Refreshing pottery to survive the summer ~Glass, Yachimun, Porcelain~

Before I knew it, the sun was shining brightly. At this time of year when it's getting hotter and hotter, Introducing utensils that add cool and refreshing color to your dining table. In fact, it is a perfect tableware for the summer table. There are so many!

Glass container

8823/glass work Kohei Okizawa 8823/glass work Kohei Okizawa's blown glass. First of all, when it comes to summer utensils...yes, it's glass containers. Salads, carpaccio, fruits, etc. It makes cold food look delicious, Above all, it makes the colors of the material appear more vivid. Mr. Okizawa's glass has a soft outline that is unique to handmade glass. Kaku long bowl Served with guacamole in Mr. Okizawa's bowl. The green of the avocado and the yellow of tortilla chips stand out. This vessel is said to have been created with the image of a block of ice. This is a standard series called "Kaku". The way a block of ice melts and its corners become rounded It's a fresh and juicy container, as if you were looking at it. Source: coquet¬e_kumiko(instagram) Mr. Okizawa's pottery uses a lot of glass. It's relatively thick, so it looks a little chubby. It also goes well with clay pots. Source: kuroyamachan(instagram) It also goes well with wooden trays. Although it is made of glass, it has an outstanding presence. This is Mr. Okizawa's pottery. Next, we would like to introduce you to Sayaka Kanazu's utsuwa. Kanazu Sayaka list page "Nostalgia" series Somehow nostalgic, albeit modest It is a gorgeous container. blue, gray etc. On a cold-colored placemat, Create a stylish atmosphere. Warm colors such as pink or yellow With a cute atmosphere, Depending on the color of the tableware to be combined This is a unique pottery that will change your look. This series is made with blown glass, After adding a pattern using the Kiriko technique With glass paint (enamel painting) It is made by painting, reheating, and baking. Source: nicokigi(instagram) Landscape drawing small bowl dots As the name suggests, it's like turning glass into a sketchbook. It looks like a drawing of the scenery by the window. It's a beautiful container. The white part made by finely crushing transparent glass is It makes food look even crisper and colder. You can also see a list of glass vessels here.

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Porcelain vessel

Aki Murata list page Summer containers are not just glass! The beautiful pattern drawn with Gosu on a white background stands out. Aki Murata's utensils. Many of the dyed vessels have a strong statement, Mr. Murata's dyeing is a little modest. The white part has a warmth that is unique to ceramics. Source: pekopeko11 (instagram) Traditional dyed patterns such as Qinghai waves The charm of Mr. Murata's pottery is that it is arranged in a modern Japanese style. The popular small plate can be used as an accent for a one-plate style. Source: atsumi8181813 (instagram) A dark blue placemat is placed on the dyed container. With white and blue gradation, such as using We recommend keeping it neatly coordinated. You can create a refreshing summer dining table. Hasami Yaki Zeroichi List Page Even with the same Gosu dyeing, it has a different texture. This Hasami Yaki Zeroichi ni series vessels are Since it's porcelain, the white background is clearer than ceramic. A brightly dyed pottery that will catch your eye. This is also perfect for creating a refreshing summer dining table. Because the pattern is strong, we recommend using light colors. It's wonderful with carpaccio on top. The dignified appearance of porcelain, Cold foods such as salads and fruits It makes you look fresher.

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Yachimun's utensils

Another thing that is perfect for summer is This is a pottery from Okinawa Yachimun. "Yachimun" is an Okinawan dialect. It means "pottery". The container itself represents the atmosphere of Okinawa. It seems to be wearing This is a must-have dish for your summer dining table. Issui kiln list page In a form that retains the generosity that can only be achieved by handiwork, Bright and cutely painted There are a lot of wonderful pottery. Although the container itself is plump and thick, What makes the dining table look cool? Because it's Yachimun from Okinawa. Source: tomoe_1210 (instagram) The color scheme of the painting is effective, giving the noodles a gorgeous impression! Source: ayatama88 (instagram) If you're looking for Yachimun, just buy it separately! and It goes well with lavishly arranged dishes.

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Extra: Seto ware reminiscent of fireworks

Finally, for cold summer dishes. Introducing the perfect ceramic pottery. Koharukagama list page This is in Shinano, Seto City, Aichi Prefecture. A pottery that has been around since the Edo period. A straw vessel from Koharukagama. Because the unique striped pattern is reminiscent of ears of wheat, This traditional pattern is called "Mugiwarate". Seen from above, it kind of reminds me of fireworks. Source: sunchi_official (instagram) Combine with seared bonito, Enjoy the contrast of colors, With a cold beer, Served in a straw bowl How about fried tofu? If you're using a large plate, add some boiled summer vegetables, The bowls also include Miyazaki's summer staple ``hiyashiru.'' These utensils go well with delicious summer Japanese food.

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When it gets hot, your appetite decreases, We tend to overdo our daily meals. In such a case, if you use a pottery that will look great on summer dishes, Make meal time more delicious, You can have fun. By combining various unique pottery, Please enjoy your summer table. Blog writing: Uchiru, utensils and miscellaneous goods to decorate your home