[Blue plates to decorate your dining table] It's actually easy! Stylish usage tips

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Blue utensils are often seen in ethnic restaurants and in the summer.

It's a great item that makes your coordination look like it's taken to the next level, with a nice contrast with the food and a cool dining table.

From keiko_ovv (instagram)

On the other hand, it is also a colored pottery that is often avoided by people who think, ``It seems difficult for me to master it...''

This time, we will introduce recommendations for those who are using blue utensils for the first time, as well as details on the characteristics of each type of blue and how to choose one.

I think I'll make my debut with blue utensils! If you are interested, please use this as a reference.

If you want to see what kind of pottery is available first, you can also see it from the link below.

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How to choose a blue pot

Even though it is called blue pottery, there are various brightness of colors and patterns.

"What kind of pottery is eye-catching, gorgeous, and easy to use?"

For those who are looking for such a pottery, we recommend the calm blue pottery.

For example, Mino ware vessels

5-inch plate ceramic Villa Mino ware

There are three recommended points.

・Turquoise blue is summery and refreshing
・Calm tones are easy to match
・Medium plate size easy to use as an accent

From yuka.i.mt (instagram)

While it has an eye-catching gorgeousness, the color is a little dark, so it's easy to match it with food.

The size is about 15 cm, which is perfect for serving plates and snack plates, so it is easy to use as an accent.

If you are buying a blue pottery for the first time, this is the pottery you should try.

From here, we will introduce recommended products for each type of blue.

Turquoise blue that looks especially great on summer dishes

The most gorgeous and most popular item to use especially in summer is turquoise blue pottery.

The bright colors are refreshing and make you feel cool just by looking at it.

Color has a big impact, so if you serve brightly colored or white dishes, it will look even more gorgeous.

It brings out the vibrancy of summer vegetables such as tomatoes even more.

Plate 25cm Turquoise pottery Shigaraki ware

This is a bright turquoise platter that catches your eye.

The edges are carefully engraved with a Nishinogi pattern, and the color gradation is beautiful.

From mikasko (instagram)

Highlight the bright colors and make it the centerpiece of your dining table.

The standard Japanese menu also goes well together.

Salad bowl Turkish blue pottery Mino ware

A salad bowl with a refreshing blue and white atmosphere.

Since the inside of the dish is white, I wouldn't choose to serve food over a solid blue bowl.

From ___yu.31__ (instagram)

It will make your salad look fresher and more delicious.

Easy to use dyed vessels

A blue plate that makes your food look vivid.
However, many people may feel that it might be difficult to use an all-blue plate.

In such cases, we recommend that you try using dyed containers.

Dyeed utensils have been on the Japanese dining table for a long time, so they go well with standard Japanese side dishes.

From __chipigram__ (instagram)

By simply using a white plate with a blue pattern as the main dish, you can create a much cooler impression.
The white color of the container creates a sense of bareness and gives it a well-balanced look.

Naburi medium bowl karakusa pottery Hasami ware

A medium-sized bowl with a distinctive shape, with a carefree arabesque pattern drawn on it.

Perfect size for serving side dishes such as boiled pumpkin and boiled vegetables.

It brightens up the brown side dishes that are common in Japanese cuisine.

Shinogisori Bowl L LEAVES Porcelain Koyo Kiln Arita Ware

When eating Western food, why not try a dyed container with a flower motif?

The edges are lined with patterns, so the patterns won't be hidden even when you serve food.

From kachukari (instagram)

It has a subtle elegance to it.

A blue tableware that makes your dining table look elegant

Dark blue pottery, such as indigo, has a stronger blue impression and is easier to incorporate than dyed pottery.

It has an elegant atmosphere and is easy to match with your interior.

It doesn't give the impression of being as heavy as black pottery, and it has just the right amount of freshness.

The dark tones really bring out the bright colors of the vegetables.

4.5 size plate AO porcelain Mino ware

This is a 12cm plate with an impressive glossy and deep blue color.

The size makes it easy to use, such as serving food or as a sweets plate, so it can also be used as an accent.

If you leave plenty of white space, the contrast with the food will be clear and nice.

Oval platter, eggplant navy (blue), porcelain, Giyaman, Mino ware

It's a large plate with a glass-like texture.

Thanks to the form with a flower motif, it looks more gorgeous.

From watashi745yo (instagram)

The classic home-cooked curry rice is also a great match.

Refreshing and cute light blue container

Light blue is a color that gives the dining table a cute and light atmosphere.

Easy to match with similar pastel colors or white containers.

Also, the yellow color of the dishes stands out well, making it easy to get used to Western food menus.

《Yamato CeramicsImage taken from official Instagram

Oval plate M blue porcelain Monet Mino ware

An elegant oval plate shaped like a picture frame.

The dull light blue color creates an elegant atmosphere.

From mukasa.a (instagram)

It goes well with the yellow color of the egg, making it a stylish cafe-like plate.

flat Lmug pale blue porcelain KANEAKI SAKAI POTTERY

A mug with a cute soda-like color.

You will want to add milk-based drinks such as cafe au lait or sweet caramel latte.

It has a fluffy feel and will make your snack time more peaceful.

If you are interested in the blue pottery...

This time, we introduced blue utensils that will brighten up your dining table and give it a refreshing look.

There are many different types of blue, so there are dishes and ways to use each color that go well with it.

Did you find a blue tableware that matches your dining scene?

Please try finding your favorite blue pottery.

You can view the dishes introduced this time here.

Prepare for summer with blue utensils Product list page

Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!

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