Introducing the popular series of Hasami ware's representative brand "Hakusan Toki" and 22 recommended products!

Hello! This is Taki from the Uchiru editorial department.

This time, we will introduce Hakusan Toki, a representative brand of Hasami ware.

Hakusan Toki is a ceramic manufacturer that produces many representative pieces that everyone has seen at least once.

Many of the pottery products that are made with the idea of ​​``fitting in with everyday people's lives'' have won the Good Design Award.

Easy to use and timeless design. Hakusan Toki creates pottery that has been loved by many people for a long time.

Today, we would like to introduce you to the charms of Hakusan Toki, from popular products such as Bloom and Layered Stripes to series with simple and easy-to-use designs.


The Bloom series is a series in which plant motifs are drawn using the characteristics of the brush.
This is a simple and cute container that looks like Scandinavian tableware.

This is a particularly popular product among Hakusan pottery.

Wreath plate

This easy-to-use plate comes in 5 different sizes.

It goes well with everything from breakfast bread, pasta, and main dishes, so it's useful in a variety of situations.

The largest size dinner plate is also recommended for entertaining. Plant patterns will brighten up your dining table.

Cup & Saucer

Hakusan Toki Bloom Wreath Tea Cup & Saucer

A tea cup and saucer with a smooth and comfortable feel and a cute plant motif pattern.

It will make your regular tea time more elegant and enjoyable. The wide diameter allows you to pour plenty of tea, cafe au lait, etc.


Hakusan Toki Bloom Wreath Teapot

The plant motif pattern is cute and elegant, and will add an elegant and calm feel to your tea time.

Perfect for entertaining, and would also be a great gift.

Soy sauce sashimi

Hakusan pottery standard soy sauce holder. Many people may be familiar with it, as it has won numerous awards including the Good Design and Long Life Design Awards.

G-type soy sauce holder

Quote: Hakusan Toki Co., Ltd. Official HP < /figcaption>

A classic soy sauce holder that has been manufactured for 60 years without changing its design or manufacturing method.

It has a stable and easy-to-use design, and comes in a wide variety of colors, from standard colors to cute colors.

I feel strongly that a design that puts the users first will continue to be loved for a long time even when times change.

Overlapping stripes

Layered stripes won the Good Design Award in 2016 and are a popular series among Hakusan Toki.

The handwritten striped pattern is cute and makes you feel happy.

Nagayaki plate

Hakusan pottery stacked striped Nagayaki plate a>

A plate that is the perfect size to put grilled fish on. It's hard to find a cute plate to put grilled fish on.

This plate can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including not only grilled fish but also sushi, fried eggs, and hors d'oeuvres.

Reverse square medium plate

Hakusan pottery stacked striped reverse square medium plate

The size is just right, perfect for using as a serving plate.

It can be used in a variety of situations, such as serving rice balls and pickles as a plate, or serving cake.

The cute striped pattern will instantly brighten up your dining table.

Twisted plum

Quote: Hakusan Toki Official HP

Twisted Ume is a series that has been loved for 50 years and won the Good Design Long Life Design Award.

This is also a popular pattern representing Hakusan Pottery.

The craftsmen dye each piece by hand, so you can feel the warmth of handiwork.

Japanese plate

Hakusan pottery Twisted plum 5 size Japanese plate< /a>

There are 5 different sizes from 3 sun to 7 sun.

Among them, the 5-inch size is recommended because it is just the right size and is very useful.

The appeal is that it looks great not only with Japanese food such as inari sushi and side dishes, but also with Western sweets such as cake.


Spica is a cute series with very gentle colors and delicate flower patterns.

This is a gentle and soft-looking tableware that will sit gently on your dining table.

Bread plate

Hakusan Pottery Spica Bread Plate

As the name suggests, this is a plate that is just the right size to hold bread.

Since it is a little deep, it can also be used for dishes such as pasta.

Durable and easy to clean, this plate has a soft and cute pattern, making it a wonderful addition to your daily meals.

Lid item

Hakusan Pottery Spica Warped Lid M

A case with a cute lid with a delicate flower pattern.

You can put jam or butter in it and store it in the refrigerator, and since the pattern is cute, it is also recommended to use it as an interior decoration by putting small items and accessories in it.

flat tea bowl

Quote: Hakusan Toki Official HP

Hakusan Toki's flat bowls come in many patterns, and it's fun to choose which one to go for.

Once you find your favorite pattern, this is the kind of vessel you'll look forward to using on a daily basis.

Flat bowl P-8

Hakusan Pottery Flat Tea Bowl P-8

The oriental pattern and muted colors make it easy to match with Japanese cuisine as well as many other genres of cuisine.

The slightly shallow wide mouth is characteristic, allowing you to enjoy the pattern carefully. Easy to hold and eat. This is a pottery made with the people who will use it in mind.

Flat bowl ST-15

Hakusan Pottery Flat Tea Bowl ST-15 a>

It has a simple pattern, and you can feel the warmth of handiwork from the hand-painted glaze.

It will brighten up your daily dining table. You can have fun using it not only for rice, but also for desserts such as fruits and anmitsu.


Quote: Hakusan Toki Official HP

Among Hakusan pottery, this basic series is especially simple and easy to use.

This series has received the Good Design Long Life Design Award and has been loved for a long time.

