[Hasami ware] 19 recommended vessels for gifts such as wedding gifts and Mother's Day

Hello, this is Taki from the Uchiru Pottery City Editorial Department.

There are surprisingly many opportunities to give gifts at celebratory occasions, such as when a friend has a child, a family member's birthday, Mother's Day, and Father's Day.

When you think about what the other person will be happy with, you worry a lot.

Tableware is something that is easy to receive and is used every day, so many people choose it as a gift.

There are many different types of tableware, so some people may not know what to choose.

This time, we would like to introduce utensils that are recommended as gifts.

At our store, we recommend Hasami ware as giftware.

There are three reasons:

1. Hasami ware is mostly made of porcelain, making it durable and easy to clean.

2. There are many traditional yet gorgeous things such as painting and dyeing, which are easy to please many people

3. Many items come in boxes, making them easy to give as gifts.

We will introduce recommendations for each occasion, such as wedding gifts, Father's Day, Mother's Day, employment gifts, small gifts, etc., so please refer to them.

Perfect as a wedding gift - convey your congratulations with a lucky charm

kotohogi kurawanka bowl crane pottery Hasami ware

A tea bowl with a bold design of a crane, which is considered a lucky charm.

Perfect as a gift for weddings and other auspicious occasions.

Cranes may give the impression of being flashy, but each crane carefully drawn by a craftsman will gently enrich your dining table.

Easy to use as it is microwave and dishwasher safe!

The crane rice bowl is from a series with motifs of lucky charms with the word "kotohogi" on them.

It comes in a gift box with the logo stamped on it, so you can give it as a gift with confidence.

kotohogi tea bowl pine pottery Hasami ware

This tea bowl is part of the same lucky charm series as the crane tea bowl that I introduced earlier, and is decorated with a pine needle pattern.

The charm of Hasami ware is that it has a modern feel, even though it has a pattern based on old-fashioned motifs.

It would also be a great gift to give as a pair with the crane pattern mentioned earlier.

This also comes in a sturdy presentation box, making it perfect as a gift.

When you start a new life such as getting married, having a warm and auspicious tea bowl will surely give you peace of mind!

Mame tray, earth ash, gourd, porcelain arbor

Mame plates are useful as gifts, but surprisingly few people own them.

No matter how many small plates you have, you can use them for various occasions, so they are sure to please you.

Introducing Azumaya's gourd-shaped bean plate. It has an auspicious shape, making it perfect for celebrations.

The natural white color makes it easy to use and blends well with any occasion.

Uchiru play small bowl, blue, red, 2-piece set, Uchiru Select

A gift set containing small bowls in two colors, blue and red with twisted lines.

A bright, twisted pattern that adds an accent to your dining table.
It will make even simple dishes look more colorful.

There are pairs of things that couples can use, but they are a bit embarrassed to buy them themselves, or surprisingly, they don't have them.
If you sit around the table with the same tableware, you'll feel like you're part of a family and enjoy your meal with a warm feeling.

For Mother's Day or Father's Day

essence Doily base S pottery Hasami ware sen

What should I give Mother's Day every year? I'm worried about that. They will be happy if you give them flowers, so why not give them a flower vase as well?

The flower vase we are introducing is modeled after a paper coaster placed under a cake.

This flower vase has a delicate and casual impression, but also has a presence. I think it will make your room look a lot more stylish as an interior decoration.

It will blend in well with any place, so your mother will definitely be happy with it.

Japanese plate, cloisonné, chrysanthemum pattern, 2-piece set

This plate has an attractive design that blends into everyday life, similar to Western tableware.

The 18cm plate is easy to use for breakfast, snacks, and any other occasion, so you don't have to worry about how many plates you have.

If you are always in a rut when it comes to gift giving on Mother's Day, why not give an easy-to-use plate as a gift?

Daisy Mug Navy/Gray Porcelain Hasami Ware Porcelain Hasami Ware

A mug with a beautifully drawn daisy flower. Not too big and not too small, just the right size for everyday use.

It is standard to give flowers on Mother's Day, but it would also be nice to give a cup with a floral pattern.

Many people may have a lot of mugs, but many people may not buy teacups and saucers for themselves.

The 15cm plate from the same Daisy series can be used as a saucer, so it would be nice to give it as a set.

Recommended as a gift for mothers who like tea and coffee.

Wine cup calme 2-piece set

Every year on Father's Day, many people may give alcohol as gifts. Next Father's Day, why not give him a wine cup along with alcohol?

A gift set containing wine cups in two colors: Yuzuhada Shino and black.

A chic and classic atmosphere that adds an accent to your dining table.
Let's toast to Father's Day together! When you say this, it looks like a wonderful evening drink time is about to begin.

For those who are starting to live alone due to going to higher education or finding a job (things that will lift your mood even when you are alone at the table)

Lemon plate pottery Hasami ware sen

Next, we will introduce some recommendations for those who are living alone due to going to higher education or finding a job.

