[Experience Report] I participated in Arita Pottery City in Spring 2019!

Hello! This is Nogami from the Uchiru Editorial Department.

I went to the "Arita Pottery Fair" which will be held during Golden Week, so I would like to report on it!

Usually, I park my car at Arita Porcelain Park near Arita Hasami IC and take the shuttle bus, but this year I arrived early, so I was able to park in the parking lot in front of the station.

For 500 yen, you can use the area right near Arita Station.

Arita Pottery Market consists of a long pedestrian street that stretches 3km from Arita Station and a number of shops lined up along the street.

The recommended route is to take the train to Kami-Arita Station and then return to Arita Station. It's an easy walk as it's a gradual descent.

If you are confident in your legs, there is also a route where you can climb up to the top while looking at various shops and then return while shopping.

Since the weather was unstable this year, I chose the one-way uphill route since it would be easier to return.

The streets have a fun atmosphere, with pottery being sold everywhere.

There are also shops with a stylish atmosphere.

The artist's pottery was also sold along the way.

There were many containers with the new era name, Reiwa. .

When many people think of Arita ware, the first thing that comes to mind is its bright colors.

At Arita Pottery Market, you will find a wide variety of tableware that is full of vividness.

Traditional painted ones,

Even those with pop colors.

Some were bright red.

Introducing some of the potteries found at Arita Pottery City.

First up is Yamahiragama, which has an exhibition store near Arita Station.

This eggshell series is characterized by being ``transparent and beautiful'' yet ``thin and hard.'' It's so thin that you can see the color when you put a drink in it.

This delicacy is expressed by firing the clay, which contains a lot of glass, without applying any glaze.

Toyo Ceramics exhibits a variety of products, from items that are convenient for everyday use to interior decorations that combine with beautiful glass.

Wine glasses, especially named Roman glasses, are a rare product that combines glass and porcelain.

Next, we stopped at the popular Lishuang Kiln.

The Risho kiln retains the atmosphere of ancient Imari with its indigo and white colors, while also producing beautiful modern dyeing.

This kiln is simply elegant. There are various types of tableware, from everyday plates to bowls for entertaining.

Arita Porcelain Lab is a modern Arita porcelain brand that continues to collaborate with brands not only in Japan but all over the world.

Tetsu Matsumoto, also known as Yazaemon VII, who continues to create works that suit modern lifestyles, says his goal is to make Arita ware a global brand.

The atmosphere is very different depending on the series, so you can enjoy a variety of works.

When you think of Arita Pottery Market, you should not forget the many gourmet foods that come from Arita City and other nearby areas.

Arita's specialty, which has now become as famous as pottery, is Arita-yaki curry.

Authentic curry made with 28 kinds of spices is placed in an Arita ware bowl, topped with cheese and baked.

You can also take the curry bowl home with you after your meal. It's fun to choose the type of container you can take home.

A local gourmet fair is held every year at the plaza in front of the Arita Tourism Association on Rakudori, Goku.

This year, compared to previous years, we saw more restaurants using beef, a specialty of Saga and Nagasaki.

Many people come here to eat lunch, so we recommend going with plenty of time.

I arrived around 11 o'clock and there were already this many people. It was also difficult to find an open seat.

In addition to this, various other events were held at Arita Pottery Market.

This year's weather was worse than usual, but the weather continues to be sunny as usual. The temperature can easily rise, so it's a good idea to wear a hat.

We recommend flying from Tokyo or renting a car from Nagasaki Airport. You can also participate in the Hasami Pottery Festival, which is also held during Golden Week!

For those who couldn't go to the pottery market.

For those who can't go to events easily, or those who went but couldn't find the vessel they wanted! At our store, you can enjoy the pottery market while staying at home. Based on this concept, this person has been selected from pottery fairs and craft fairs across the country! We handle and sell artists that we think of.

We also carry a variety of Arita ware and dyed vessels.

Rich colors and patterns! Popular utensils

Please take a look if you like.

Thank you for reading until the end. I hope you all find good works!

Uchill, a pottery market that you can enjoy at home