[2024 Kasama Toen Festival] Complete guide! Basic information and introduction of recommended authors

Hello! My name is Takezawa, and I am the owner of ``Uchill, a pottery market that you can enjoy at home'' that sells pottery made by artists.

This time, we will introduce the charm of the event and the points to enjoy about the Himatsuri held in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

The Toen Festival is an event held during Golden Week, and there are pottery markets and events held all over the country during this time, so some people may have never been to it yet.

We will introduce you to basic information such as access and lunch, as well as recommended artists, so please use this as a reference when going out.

What is Toen Festival

The Toen Festival will be held at the event venue of Kasama Art Park in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

This is a pottery market that attracts over 200 pottery artists, potteries, and local retailers, and is a very popular event among pottery fans.

The dates and locations for 2021 are as follows.

Kasama Toen Festival
Date: April 29, 2024 (Monday/holiday) ~ May 5th (Sunday/Holiday)
Hours: 9:00-17:00
Admission fee: 500 yen per day , Free for people with disabilities (accompanied person) (including 1 person)
Location: Kasama Art Forest Park 2345 Kasama, Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Points to enjoy the Toen Festival

If you are going to the Toen Festival for the first time, there are nearly 200 artist tents alone, so you may be wondering what to focus on when you visit.

So, if you keep this in mind! I would like to introduce this point.

Encounter pottery by popular artists

There are 200 artist tents, each with a unique style and unique works.

Among them are many popular authors whose fans visit every year. Many fans line up at the tents of such popular artists from the first day, and often find themselves saying, ``When I went to see them, there were hardly any works left.''

If you want to visit a popular artist's tent, we recommend lining up early on the first day.

If you are thinking, ``I'm going to the pottery market for the first time, so I don't know which artists to see,'' please read the second half of ``Artists you want to check out at the Toen Festival.''

Lots of gourmet food that can only be eaten at the Toen Festival

The Toen Festival is also famous for its extensive food court.

In addition to light snacks such as hot dogs and crepes, there was also a unique menu such as Hoha Pizza, which is a pizza placed on a magnolia leaf, and ``Kasama Inari'', which is stuffed with various toppings.

The popular menu items at the food court can have long lines, so it's best to check them out early.

An event that everyone from adults to children can enjoy

When you think of utensils, you may have the impression that they are something only adults can enjoy, but the Toen Festival also has plenty of events that children can enjoy.

For example, there is a ``Tsuchima Festival'' where clay masks made by local elementary school students are exhibited, and a kids' land where you can try face painting and potter's wheel experience, so both adults and children can have fun. .

It's also a good idea to bring a tent or something and relax outside.

In addition, there are many events held both during the day and at night. Up until now, jazz and acoustic live performances have been held, and you can enjoy performances by unique artists.

Enjoy the Mashiko pottery market twice

The Mashiko Pottery Fair, famous for Mashiko ware, is also held around the same time as the Toen Festival. Although they straddle Tochigi and Ibaraki prefectures, they are actually not that far apart, and special buses run directly from each venue, so you can tour the two pottery markets. .

Quote: Ibaraki Kotsu Kanto Ceramic Liner

The bus takes about 45 minutes and the fare is 500 yen for adults and 250 yen for children, so it's cheaper and faster than going by train. Fares can only be paid in cash, so be sure to prepare in advance.

Please note that since it is a first-come, first-served basis, you may not be able to board if it is full, or it may take longer than expected due to traffic during the event period.

Please refer to this article for information about Mashiko Pottery City.

How to enjoy

Artists you want to check out at Toen Festival

From here, we will introduce recommended artists that you should check out at the Toen Festival. There are many artists whose products we have decided to carry because of this pottery market.

Akihiko Nakano

Akihiko Nakano is an artist who has a studio in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

The pottery is characterized by its wonderfully carved patterns, making it a work of art that feels comfortable to the touch and conveys the warmth of the earth. It's nice to have them in different colors.

You can also view Akihiko Nakano's utensils here.
Akihiko Nakano list page

Yoshiko Hirasawa

Yoshiko Hirasawa is an artist who creates containers that make food delicious and meals more enjoyable.

The work is a pale green color called ``hakari'', which has a gentle hue similar to jade, and you can enjoy the unique qualities of earthenware, such as the shading of the color and the pinholes.

You can also view Yoshiko Hirasawa's pottery here.
Yoshiko Hirasawa list page

Enmi Kujirai

Enmi Kujirai is an artist who has a studio in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

It features a matte texture, and the plate in the shape of a ridge flower in particular makes the food look even more delicious. She is an artist who wants to enjoy soft colors and shapes.

Hajime Ishii

Hajime Ishii is an artist who has a studio in Sakuragawa City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

The colors have a unique presence, and depending on the way the glaze is applied, they can look whitish or silvery, giving them a depth that you won't get tired of looking at all day long.

Yoshiran Sagawa

Yoshiran Sagawa is an artist who has a studio in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

We create pieces using a traditional European technique called slipware. Slipwear is often considered masculine and rugged, but Mr. Sagawa's slipwear has a rhythmic and somewhat pop atmosphere.

Tetsuo Kuwahara Noriko Kuwahara

Quoted from Toen Festival exhibitor list page
Quoted from the Toen Festival exhibitor list page

Tetsuo Kuwahara and Noriko Kuwahara are artists who have a studio in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

The gentle colors and the dignified appearance that makes it look like a piece of modern art, even though it is a container, are attractive.

