Points to consider when selecting a Japanese teapot / kyusu

Hello. Pottery market to enjoy at home This is Taki from the Uchiru Editorial Department.

Japanese teapot is called "kyusu" in Japan.

The Japanese teapot is not used for drinking black tea, but for drinking Japanese tea.

Of course, we also drink black tea.

In this issue, we will introduce some tips for selecting a simple yet tasteful Japanese teapot.

Japanese tea or black tea brewed in a special kyusu or pot will make your daily tea time more wonderful.

In this issue, we introduce the key to choosing a stylish kyusu/pot and 10 recommended kyusu/pots.

Three points for choosing a japanese teapot / pot

Point 1: Simple but casually unique “design”

What you should keep in mind when choosing a stylish teapot/pot is to choose a simple design.

If it has a simple design that eliminates waste, you can definitely use it for a long time.

Rather than just looking for something simple, try looking for something that has some individuality in its simplicity.

Small individuality is something that shows the creator's commitment, such as a material or color that is different from others, or a shape or design that is exquisitely different from others.

You can feel the elegance and warmth there.

Point 2: “Size” that is stable and easy to use

It is also important to choose a size that is easy to use on a daily basis.

Choose a size that feels comfortable and stable when you hold it.

Size guideline
・For 1-2 people: 100-200ml(3.4-6.8oz)
・For 2-3 people: 200-350ml(6.8-11.8oz)
・For 3-5 people: 350 ~600ml(11.8-23.6oz)

At our store, we carry many items that are sized for 1 to 3 people.

Japanese pots are relatively small, and it is chic to fill them with tea and drink it little by little.

The smaller the size, the more neatly it looks organized, and although it takes some effort to refill the tea once you drink it, that's why you can enjoy delicious tea again.

Think about how you want to enjoy your tea time.

Point 3: “Functionality” that makes you want to use it every day

Even if it looks cute, if it is not easy to use, it will be a hassle to use it every day.

If you are particular about appearance, I would also like you to be particular about functionality.

For example, if you have a teapot with a wide opening, it will be easier to clean. If it's microwave safe, you can conveniently reheat cold tea.

It will be easier to choose if you know the points that you would be happy to have.

A teapot with a simple design that you will never get tired of

Flat teapot Yokote Udei Azumaya

The first thing I would like to recommend is Azumaya's flat teapot.

Although it has an extremely simple and basic design, the creator's attention to detail can be felt, making it a stylish and elegant teapot.

Azumiya has two types of flat teapots: ``Yokote'' and ``Agote.'' First, let me introduce "Yokote".

The ``Yokote'' has a design more reminiscent of a teapot, and since you can hold it by hand, it is easy to apply force and you can safely pour plenty of hot water into it.

What you should pay attention to is the material. Udei, a clay layer made by burning clay, stores the aroma of tea, allowing you to brew fragrant tea.

The more you use it, the more its luster will increase and become more beautiful. Changes in the materials and the aroma of the tea...as you use it, you'll discover new things and enjoy the changes.

Flat teapot Ushirote Udei Azumaya

The ``Ushirote'' has a cute chubby form and looks like a Chinese tea utensil.

One of its features is that the handle has a large ring, making it easy to use and fit your fingers comfortably.

It often happens that tea spills when you tilt it, but it can be quite stressful.

Azumaya's flat teapot has a lid that is adjusted to close tightly using a technique called ``lid-grip'', so you won't feel that stress.

The spout is also shaped to prevent dripping, making it easy to pour.

The large opening makes it easy to put in and take out tea leaves, and it is also easy to clean. There are many nice points that have been carefully thought out for usability.

Highly recommended for those who are looking for a teapot that can be used for a long time.

Teapot White crown Banko ware

Although simple, the maker's attention to detail can be felt in this teapot.

Countless small pouring holes on the body and lid.
Thanks to this, it is made to be easy to pour down to the last drop.

The most recommended point is that the mouth is wide enough to fit your fist.

The tea leaves are fully opened and you can enjoy tea with a delicious aroma and taste.

The wide spout makes it very easy to clean, and you will be fascinated by its ease of use.

Pot ivory pottery Hasami ware

This pot has an impressive gentle line.

The plump and rounded form has a peaceful atmosphere.

The large handle makes it easy to hold.

An added bonus is that the included tea strainer is sturdy and deep enough to not interfere with the opening of the tea leaves.

Pot cracked powder pottery Shigaraki ware

A round and adorable form that resembles a puffy puffer fish.
A pot with a unique crack pattern.

The capacity is 400cc, which is about enough for 2 to 3 people.

It seems like it will be a reliable item for everyday use and when you have guests over.

A stylish teapot with unique design and painting

Hasami ware ORIME herringbone pot white

A uniquely designed pot with a lid handle slightly set back.

It's simple but playful and will make your tea time more enjoyable.

Actually, the handle of the lid can be hung on the mouth of the pot.

I'm surprised that it was designed with usability in mind.

The subtle herringbone pattern is also modern and stylish.

It looks like it would go well with tea or coffee.

Tetsusan Chamfered Pot Low Pottery Furuya Pottery

A powdered pot with a nice beveled design.

A simple and stylish form. If you leave it in your room, it will become part of your interior decor.

The sunspots here and there give you a sense of the texture of the earth, making you feel relaxed.

The teacup can hold about 3 cups of tea, so why not enjoy your tea time by yourself while reading a book on your day off?

You can feel like you're at a cafe while being at home.

Earthen pot, Hanaten pattern, porcelain, Yoshida ware

A clay pot with a lovely round shape.

The flower motif pattern gives it a somewhat nostalgic look, creating a relaxing time.

The wooden handle is removable, so it's easy to wash.

It would also look great with matching patterned cups and plates.

This clay pot is perfect for everyday use as well as for entertaining.

karakusa SS pot Hasami ware

Oh! This is a Hasami ware pot with an eye-catching arabesque pattern.

The patterns are carefully painted one by one by craftsmen.

The design is not the only wonderful thing about this pot.

Featuring a wide opening and spout, it is very easy to clean.

Recommended for those who are not good at cleaning teapots and pots and are concerned about dirt.

The good news is that it comes with a stainless steel tea strainer, so the mesh is fine and tea leaves won't get clogged.

This is a wonderful pot that combines both design and functionality.

Pot with mesh blue porcelain dahlia Hasami ware

A pot with a large dahlia pattern that immediately catches the eye.

The Dahlia series is Japanese tableware, but it also has a Scandinavian feel.

It would be fun to match it with a simple plain pottery as an accent.


Japanese teapots and pots are items that are used every day, but once purchased, they are rarely replaced, so we recommend that you use the ones you think are really good.

If you use teapots and pots often, but haven't paid much attention to their design or functionality, please take this opportunity to find your favorite teapots and pots.

The same tea can become much more delicious just by changing the teapot/pot.
It's nice to be able to feel fashionable even at home.

Uchiru sells the teapots and pots introduced this time.

Please take a look at the link below.

Japanese teapot / pot list page

Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!