[Choice of chopstick rest makes a difference! ] Introducing stylish and cute items

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Table coordination is quite a problem. I often get stuck in a rut of always using the same bowl.

At such times, chopstick rests make the dining table a little more enjoyable.

Chopstick rests are small in size and can easily change the atmosphere of your dining table, just like changing clothes.

It's really fun to spend time thinking, ``Let's use this chopstick rest then. Tomorrow, let's entertain with that chopstick rest.''

Quoted from ayayan_0223 (Instagram)

In this article, we will introduce stylish and cute chopstick rests that you will want to keep handy.

Look for your favorite item, whether it's for everyday use or for entertaining, something unique that will make you laugh!

I want to see various chopstick rests first! If so, you can see a list of chopstick rests from the link below.

Chopstick rest list page

Exciting animal motif

Animal-themed chopstick rests are popular, so there are many designs available.

There are a variety of ways to enjoy it, such as collecting your favorite animals or choosing items that are particular about the atmosphere, such as warm and simple.

Arita Ware Bears 5 Bear Chopstick Rest Set of 5

Five cute bears support the chopsticks with their bellies.

Each bear's face is hand-drawn, and the slightly different, gentle expressions will make you feel warm.

It's made of durable, lightweight, and stain-resistant porcelain, so it's easy to clean.

Harry Rest Brownie Porcelain Hasami Ware

A hedgehog chopstick rest with a plump and cute form.

It's like he's walking happily on the table.
The hollow of the nose holds chopsticks firmly.

Chopstick rest Polar bear porcelain Arita ware

A chopstick rest in the shape of a polar bear that looks like it is swimming smoothly in the sea.

The little ears and eyes are so cute!
It is solid and thick, and although it is small, it has a lot of presence.

The back of the neck is concave, making it difficult for the chopsticks to roll around.

Chopstick rest, Shoebill, Ceramic, Lower Eternal Beauty

The shoebill is a mysterious large bird that is famous for not moving.
This is an adorable chopstick rest that looks at you with grainy eyes.

The soft colors and cute appearance will make your dining table lively.

Natural and simple

It's a good idea to have a set of things that have a natural feel and are simple.

You can use it as your own favorite or for everyday use without pretense. Of course, it is also a reassuring presence for hospitality and gifts.

Chamfered chopstick rest, blue pottery, Mino ware

A clean and sharp appearance reminiscent of an iceberg.
Not only the design, but also the functionality of preventing the chopsticks from slipping off is a great feature.

The light color of the glaze and the texture of the earth match well, creating a calming meal time.

Chopstick rest amber ceramic rosemary Hasami ware

A chopstick rest that adds a dignified elegance to your everyday dining table.

Rosemary has been loved by people since ancient times as a lucky charm because of its image of purifying bad things.
The muted color makes it easy to match with any food, giving it a chic and mature atmosphere.

Iron glaze oval chopstick rest pottery Naoki Matsuo

A cute chopstick rest with a flower motif.

The gradation of tea created by the shading of the glaze creates a very atmospheric atmosphere.

It has a warm clay-like appearance, and the texture that makes you feel relieved when you pick it up is one of its charms.

Chopstick rest cross shape light gray ceramic Tsujimotoji

Michi Tsujimoto creates chopstick rests with various designs.

This is a simple shape, but it is made to give a sense of stability to the chopsticks.

It has an attractive, clean appearance that will please any guest.

Hashioki white pottery Ojiro ware Chihiro kiln

It's so convenient that you can add condiments while placing your chopsticks!
The folded edge design is very unique.

The small pinholes that appear here and there are a unique charm of earthenware.
It seems like it will bring a calm atmosphere to the dining table with its gentle expression.

Tsuzumi set porcelain KANEAKI SAKAI POTTERY

A fun 5-color set with a tsuzumi motif.

Available in natural colors that give you a warm feeling. Since it is made of porcelain, it is also easy to clean.

The appearance of the box is perfect and nice! Also great as a gift for your loved ones.

Feeling cute as an adult

Many people can't help but pick up this adorable chopstick rest that is filled with femininity.

Here we would like to introduce chopstick rests that are cute, but also have a calm atmosphere and the warmth of pottery.

Four-legged oval iron blue porcelain Kazun Mizutani

An adorable chopstick rest with four little legs.
The delicate and beautiful form was apparently molded from an antique candy mold.

A beautiful color in which the blue and yellow flowing from the edges gently blend together.

It's small but has a strong presence, and it adds color to your dining table.

Ribbon chopstick rest white ceramic Tsujimotoji

The tightly tied ribbon will tickle the hearts of those who love cute things.

The gray and white ribbons have a calming atmosphere and are not too sweet. Recommended for both smart and cute women.

This chopstick rest will bring out the charming charm of the person who uses it.

Chopstick rest square shaped bronze porcelain Kasumi Fujimura

This chopstick rest has an adorable chocolate-like shape.

As Fujimura says, "Simple and cuteness coexist," the design is simple and timeless, with hints of girly elements.
It will become a presence that gives you a little excitement in your daily life.

Chopstick rest, dyed Chinaless, porcelain, Arita ware

You will be captivated by each and every carefully made petal.
It is solid and thick, and although it is small, it has a lot of presence.

