[Bread plate] 15 recommended selections! Make your breakfast a little more luxurious with carefully selected plates

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Waking up in the morning and eating crispy toast or bread is probably one of the moments of relief.

At times like these, if you have your favorite bread plate, your dining table will become richer and more luxurious.

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In this article, we will introduce 20 stylish bread plates that will make your toast even more delicious and make you feel a little happier during your busy mornings.

If you would like to see various bread plates, you can also view them from the link below.

Toast Double the deliciousness! A collection of stylish bread plates

How to choose a bread plate

If you want to enjoy the crispy feeling of freshly baked food, this is it! Wooden bread plate

"It would be nice if you could eat toast leisurely and still have that crispy feeling of freshly baked toast."

In such cases, we recommend using a wooden bread plate.

Bread plate Onigurumi Semi-Aco Masayuki Kaga

A wooden tray with beautiful carved patterns all over its surface.

The key point is...

Solid wood absorbs moisture and maintains the freshly baked crispy texture

It doesn't get moist even after a while, and you can feel like it's freshly baked.

The more you use it, the more it becomes shiny, and you can look forward to seeing it change into a texture that is unique to you.

If you want to enjoy a stylish breakfast even if you don't have much time, this is it!

"I don't have much time in the morning and want to clean up easily, but I also want to eat on a stylish plate."

In such cases, we recommend using an easy-to-use ceramic platter.

24cm plate ivory pottery rosemary Hasami ware

A simple plate with a carved rosemary pattern.

There are three recommended points.

・Rim pattern like a picture frame
・Size to fit toast perfectly
・Easy to use, can be used in the microwave or dishwasher

The pattern on the edges subtly enhances even a simple toast and makes it look gorgeous.

The design and colors are not too overpowering, making it easy to match with any type of pottery or bread.

Also, you can use the microwave and dishwasher, which is perfect for busy mornings.

Bread rolls and side dishes can be heated together on a plate, making breakfast preparation a breeze.

The great thing about cleaning up afterwards is that you can put it in the dishwasher.

Three points when choosing a bread plate

1. If deliciousness is important to you, choose a wooden bread plate
2. If ease of use is important to you, choose a durable ceramic platter
3. Something that is easy to use on a daily basis

Wooden bread plate keeps toast crispy for a long time

Plate 210 Cherry Woodwork Koji Ishii

A plate with many layers of fine chamfering.

Contrary to its heavy wooden appearance, it is surprisingly light and lifts up smoothly.

When you touch it, it feels good against your skin and you can feel the warmth of the wood.

Bread plate medium Sakura woodwork shop Gen Kazunori Takatsuka

A bread plate with beautiful honeycomb carvings that are carefully and regularly carved.

You can feel the smooth texture and soft expression of the wood itself.

It's the perfect size for a piece of toast, and can also be used as a cake plate.

Bread plate cut plate Sakura Tager de Maeda Masaki Maeda

This bread plate has a dignified and beautiful appearance with its edges rising up smoothly.

It's also nice to add a small bowl of yogurt next to the baguette sandwich.

You can enjoy various ways to use it, such as using it like a tray.

Also available in different colors of iron-dyed dark brown.

Bread plate 24cm cherry ki-to-te Mitsuru Maeda

A bread plate made of reddish cherry wood with a rich flavor.

Mr. Maeda's pottery is finished with vegetable oil to preserve the natural wood look.

As you continue to use it, it will gradually become darker and more flavorful.

Medium square plate Sakura icura workshop

A cherry blossom square plate that feels warm and hand-carved.

Place lettuce and scrambled eggs next to a piece of toast.

It's the perfect size for breakfast with a small side dish on bread.

Rim plate cherry woodwork Koji Ishii

If you look closely, you can see that there are many layers of fine chamfering that match the beauty of the wood grain.

This plate is simple and rustic, and you can feel the care and effort put into it.

Mr. Ishii's concept of ``something simple, easy to use, and something you'll want to keep next to you for a long time'' comes through.

Bread plate that looks stylish just by placing it on it

22cm plate gray porcelain daisy Hasami ware

The pale ink daisies drawn on the white porcelain make this an adorable plate.

Even simple toast can be made into a gorgeous impression just by putting it on it.

It's made of durable porcelain, so it's microwave and dishwasher safe.

Rim plate M semi-porcelain check Arita ware

This rim plate has a textile-like plaid pattern that gives it a pop atmosphere.

Attractive bold patterns reminiscent of Scandinavian tableware.

If you pair it with cheese toast or croissant and a colorful vegetable salad, you'll be in a good mood in the morning.

frame round plate large pottery sen Hasami ware

This plate has a somewhat nostalgic and romantic atmosphere.

The gold edge of the plate makes it special, giving it the presence of a picture frame or brooch.

The atmosphere at the dining table will be soft and gorgeous, giving it an even more elegant impression.

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A simple bread plate like overseas breakfast

Oval plate L Yuzuhada Shino porcelain calme Hasami ware

An oval plate that looks like Western tableware.

Smooth and smooth to the touch, with a natural and refreshing atmosphere.

Since it is a little larger in size, you can add a fried egg, ham, or salad next to your toast.

Perfect for those who want to eat well in the morning.

Oval plate 23cm ivory porcelain ORLO Mino ware

An oval plate with a streamlined and sophisticated form.

The cream-like soft ivory creates a gentle atmosphere.

The toast is large enough to stick out a little, so it's perfect for sandwiches.

midori_fu_ka< /a>From Instagram

Bread motif items that will make you smile

Konfuku Bread Plate L Pottery Wooden

A playful platter in the shape of a loaf of bread.

The size is large enough to hold one square meal and a side dish.

The burnt appearance caused by the makeup mud looks just like toast!

This is a pottery that will bring a smile to your everyday dining table.

Konfuku Coppepan Plate S Ceramic Wooden

Exactly Coppepan! It is a platter shaped like a platter.

The size of a whole Koppepan.

It's a unique shape, but if you think of it like a long plate, it's fine. It's perfect for breakfast.

From 22_chiico_cba_san (Instagram)

Chopstick rest croissant porcelain Arita ware

A chopstick rest shaped like a croissant that will make you want to eat it.

The burntness is exquisite, and you can almost smell the sweet scent of butter.

It looks just like the real thing and brings a fun time every time it appears.

If you are interested in bread plates

This time we introduced various bread plates that are useful for breakfast.

For the plates you spend every morning with, you want to choose ones that you'll want to keep using.

Please enjoy a wonderful breakfast time with your favorite bread plate.

You can view the bread plates introduced this time here.

Toast Double the deliciousness! A collection of stylish bread plates

Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!

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