[20 recommended small bowls] Introducing how to choose stylish bowls that will make you look like a good cook

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This time, we will introduce the charm of small bowls, which are useful for adding side dishes, cut fruits, and condiments.

Now that you have decided on the main dish, there is only one more dish left!
A small bowl that comes in handy at such times is probably the utensils that are often used at the dining table.

You may tend to put off buying more because you're using containers for side dishes, but people who are good at table coordination are often good at using small bowls!

If you are just a little conscious about how you use a small bowl, you can use it as a supporting role, adding an accent to the color or pattern, or complementing the main dish, even though it is not the centerpiece of the table.

I want to see what kind of small bowls are available first! You can view it here.

Small bowl list page

Recommended small bowl

There are many different types of small bowls, from simple ones to painted ones and flower-shaped ones.
We will introduce some of them by category.

Standard simple small bowl

Small bowl, red porcelain, Fuchi Asobi, Hasami ware

A small bowl with a twisty design that is full of dynamism.

The red lines drawn with a fine brush stand out well on the transparent, slightly bluish white porcelain.
With a mature and dignified expression, this tableware seems to cast an elegant light on the dining table.

Yasumi small bowl brown porcelain Mino ware

The sharp octagonal shape is somewhat modern and stylish.
The rich color, like burnt caramel, gently brings out the color of the ingredients.

After arranging olives and ajillo for 2-3 people, toast with wine.
It will come in handy when having drinks with the family or when entertaining friends.

4-inch bowl, eggplant navy (blue), porcelain, Giyaman, Mino ware

"Giyaman" is a foreign word meaning glass that was used from the Edo period to the beginning of the Meiji period.
Using a high-quality, high-quality, glossy glaze, it has an attractive calm and astringent atmosphere.

Since it has just the right depth, it is also useful as a serving plate for juicy dishes.

Small bowl, iron powdered pottery, Shigaraki ware

The warm expression of nature itself is attractive.
It has a smooth skin and a comfortable texture that fits comfortably in your hand.

Juicy fried tofu and refreshing Nanbanzuke.
The small bowl has a deep depth, making it perfect for juicy dishes.

Chrysanthemum split small bowl, olive, porcelain, Koyo kiln, Arita ware

A deep olive green with a mossy, nostalgic feel.
It has a peaceful atmosphere that makes you want to use it every day.

Refreshing cold tofu with cucumber and plum bonito dressing on top of tofu.
It's the perfect size for serving side dishes.

Gorgeous and cute small bowl

Oval pocket with prospective chrysanthemum flower pattern, porcelain, Hasami ware

The Old Imari style design was called "Old Imari" and was loved by European royalty and aristocrats.
The back side is also painted, making it a masterpiece that gives you a sense of the elaborate attention to detail.

Utensils with auspicious classical patterns are perfect for celebratory occasions such as birthdays and longevity.

3-inch pot, red picture bougainvillea, pottery, Tsuboya ware, Toshin kiln, Yachimun

With a motif of bougainvillea flowers, the vibrant design will brightly decorate your dining table.
This is a very elaborate pottery, using techniques such as akae and comb pattern.

The 3-inch small bowl is the perfect size when you want to add a little something.
It's also wonderful to enjoy the Okinawan atmosphere with carrot shirishiri and bitter melon ohitashi.

Small bowl dot porcelain Hasami ware

The large, impactful dot has a large white margin in the center, so it will accent your dining table without being too poppy.

Since it is a small bowl with a deep, slightly larger size, it is so versatile that you will want to choose it for main dishes such as braised pork or fried chicken.

Square bowl small black polka dot porcelain Arita ware

The white polka dots stand out against the smooth black background, creating an exciting and cute look.

Arrange olives and nuts for 2-3 people and toast with wine.
It will come in handy when having drinks with the family or when entertaining friends.

Hexagonal bean bowl check semi-porcelain Arita ware

The bold checkered pattern is reminiscent of Scandinavian tableware.
When there are many plain containers on the dining table, the checkered pattern will be a fun accent.

Since it has a good depth, it is also good for vinegared octopus and cucumbers and pickles.

Single-mouth small bowl with convenient spout

Katakuchi Mustard Porcelain Kei Mino Ware

A small single-sided bowl with a beautiful drop-like curve.

It's moderately deep, so you can add vinegared dishes or juicy side dishes little by little.
It's also useful as a condiment container for things like grated daikon radish.

