[Hasamiyaki] 17 stylish table coordination examples

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Hasami ware has a history of over 400 years, but has a somewhat modern and pop impression.

This is a traditional pottery made in Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture. Hasamiyaki utensils are very popular on SNS, and many people who like utensils probably know about them.

Just by using beautiful Hasami ware pottery, your everyday dining table will become more colorful and fun.

However, instead of just arranging the containers somehow, if you grasp the points and tricks, you can create an even more stylish impression.

In this article, we will introduce you to those who are stuck in a rut when it comes to table coordination, and who want to know how to coordinate a stylish table using Hasami ware! For those who say.

Introducing examples of stylish table coordination.

At the end, I will also give you some tips on how to coordinate your table, so if you are interested, please refer to it.

Change your usual utensils to Hasami ware

Quote: ayumicozy126

Table coordination using daisy plates.

If you place the bread in the middle so that the daisy flowers can be seen, it will be surrounded by the wreath and create a gorgeous atmosphere. Try creating table coordination by paying attention to the pattern of the plates and the placement of the food.

Easily upgrade your usual breakfast!

Quote: ume_303

A stylish lunch plate from the popular series Hakusan Toki Bloom.

When serving something juicy like curry, the plant motifs drawn on the edges look well-balanced and create a sophisticated atmosphere.

The color of the green curry matches the beautiful white and lapis lazuli color plates.

Quote: miiko.coco

One of the charms of Hasami ware is its beautiful coloring.

You can instantly brighten up your usual breakfast by using brightly colored Hasami ware pottery.

By subduing the color of the bowls and small plates to create a balance, you can create a sense of unity and stylish table coordination.

Quote: aribo_s

Use a border-patterned bowl and bowl to make Chinese bowls and soup.

Hasami ware's border series has various types of pottery, each with a different thickness, number, and arrangement of lines.

By combining pottery with different border patterns, you can create a playful yet unified table coordination.

Stylish pair coordination

Quote: mie_m1007

When creating a pair coordination, add a little variety by using plates of the same type but in different colors to create a stylish atmosphere.

The main plate is a simple white plate, and the secondary plates are matched with patterns to create a balance.

Hasami ware plates with cute round leaf motifs give a modern impression with a somewhat Scandinavian atmosphere. These utensils will instantly add style to your dining table.

Quote: yuco.0246

Use a square plate to instantly create a modern atmosphere.

If you match the shapes of the plates and mugs and change the colors, you can create a pop of table coordination.

Even a simple breakfast can be transformed into a fun meal using Hasami ware pottery!

Quote: shiu_room

A stylish oval plate with casually drawn flowers.

The pattern and color give it an ethnic feel, so Khao Man Gai fits perfectly.

If there is only one type of plate, the dining table tends to feel lonely, but if you use a plate of rice, the colors of the food are bright, so you won't feel lonely.

Perfect for serving on one plate

Quote: midd33cove

HASAMI series made with the image of an American diner.

A hamburger plate goes perfectly with a bright yellow plate.

The small plate with ketchup and mustard is a nice accent.

Quote: ayuayu0629

By adding side dishes little by little and using small plates, you can create a high-quality one-plate meal that looks like something you would get at a restaurant.

You can create a gorgeous atmosphere by placing the daisy flowers in the center without hiding them. The delicate and elegant daisy flowers create a chic dining table atmosphere.

For one plate, an 8-inch plate is perfect.

Quote: yorip3381

One-plate rice made using a stylish container with a modern pattern.

The square shape is cute and extremely easy to use!

You can freely enjoy one plate by arranging small rice balls or side dishes little by little.

For dessert or tea time

Quote: hasamino.daikichi

Hakusan Toki Bloom's plates and tea cups are perfect for tea time!

The plant motif pattern is elegant and can be used to entertain friends.

Since the colors and patterns are simple, it won't get boring even if you have them all in the same series.

Quote: futeborista14

Put a chiffon cake and a cafe latte in a soba choko on HASAMI's plate.

By placing not only sweets but also a cup and fork on the plate, you can create a stylish cafe-like atmosphere.

The soba choko, which is decorated with a scene from a picture scroll of Choju-Giga, which is said to be Japan's oldest manga, is incredibly cute and will make your tea time a fun time.

Quote: ayuayu0629

The Decor series cups are beautifully coordinated with Japanese sweets such as Shiratama and Monaka. The flowers on the cup are said to be inspired by Tyrolean tape.

The retro-style pattern matches the Japanese sweets.

When you line up bright colors such as red and yellow, it creates a pop and cute impression! The plate placed under the cup is also from the same series. It's nice to use them together to create a sense of unity.

Be particular about the time you spend drinking

Quote: kao_roni

The bottle with a cool design that says “Monohara” is from the Kurawanka collection.

This is a reproduction of the shape and texture of Compra bottles that were used to fill soy sauce and alcohol for export around 1790.

Alcohol in a bottle that gives off a nostalgic and powerful feeling is likely to taste even more delicious.

Quote: ykccchn

The color, which is a mixture of deep blue and beautiful light blue, catches the eye with its indescribable beauty.

Glasses made of glass are common, but ceramic glasses have a unique texture that gives you a warm feeling, making your drinking experience even more enjoyable.

This is a glass that the more you use it, the more you will become attached to it. Having one at home will make drinking time more enjoyable.

Arrange flowers for interior decoration

Quote: nishiyamajapan

Hasami ware not only has tableware, but also a lot of cute flower vases.

Cute single flower vases with their round shapes are stylish when displayed side by side in different colors and patterns.

Cute flowers and a nice flower vase will instantly brighten up your room.

Quote: akkosuns

A wonderful idea to use a Hasami ware mug as a vase.

The retro flower pattern is cute and makes the blue star flowers look even more beautiful.

For example, if you have a container with a border, you can try using it as a flower vase instead of throwing it away.

Tips for organizing the table coordination

So far, we have introduced several examples of stylish table coordination using Hasami ware.

Some of you may think that you know how to coordinate fashionably, but it would be difficult to imitate it yourself.

So, here are some tips for organizing your table coordination.

Tips 1: Make height differences

In order to create a stylish table coordination, the difference in height is important.

For example, place a bean plate or cup on top of a large plate, or place a saucer under a teacup.

You can make your table coordination look even more beautiful by layering the pottery well and adding accents.

Instead of just arranging them on the table, try coordinating them with the difference in height in mind.

Tips 2: Use no more than 3 colors

The key to creating stylish table coordination is to use colors well.

Just using a lot of colors does not make it stylish.

Just like in fashion, if you use too many colors, it will look cluttered and disorganized.

If you decide to use no more than three colors when coordinating the table, it will create a sense of unity and a sophisticated impression.

Also, when choosing a color, try to match it with the taste of the food. (For example, calm colors for Japanese food, bright colors for Western food, etc.)


We introduced examples of stylish table coordination using Hasami ware and tips for organizing the table coordination well.

Hasami ware is a traditional pottery, but it has a modern and stylish impression. There are many different tastes of pottery, so it's fun to collect your favorites.

Please use this article as a reference and enjoy stylish table coordination using beautiful Hasami ware pottery.

Uchiru also handles various types of Hasami ware. Please take a look if you like.

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Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!

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