These utensils beautifully decorate the Japanese dining table of rice and tea.

Earthen jar

Hakusan pottery basic clay pot white mat

The basic clay pot has a streamlined form. It's very refreshing to see.

It has a design that you will never get tired of and is easy to use. You can use it for a long time.

Sencha bowl

Hakusan Pottery Basic Sencha Bowl White Mat a>

This sencha bowl has a round shape and a brown edge, making it cute and heartwarming.

It has a design that you will never get tired of, and is easy to clean and use, so you can use it for a long time.

S-line ~S line~

Quote: Hakusan Toki Official HP

The "S" in the S-line series has the meanings of "simple", "smart", "standard", and "session".


Quote: Hakusan Toki Official HP

Four types of sizes from 10cm to 25cm.

The smallest size plate costs 700 yen, which is also attractive.

Since it is a little deep, it is easy to use cutlery such as chopsticks and spoons.


Quote: Hakusan Toki Official HP

5 sizes available from 8cm to 22cm.

The shape is said to be modeled after the silhouette of Hakusan Toki's ``Yunomi choko''.

Depending on the size, it can be used in a variety of ways.


Quote: Hakusan Toki Official HP

2019 latest series.

It was created to be used casually at the everyday dining table.

The two-tone blue line and glossy navy blue are modern and stylish.

Snack tray

Quote: Hakusan Toki Official HP

A rectangular plate with a beautiful glossy navy blue color (bottom right of the photo).

It goes well with brightly colored ingredients such as yellow, green, and red.

Try adding fried eggs or fruits. It's fun to think about how to use it.

SHIHOU ~Four directions~

Quote: Hakusan Toki Official HP

Although it has a sharp form, this series uses traditional glaze to express a calm Japanese atmosphere.

Isn't it too difficult to enter? You may think so, but once you try it, it will go well with any dish.

Chopstick rest

Tori-shaped paperboard

Hakusan pottery Tori-mata Hashioki

A chopstick rest with an adorable tori-shaped form.

The glossy white porcelain gives it a clean feel. Not only can you use it as a chopstick rest, but you can also use it to hold name cards and message cards.


Hakusan pottery Kanon chopstick rest

Rhythmic patterns, like a musical canon. It has a simple but modern design.

Since it's a little larger, you can try putting wasabi on it or some condiments on it. It can be used not only as a chopstick rest but also for other purposes.


Butter case/jam case

Quote: Hakusan Toki Official HP

There are two sizes: square and long. The colors are yellow matte, white matte, blue, and iron red.

The long size fits 200g of butter without cutting it, so it can be conveniently used as a butter case.

It's a plain color with a beautiful glaze, and it overlaps well, so it's also recommended to use it as a side dish.

Vase/free stand

Tori-type free stand

Hakusan pottery free stand

A bird-shaped free stand with a lovely round shape.

Just hang it in your room and it will make you smile every time you see it.

Decorate with flowers, store cutlery such as chopsticks and spoons, or use it as a pen holder. You can use it in various ways.


Quote: Hakusan Toki Official HP

A tool stand with a nice relief pattern.

Two types: letter stand and pen stand. It will keep your desk area, which tends to get cluttered, neat and cute.

Not only can it be used as a letter stand or pen stand, but also as a storage for kitchen items or as an interior accessory. Recommended as a gift!

What is Hakusan pottery

History of “Hakusan Pottery”

Quote: Hakusan Toki Official HP

The pottery made in the small town of Hasami-cho, Nagasaki Prefecture is called "Hasami-yaki."

Hasami ware has been made since around 1580, and has a history of over 400 years.

Hasami ware, which had an image of being expensive, was produced in large quantities at a low price so that even the common people could enjoy it.

``Hakusan pottery'' was created from Hasami ware with the emphasis on being ``easy to use and fit into daily life.''

It has a modern, simple and timeless design, is functional and easy to use, and has been loved by many people for a long time.

About designer Masahiro Mori

Quote: Hakusan Toki Official HP

Masahiro Mori is an indispensable designer when talking about Hakusan Pottery, which created popular products that won the Good Design Long Life Design Award, such as the "G-shaped soy sauce holder," "Twisted plum," and "Hira tea bowl." .

After studying design at Tama Art University, he joined the Hakusan Toki Design Office in 1956. He served as a designer for Hakusan Toki for about 20 years until his retirement, and even after leaving the company he remained active as an advisor to Hakusan Toki.

Based on the belief that ``the joy of design comes from thinking about the vessels used in daily life, creating their shapes, and producing them in factories, we can share our lives with many people.'' I continued to make it.

Good Design Award

Quote: Hakusan Toki Official HP

The Good Design Award is an activity that aims to improve lives and society through design.

The Good Design Award is given to outstanding designs and designs with new discoveries.

Hakusan Toki's ``G-shaped soy sauce holder'' won the first Good Design Award in 1960, and since then many products of ``Hakusan Toki'' have won the Good Design Award.

Summary of Hakusan pottery

While introducing Hakusan Toki's recommended series and products, we conveyed the appeal of Hakusan Toki.
Hakusan pottery continues to be loved by many people today. I was surprised to find out that although it has a modern and new design, it has a very long history.

Even if times change, the essence of people remains the same. I feel a lot of love for the Utensils, which have been made with the idea of ​​being easy to use and fit into daily life.

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Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!

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