Please find your own way to use it.

Dressing cup Turkish blue pottery Mino ware

This is a lovely small bowl with a bright turquoise color that immediately catches the eye.

The rim is slightly curved, which is effective in preventing dressings and sauces from leaking.
Not only useful for dressings and sauces, but also for condiments and snacks such as nuts.

Rust glaze, Shinogi Katakuchi bean pot, pottery, Furuya Pottery

This bean bowl has a subdued rust glaze color and an elegant appearance.

Just the right size to serve appetizers and side dishes such as marinated tomatoes and avocado or carrot rapé.
It is also convenient when applying dressing and is highly functional.

A small bowl with a unique shape as an accent

Dessert cup, straw white porcelain, Hasami ware

The petal-like shape spreads beautifully and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.
The atmosphere is both elegant and casual, and while it has a presence, it also goes well with other pottery.

Not only can it be used as a dessert, but it can also be used as a side dish for one person, or with some of the usual side dishes.
Perfect for entertaining and celebrating.

Bowl small dark porcelain shabby Hasami ware

Thick rims have a big impact!
This small bowl has an impressive shape that resembles an upside-down hat.

The rim creates a blank space, so just serve your usual dishes and it will look elegant.

Konfuku Renge Bean Small Bowl Pottery Wooden

It is a small container in the shape of a lotus root.

If you add sauce for gyoza or xiaolongbao, it will instantly give you a Chinese atmosphere!
Put some jam or butter on bread for breakfast, and some pickled plums on rice for breakfast.
A heart-teasing small bowl of beans that will make your everyday dining table a little more fun.

Cool glass bowl

Nebuta Small Bowl Glass Tsugaru Vidro

A small bowl created with the image of the brightly colored Nebuta lights dancing in the night sky during a festival.

The shadow cast on the table is also one of the highlights.
Please try shining your own light onto the pottery.
Just like when you looked into a kaleidoscope when you were a child, you'll see a rainbow-colored shadow so beautiful that you'll want to cheer.

May Rain Small Bowl Glass Chisa Imamura

A small bowl with a lovely cut pattern reminiscent of May rain.

The perfect size for serving side dishes such as marinated cherry tomatoes and pickled celery.
It also goes well with fruits such as cherries and grapes.

Iwakuni lotus root glass three-legged small bowl glass glass studio maru

The glass made by mixing the ash of ``Iwakuni lotus root'' has an indescribably soft yellow-green color.
The three legs that protrude slightly support the container well.

Squeeze a squeeze of lemon into the avocado and salmon marinade.
The nanbanzuke horse mackerel also goes well with this dish.

Top 5 best selling small bowls

Uchiru sells many small bowls of various styles.
We would like to introduce the top 5 best sellers that were especially popular among them.

1st place 3-inch small bowl, white porcelain, chrysanthemum, Mino ware

A cute flower-shaped container that will brighten up your dining table.
With legs and an elegant appearance, it will enhance your casual everyday dishes.

These utensils are perfect for when you want to add a little something extra, such as sesame dressing or dipping sauce, and many people buy them in bulk for their families and guests.

2nd place Small bowl, blue porcelain, Fuchi Asobi, Hasami ware

3rd Place Kikyo Small Bowl Yellow Porcelain Fuchi Asobi Hasami Ware

4th place 4-inch bowl, eggplant navy (blue), porcelain, Giyaman, Mino ware

5th place: Asa pot, small wakura, porcelain, Mino ware

Stylish coordination using small bowls

We have introduced various small bowls, but how can you use them to make them look stylish?

Please refer to it.

From funakikazumi (Instagram)

Put some tsukemono in a small bowl.
If you arrange the dishes so that there is some white space, it will be an elegant dish.

From mari_sgram (Instagram)

Place a small bowl of side dishes on a flat plate.
Just by adding it to a small bowl, you can add some flavor to your one-plate meal.

From otamiojp (Instagram)

A Japanese plate with side dishes placed little by little on a small bowl or plate.
You can see a glimpse of the pattern on the plates, making each dish stand out.

If you are interested in the pottery introduced

One more item this time! We introduced small bowls that come in handy at times like these.

Although it is small, it is a wonderful item that will improve your dining table, so please try incorporating it.

You can view the dishes introduced here.

Small bowl list page

Please look for your favorite.

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