When you live alone for the first time, tableware is a necessity. The ideal tableware is one that allows you to enjoy eating alone.

As the name suggests, this lemon plate is a cute plate that looks like a lemon on a plate.

It's a matte yellow color that's not too bright, so it goes well with any meal.

If you give it as a present, its uniqueness will surely bring a smile to your face.

tori 3-piece mini pot pottery Hasami ware

A set of 3 mini bird pots that will make you smile with their cute appearance.

Comes with a wooden tray, so you can display it as an interior decoration even when not in use.

The sizes are approximately 60, 30, and 20ml, and can be used for various purposes.

With these kids, I think it would be a fun start to living alone!

Hasami ware ORIME herringbone soba choko brown/white pottery

I don't buy soba choko for myself, but it's one of the dishes I would be happy to receive.

Not only can it be used as a soba choko, but it can also be used to store small side dishes or when you want to drink coffee, making it the perfect size for someone living alone. Herringbone soba choko has a modern and stylish atmosphere.

When you think of a soba choko, you may imagine something with a bitter atmosphere, but having one of these stylish soba chokos would be nice.

Also available in white in different colors. The brown color completely changes the atmosphere and creates a natural impression.

Please choose one that matches the mood of the friend you are giving the gift to.

Soup cup ivory ceramic rosemary Hasami ware

A soup bowl with a sophisticated design.

Many people may have a bowl for miso soup, but not a bowl for soup.

The muted color makes it easy to match with any kind of food, giving it a chic and mature atmosphere. Having one will come in handy.

A rich lineup of colors is also available.

You can use it not only for soup, but also as a cup for drinks such as cafe au lait and tea.

For a small gift

Harry Rest Brownie / Bubbles Porcelain Hasamiyaki Porcelain Hasamiyaki

It's also nice to give a small gift that won't make the other person pay attention.

The chopstick rest is just the right size and price, making it the perfect small gift.

There are so many different types of chopstick rests, and there are many designs that will tickle your girlish heart!

This hedgehog chopstick rest has a round shape and round eyes that are irresistible.

There are two types: soap bubbles and brownies, so it would be cute to have them as a set.

The slightly raised nose will catch your chopsticks firmly.

Every time I see the figure supporting the chopsticks, it makes me feel warm.

frame cutlery rest set of 3 ceramic sen Hasami ware

A chopstick rest with a romantic atmosphere that shines with the special feeling of gold.

The gold has a subdued luster, giving it a retro and nostalgic feel.

Pair with various cutlery such as chopsticks, spoons, and forks to accent your table coordination.

Girls who like cute things will definitely love this!

Durable so perfect for babies and children

Twinflower Set NUPPU

Quote: Saikai Pottery Online Shop

Your child will grow up quickly, so you might be wondering what to give as a baby gift.

Hasami ware's "Baby" series has wonderful gift sets that include mugs, bowls, plates, bibs, and spoons.

You can choose not only pink but also colors for boys such as blue and white, making it perfect as a baby gift. It is made of durable ceramic, so even children can use it with confidence.

motte-Mug (S)

Quote: AIYU Online Shop

A kids-sized mug with a distinctive double handle.

It is designed with ease of use in mind, such as being able to hold it with both hands and making it easy to pass.

In addition to pink, there are also blue and white. The cute colors and sophisticated design unique to Hasami ware are wonderful. It will be a great gift for baby showers and birthdays.

Things to keep in mind when gifting tableware

Finally, I would like to tell you what you should be careful about when giving tableware as a gift for a celebration.

If you are not used to giving tableware as a gift or are reluctant to give tableware as a gift, please refer to this guide.

Note 1: Is it okay to use “self-made items” as wedding gifts?

Due to the meaning of "breakable", tableware and glasses are not suitable for wedding gifts.

However, recently it has become common to give gifts such as tableware, so you don't have to worry about it as long as it is something that the recipient will appreciate.

Be sure to convey your feelings of congratulations by choosing lucky charms among the tableware so as not to be rude to the other person.

Note 2: Avoid odd numbers and even numbers.

What you need to be careful about is the number of tableware you gift. Avoid even numbers and numbers such as 4, 6, and 9 as they are bad luck.

However, even among even numbers, there is no problem with numbers that are well separated, such as pairs, 10, 12 (dozen), etc.


We have introduced Hasami ware that is recommended as a gift for each occasion. How was that.

Hasami ware has a history of over 400 years, but there are many pieces that have been made to fit modern lifestyles, such as unique or modern designs.

I would be happy if you made a new discovery and said, ``There are such cute Hasami ware tableware!''

Please use this as a reference when thinking of a gift that the recipient will be happy with.

Mata Uchiru also sells a lot of Hasami ware other than the utensils introduced this time, so please take a look.

Hasami ware list page

Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!

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