When you want a change to your usual dining table, it's time to use "square plates"! !

"A square plate seems difficult to use."
"A square plate is a plate for grilled fish, right?"

What do you think?
We, the Uchiru staff, will never use it until we actually use it...

・I imagine that a plate is a circle...
・I don't know how to store it...
・I'm not confident that I can use it properly …

That's what I thought!

However, there are many good things that I discovered after using it!

Today, I would like to talk about the appeal of square plates so that those who have never used square plates will want to try them!

Just changing your regular plate to a square plate can make such a difference!

For example...

Just place sweets and bread.

Quoted from nanas_afternoontea (Instagram)

Just try changing the main dish plate to a square plate.

Quoted from pinos_kitchen (Instagram)

Just add one to a table lined with round plates.

Quoted from s2ruuu2s (Instagram)

It's surprisingly easy to incorporate, and it will give you a much more stylish atmosphere!

Even troublesome storage problems are surprisingly easy

It's actually easy to store...

・Fits perfectly in the four corners of the cupboard
・Small plates can be arranged on top of the square plates
・Round plates can be stacked on top of large square plates

You don't have to go out of your way to make space for the square plate, and it will fit neatly.

How to choose a square plate

Even though it is simply called a square plate, its variations include large plates, small plates, long square plates, and square plates.

Let's actually choose the coordination that suits the situation as a model!

First of all, this! Small square plate that is easy to incorporate

From tsuyumi_lifestyle (instagram)

The first thing you want to have is a small square plate.

A square plate that can be used to casually serve bread, sweets, or just one of the usual side dishes.

If you want to entertain your important guests, serve them with sweets to create a stylish cafe-like atmosphere.

Anyone can easily incorporate it and it will take your dining table to the next level.

Change your usual main plate to a square plate!

From @y2403o (instagram)

When you want to instantly change the look of your dining table, use a large square plate.

Perfect for serving small portions of side dishes on one plate, or for plating main dishes in a hearty manner.

Just add square plates to your regular dining table to give it a much more sophisticated look.

They add freshness and variety to a table that is stuck in a rut with round plates.

Not just fish! Versatile long square plate

When you want to add a little something to your usual dining table, use a long square plate.

You might think of long square plates as grilled fish, but they are actually great for serving Western-style side dishes and snacks.

It fits well because you can arrange food horizontally, and it looks different from a round plate.

Just pair it with standard utensils to create rhythm at your dining table.

A square plate that is surprisingly easy to incorporate into your everyday dining table and creates a slightly "alternative" atmosphere.

It might be fun to spend some time thinking about whether you want a round plate or a square plate today, depending on your mood that day.

In addition to the square plates introduced here, Uchiru has many other types of square plates!
Please find your favorite.