi (housewife, living alone)
If you put small cookies on it, it's always snack time. Feel more excited.

Oval small plate, cherry, porcelain, fruits, Hasami ware

This is a small plate with cute cherries on it that will cheer you up just by looking at it.

It's the perfect size to hold condiments for 1 to 2 people, or to hold a couple of cookies to accompany tea when entertaining.

Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Photographer Wada (lives alone)
The background color is beige, almost white, so it is calming and suitable for adults. It is a design that suits you.

Lucky bean plate Deer autumn leaves Seikogama Kutani ware

The three deer seem to be happy with the arrival of autumn, and it makes me feel warm.
A Kutani ware pottery that adds color to your dining table.

Shipping Staff Uchino (Housewife/Mother)
Shipping Staff Uchino (Housewife/Mother)
We have a wide range of lineups, so you can keep multiple copies in different patterns. is not it.

Cloud bean plate, blue porcelain, Ayako Oku

A sauce plate that looks like a cloud floating in the sky.

It has a fun silhouette that looks like a cloud, and you can't help but want to touch it.

It seems like it would be useful as a small focal point on the dining table.

Stylishly shaped sauce plate

Teacup-shaped plate, arrow feather round pattern, porcelain, Arita ware

A teacup-shaped sauce plate that looks like something out of a fairy tale.

The playful painting done with indigo and gold is impressive.
The traditional patterns of arrow feathers and round patterns are somehow pop and cute.

frame square plate small pottery sen Hasami ware

A small plate with a lightly swaying lace-like rim and a golden edge.

Retro, somewhat nostalgic and romantic atmosphere.

Gently add it to the table on special occasions, or add it to your everyday table.
The atmosphere of the dining table will become soft and gorgeous, giving it an even more elegant impression.

Mame tray, ash, gourd, porcelain arbor

A gourd-shaped sauce plate.

The plump shape is cute, and when you see it on your dining table, you can't help but smile. It will be a hit when your friends come over.

Use it as a soy sauce holder, or as a pickle or condiment container.

Can be used for various purposes.

Glass, wood, or brass small plates

Gold color rim bean plate glass Kanazu Sayaka

A cute glass sauce plate with a wavy rim.

The golden edges are a nice accent.

In the upcoming hot season, it would be cute to use with ice cream or watermelon on top, or it would be cute to display accessories or potpourri in your room.

Small Plate, Mukuro, Small, Cherry Blossom, Yososawa Wood Crafts/KITO

The soft quince shape is a wooden plate with a gentle atmosphere.

Have some baked goods such as cookies to accompany your coffee.

Add seasonal dried sweets to accompany your tea.

Looks like you can have a relaxing tea time.

brass tray 10.5cm brass atelier PEKA Mika Yokozawa

Simple and streamlined round form.

The unique texture of brass and deep luster will add an elegant touch to your dining table.

It would also be nice to put a cup or glass on top and add some biscuits in the margin.

How to use Sauce Plate

Add condiments and chopstick rest

A sauce plate is very useful when placing one pickled plum on top!

It is also perfect for adding condiments such as grated radish and green onions.

As a cutlery rest

Official Instagram 

It is also recommended to use a sauce plate as a "cutlery rest".

It will instantly brighten up your dining table.

For snack time

Quoted from official website

When you're feeling hungry, you can have a cute and fun snack just by putting a little snack on the sauce plate.

It also helps prevent overeating, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

It's also fun to choose a sauce plate depending on the type of sweets.

As a saucer

Quote: chiekojima (instagram)

You can also use the sauce plate as a saucer for small utensils.

It is also convenient to use as it can hold a spoon.

Layering different utensils creates a special feeling, so it is recommended for entertaining guests.

As a accessory case

The appeal of miniature plates is that they can be used not only as tableware, but also as storage for small items.

Once you find your favorite sauce plate, you'll want to display it in your room forever.

In such a case, why not use a sauce plate as an interior decoration by putting small items or potpourri in it?

Table coordination of small plates

"If I just put the small plates on the table, it would look cluttered, so I don't know what to do..."

For such people, grouping them together on a tray or platter creates a sense of unity.

From ekmaiko (Instagram)

If you place a sauce plate on a bamboo colander, it will instantly turn into a Japanese-style one plate!

From dashi_gura (Instagram)

Of course, a round tray would also look great.

From yukashokudo (Instagram)

If you use a square tray, it will look neater.

From __chipigram__ (Instagram)

The black half-moon shaped tray goes perfectly with the sauce plate!

The heavy texture creates an elegant dining table.

By grouping small plates of different colors and shapes using trays, placemats, platters, etc., you can create a unified table setting.

Try using a colander, placing it on a glass platter, placing it on a wooden tray, etc.
Enjoy various combinations of small plates.


There are various scenes where you can use sauce plates.

You can use it as a soy sauce, use it for side dishes, or use it for snack time.

You can use it in various ways, so it is fun to collect your favorite sauce plates depending on the application.

If you want to have various sauce plates, you can see the product list here.


Sauce Plate/Small Dish list page

In addition, this article introduces how to use the sauce plate.

For reference to a stylish table coordinates

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