Chihiro Sunayama

Quoted from Toen Festival exhibitor list page

Chihiro Sunayama's work has a simple design, but also has a somewhat unique feel. It is a work that you will want to enjoy the fun of each shape and color.

Takahiro Umame / Manome Kobo

Quoted from Takahiro Umame's Instagram

Takahiro Umame is experimenting with various forms, including not only containers but also brooches and chopstick rests. From cute motifs to traditional Mishima patterns, all of the designs are simple yet eye-catching.

Kumiko Mizuno

Quote from Kuniko Mizuno's Instagram

Kumiko Mizuno continues to create simple vessels that convey the warmth of the earth. The design is attractive and can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Joe Harada Nao / Harada Pottery Kiln

Quoted from Nao Harada's Instagram

White porcelain became popular during the Song Dynasty. Joe Harada admires such white porcelain and continues to create pieces. His wife, Nao Harada, created simple relief vessels with the theme of ``nostalgic dining tables.'' It is a piece that will make any dish stand out.

Atsushiyuki Sakai

Quote from Atsushi Sakai's Instagram

Atsushi Sakai's work is a white pottery with an earthy texture, accented with brown glaze. We make a variety of pottery such as plates, rice bowls, flower vases, and pots, all of which exude simplicity and strength.

If you would like to have lunch at Toen Festival?

If you are going to the Toen Festival, you should also enjoy lunch. Centered around the center of the venue, there will be menu items ranging from light snacks to items that can only be eaten at the Toen Festival.

It's also nice to be able to eat food from famous local restaurants. Another point is that you can enjoy your meal while feeling the rich nature of the park.

Another point is that you can enjoy your meal while feeling the rich nature of the park.

I would like to introduce some of the foods you can find at the food court.

Hoba Pizza

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Phoba pizza is made by placing the pizza on top of a magnolia leaf and baking it.It has a visual impact as well. There's bound to be a line, so if you're interested, it's best to go early.

Tomoshibi Ningyo Yaki

Quoted from Dr. Tomoshibi's Instagram

The impressive ningyo-yaki you can find at the Toen Festival! I can't help but want to take a photo. When you bite into it, red bean paste and cream come out from inside, making you feel like an amperman.

Hot dog

Quoted from Mori no Ishigama Bakery Instagram

I often saw it on Instagram! Hot dogs made by a stone oven bakery in the forest. I'm sure this is delicious.


Quoted from Urakuro's Instagram

There are many international dishes, such as mazesoba and gapao.

Kinomi no

Quoted from Kinino's Instagram

Kinino-san's snack! Recommended. Enjoy with Kaga stick tea. I'm happy to be able to eat this at the Toen Festival.

Access to Toen Festival 

Go by car

From the Tokyo area, take the Joban Expressway Iwama IC - National Route 355, Mito IC - National Route 50, Kita-Kanto Expressway - Tomobe IC - National Route 355. From the Tochigi/Gunma area, take the Kita-Kanto Expressway/National Route 355. It is convenient to use Kasama Nishi IC.

There are several Toen Festival parking lots at the venue, but they fill up quickly. Also, there is a long line to get into the parking lot, so we recommend arriving as early as possible in the morning.

Quote: Toen Kasama Festival official website

If the venue is full, you can park your car at a large-scale temporary parking lot located far away from the venue and use the shuttle bus, or Temporary parking lot in the city< /strong> and take the city tour bus.

Go by JR

By train, you will arrive at the venue in about 10 minutes by shuttle bus from Kasama Station on the JR Mito Line, or 15 minutes by shuttle bus from Tomobe Station on the JR Joban Line.

Although it is possible to walk from Kasama Station, it is better to wait for about 30 minutes.

The Kasama Sightseeing Tour Bus runs from each station and takes you around the city's main tourist facilities, so it's also convenient.

City circulation bus

There are also tour buses that circulate around the Toen Festival venue, Tsutsuji Park, and the Inari parking lot, as well as tour buses that can be boarded from near free parking lots in Kasama City. If you are unable to arrive early in the morning by car, you may want to take advantage of these buses.

Recommended spots nearby

Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum

Quote from Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum Instagram

Ibaraki Prefectural Ceramic Art Museum presents "traditional crafts and new plastic arts" This themed museum not only holds exhibitions related to pottery, but also design and jewelry exhibitions. It's located within easy reach of the Toen Festival venue, so you might make an unexpected discovery if you take a trip.

Kasama Inari Shrine

Kasama Inari Shrine, one of Japan's three major Inari shrines, is visited by 3.5 million worshipers each year. The main attraction is the massive worship hall and the approach to the shrine where you can find souvenirs and a teahouse. There are many points that can be enjoyed as sightseeing spots.

"Ceramics and Life"

The spring Toen Festival is lively and fun, but in the fall, a craft event called Ceramics and Living is held at the same Kasama Art Forest.

Quote: Pottery and Living Official Website

It's a little compact than the ceramic flame festival, but there are many young writers, and it has a gentle atmosphere and a fun event.

The schedule and location in 2020 were as follows.


Pottery and living
Date: 2021 is October 29 (Sat) to 31st ( Tuesday from 9:00 to 16:00 (15:30 on the last day)
Location: 2345 Kasama, Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture Kasama Art Forest Park (Kasama Crafts Hill)
URL: https://toutokurashi.com/

This event can spend a slow time and is recommended again!


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