I want to find my favorite! simple and stylish mug

As a container for drinks

A mug that is familiar to us.

When you take a breather at home or at work

I think there are many people who use it.

A stylish mug that can be used everyday

We would like to introduce you.

What is a mug?

Photo: Mug semi-porcelain Shintaro Abe

``A cylindrical cup with one hand and no lid''

This is the original definition of a mug.

The name mug is Japanese and English.

It's called "mug" in English.

Make coffee or tea, etc.

Large mug for corn soup

Pouring soups such as potage, etc.

Appears in various scenes.

Introducing stylish mugs

Tobe ware small flower mug

Photo: Mug, small flower, semi-porcelain, Mori Tobo

Appropriate height and sense of stability

A cylindrical mug.

When you think of a mug, the first thing that comes to mind is

Is it a standard shape?

Tobe ware has a deep blue color called Gosu

It is characterized by hand-drawn designs.

Little flowers blooming here and there,

It makes you feel warm.

For lunch or tea time on holidays

Insert wooden cutlery and paper napkins.

If you set it as is on the table

You can feel like you're in a cafe.

Mino ware powder-cut mug

Photo: Mino ware powder-cut mug pottery

Warm design with plane patterns

A mug with an expression.

Mino ware does not have a style of pottery.

Mino ware was fired in Mino (Higashi Mino region)

Refers to pottery as a traditional craft

There are 15 types of designated Mino ware.

Simple yet expressive with the texture of the material

A fun Mino ware mug.

Not only coffee, but also coffee jelly

It would also be stylish to add desserts such as pudding.

Hasami ware bird series

Photo: Hasami ware bird e-mug green porcelain

A little bird with an adorable expression.

You'll feel warm the moment we meet

It's a mug.

Modern and stylish for modern life

Hasami ware has many brands.

It can also be used in the microwave and dishwasher.

Perfect for everyday use.

Since they can be stacked and stored, you will want to have them in different colors.

Morning plate with potage soup

Enjoy a leisurely holiday morning together,

You can also brighten up the table by arranging flowers

It might be a good idea to make it more colorful.



The inside is clean white.

One swallow flying is amazing

This is an adorable mug.

A mug made by a long-established enamel manufacturer.

It has excellent durability, and is also clean and hygienic.

There are so many ways to use stylish mugs!

A mug that can be used in a variety of situations.

You can also enjoy the coffee directly as a drip.

Also, taking advantage of the good points of enamel,

It is also good to enjoy it as a container for preservation.

Add homemade jam or dressing

It's a wonderful thing to display on the dining table.

Add some ideas

Mug for more fashionable use than everyday use

I want to enjoy using it.

(Written by Fujikawa)