[Hasami-yaki bowls/donburi] 12 stylish bowls!

Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Photographer Wada (lives alone)
Hello! I am a staff member of the Japanese tableware mail order site "Uchiru".
This time, I would like to introduce you to Hasami ware tea bowls.

Hasami ware is ceramics produced in Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture.
The white porcelain has a delicate and deep dyed texture that you can enjoy, and the modern design is attractive.

In addition to rice bowls, we also introduce small bowls that are useful when you want to finish your meal quickly, as well as bowls where you can enjoy noodles as well!

I want to see what kind of bowl is ahead! If so, please take a look here.

Hasami ware rice bowls/donburi list page

Characteristics of Hasami ware bowls and bowls

"Hasami ware" is a type of ceramic ware made in Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture, which boasts a tradition of over 400 years.

Many porcelain vessels are made, and they are microwave and dishwasher safe, durable and easy to handle, making them perfect for modern life.
The good thing about this is that it is relatively inexpensive and there is little individual variation, so it is easy to have one for your family or for guests.

In addition, there are many gorgeous designs that give a Scandinavian feel, and they have become increasingly popular recently.

Now, let's start with the rice bowl!

Recommended Hasami ware tea bowls

Kurawanka bowl, crane, pottery, kotohogi, Hasami ware

The cranes that peek out at you when you eat your meal will make you feel at home.
If you share your life with "Good morning" and "Thank you for your hard work", you will feel a little more energetic.

An added bonus is that it's easy to hold because your fingers can rest firmly on the large platform.

Tea bowl herringbone brown pottery ORIME Hasami ware

A tea bowl with an impressive herringbone pattern.

It stands up straight from the hill, giving it a smart impression.
Not only can it be used as a rice bowl, but it also has a shape that allows you to freely serve stews, salads, etc.

Rice bowl large mimosa pottery Hasami ware

A rice bowl with a lovely mimosa pattern that heralds the arrival of spring.

The delicate leaf pattern that looks like it is swaying in the wind and the bright yellow mimosa flowers immediately catch the eye.

There are also sizes that are one size smaller, so you can get a matching one with your child.

Rice bowl, strawberry, porcelain, fruits, Hasami ware

The strawberry pattern is drawn all over, so it can be used as an accent for your table.
The base color is beige, which is close to white, so it has a calming feel and is a design that suits adults as well.

You can also use it as a dessert cup by taking advantage of the pop pattern.

Kurawanka bowl lemon pottery Hasami ware

The lemon pattern stands out against the gray base, and just looking at it will cheer you up.
When you look at it from above, you can see a glimpse of lemon slices, making it an accent.

For breakfast, it's also great to fill it with yogurt or granola and use it as a bowl.

Rice bowl, blue porcelain, dahlia, Hasami ware

Although it is Japanese tableware, it has a dahlia pattern that gives it a Scandinavian feel.
The adorable expression is attractive and can be enjoyed from any angle.

It's a little small, so it's easy to hold, and it's the perfect size for people with small appetites and children.

Tea bowl, navy, porcelain, Hasami ware

A beautiful bowl with a simple design that you will never get tired of using every day.

Not only can it be used as a rice bowl, but the shape allows you to freely serve stews, salads, etc.
The shallow structure makes it an elegant addition to your dishes.

Kurawanka bowl, round row, pottery, blue indigo, Hasami ware

The beige base is lined with circular patterns drawn all around in blue, giving it a great impact.

``Kurawanka bowl'' is an everyday container used to hold rice, side dishes, alcohol, etc.
It is useful not only when serving rice, but also for a variety of occasions as it is sturdy and stable.

Recommended bowls of Hasami ware

Rice bowl, breeze arabesque, pottery, blue indigo, Hasami ware

The perfect size for when you want to eat a full meal such as oyakodon or Chinese bowl.
It has a good depth, so it's perfect for ramen and udon.

It would also be useful when serving juicy dishes such as braised pork or meat and potatoes to share with others.

Banreki hand-painted multi-use pot, 6 inch, vermilion, porcelain, Hasami ware

This is a multi-colored pot with flower-like edges.

It's deep enough that it can also be used as a noodle bowl.

It would be nice to have them in different colors as a couple bowl.

Children Herringbone White Ceramic ORIME Hasami Ware

As the name "Kodon" suggests, it is a small bowl, so it is the perfect size for an adult's rice bowl.

It has a modern impression typical of Hasami ware, and can be used in both Japanese and Western settings.
The combination of grilled fish and miso soup like Japanese food is good, but it also goes well with a bowl of Western food like hamburger steak and corn potage.

13.5cm bowl navy porcelain daisy Hasami ware

The large blue flowers are drawn on the white porcelain, giving it an outstanding presence.

It has just the right amount of depth, so it's perfect for a small bowl when you're feeling a little hungry.
It has an exotic atmosphere, so ethnic dishes such as pho and cuppa are also suitable.

Table coordination using Hasami ware bowls

The shape of the round small bowl is the perfect match for the egg yolk dropped into the bowl.

The modern herringbone pattern will add a fun accent to your meal.

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A dyed rice bowl that gently enhances the white, warm rice.

It goes perfectly with Japanese food.

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While the colors are calming, the pattern drawn all over the container is eye-catching.

Even a simple menu can be taken to the next level with a bit of elegance!

If you are interested in Hasami ware rice bowls

This time we introduced Hasami ware bowls and bowls.

Because you use it every day, you want to take your time when choosing a bowl.

Hasami ware has a wide variety of bowl designs, from simple to gorgeous ones.
"I want to keep using it forever!"
I hope you find your favorite tea bowl that makes you think so.

In this article, we introduce in detail not only Hasami ware but also tea bowls from various production areas.

20 recommended selections! Stylish utensils that you'll want to keep using forever

Now I want to see more Hasami ware pottery! If so, please take a look here.

Rice bowl (tea bowl)/bowl list page

Thank you for reading until the end.
I hope you all have a wonderful time with your favorite utensils.

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