This chopstick rest has a variety of expressions depending on the utensils you match it with, and you'll be looking forward to using it for a long time.

Chopstick rest croissant porcelain Arita ware

The burntness is exquisite, and you can almost smell the sweet scent of butter.
A chopstick rest shaped like a croissant that will make you want to eat it.

Pair with various cutlery such as chopsticks, spoons, and forks to accent your table coordination.
It looks just like the real thing, and brings a fun time every time it appears.

Japanese pattern makes you feel warm

Japanese pattern that gives you a relaxed and nostalgic feeling.

Not only can it be paired with Japanese tableware, but it can also be enjoyed with Western dining tables.

What kind of pottery should I match it with?

The time you spend thinking will definitely become more exciting.

Chopstick rest dark camellia red Imari gourd porcelain Arita ware

This chopstick rest is shaped like a gourd and has an oriental feel to it.

The chopstick rest has a blue base with bright red flowers, giving it a calming feel that will easily fit in with your everyday dining table.

It has just the right balance of glamor and an atmosphere that blends in with everyday life.

Seal chopstick rest matchmaking porcelain arbor

A series based on symbols called "yakumono" used in printing, such as punctuation marks and decorative lines that have been popular in Japan since ancient times.

A manufacturing method called "inban" is used to transfer the plate onto the base material.

There are 10 different patterns, so we recommend choosing your favorite and coordinating your table.

Colored Hashioki Collection Flowers and Birds Seikogama Kutani Ware

It has an attractive appearance that feels like a snapshot of the first day of spring.

It can be used not only for everyday use, but also for celebrations and New Year's parties.

It has a special feel, so it would be great as a small gift.

Nebuta chopstick rest glass Tsugaru Vidro

This chopstick rest has a somewhat nostalgic appearance that reminds me of rice paddies and marbles.

The image is of the brightly colored "Nebuta" lights dancing in the night sky during a festival.
The shadow cast on the table is also one of the highlights.

Clean modern design

Cool and sophisticated chopstick rests are highly likable.

Stylish yet carefully handcrafted, it is sure to be a great addition to your daily dining table, as well as for entertaining.

Chopstick rest, black ink, porcelain, Giyaman, Mino ware

Just like lacquer or glass!

This chopstick rest is made of a high-quality, high-quality, glossy glaze, and has a calm and astringent taste.

Chopstick rest brass Fu Asano

A brass chopstick rest with a beautiful clean design.
A carefully polished, special appearance.

A brass chopstick rest that changes color each time you use it.
I want to take good care of it while enjoying watching it develop its own unique texture.

Chopstick rest, pretzel, tea, pottery, Tsujimotoji

Pretzel! Yes, it's a pretzel chopstick rest.

A work of art that combines an unexpected idea with a modern form.

The white chocolate and bitter cocoa colors are also smart and attractive.

Unique and full of personality

When you want to recharge your energy during meal time or when you want to make your guests smile...

It's a great ally to have in your cupboard.

The humorous appearance that resembles a small miscellaneous item is possible only with chopstick rests.

Chopstick rest Shimeji pottery Tsujimotoji

A chopstick rest with a unique design that will make you want to eat it.

The size and color are exactly what Shimeji is.

The pleasant scent of mushrooms seems to be wafting through the air.

Chopstick rest mitarashi dango porcelain Arita ware

How about a dango with your tea?

The charring of the mitarashidare is exquisite, and you can almost smell the sweet and salty aroma.

A cute item perfect for relaxing at home.

There are also sanshoku dango in different colors.

Chopstick rest shirt white x green pottery Mino ware

White Y-shirt and green tie.
A chopstick rest with a unique design.

It is also a good idea to use it as a cutlery rest for wooden spoons and forks during tea time.
It would also be a great gift for dad.

Chopstick rest, umbrella, pom-pom, porcelain, Mori Tobo Tobe ware

The hand-painted umbrella pattern on the bluish white porcelain is reminiscent of a wonderful story.

It's actually a versatile chopstick rest that can be placed as the centerpiece on a simple dining table, or as a member of a lively tableware set.

House spoon rest pottery Kierisha

The motif is a house that seems to appear in fairy tales. The simple, handmade look will soothe your soul.

We recommend using it as a set with other containers from Kierisha.

The excitement of looking at an object is doubled.

Table coordination that makes you want to collect chopstick rests

The little brown bear is gawking!

If you add a chopstick rest that will make you laugh, it will instantly make your dining table more playful.

Not only can it be used as a chopstick rest, but it is also nice to look at as an interior decoration or collection.

It's so cute to see so many lined up that you'll want to collect more and more.

mikasko( From Instagram)

Pair a dyed plate with a dyed chopstick rest.

By matching the color tones and atmosphere, you can create a unified and elegant impression.


Many artists have created wonderful chopstick rests, so it's easy to keep an eye on them.

The cute size of the chopstick rest does not take up too much space for storage, making it easy to go on an adventure with pieces that you wouldn't normally choose.

Of course, chopstick rests are also perfect items as gifts.

At Uchiru, we not only have the chopstick rests we introduced this time, but also a variety of other chopstick rests.

Please take a look at the link below.

Chopstick rest list page

Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!

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